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Corinne Griffith

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Corinne Griffith

American actress add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1894.

Countries: United States (86%), (14%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Betty Blythe, Claire Windsor, Robert Z. Leonard

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Corinne Griffith was born in 1894 add something


Griffith began her screen career at the Vitagraph Studios in 1916 add something


Contradicting testimony by actresses Betty Blythe and Claire Windsor, who had both known her since the 1920s, did not shake her story add something


She married actor and frequent co-star Webster Campbell from 1920 to 1923, producer Walter Morosco from 1924 to 1934, and the owner of the Washington Redskins football team George Preston Marshall from 1936 to 1958 add something


Mlle. Modiste - A 1926 silent film version starring Corinne Griffith was broadly adapted, but well received


Muriel Evans - The executive introduced her to the director Robert Z. Leonard, who gave her a small role opposite Corinne Griffith in the 1926 film, "Mademoiselle Modiste"


In 1928, she had the starring role in "The Garden of Eden" add something


The next year, in 1929, Griffith received an Academy award nomination for her role in "The Divine Lady" add something


Griffith's first sound film, "Lilies of the Field", was released in 1930 add something


After appearing in one more motion picture, the British film "Lily Christine" in 1932, she retired from acting add something


She returned to the screen in 1962 in the low-budget melodrama "Paradise Alley", which received scant release add something


She was an accomplished writer who published eleven books including two best sellers, "My Life with The Redskins" and the memoir "Papa's Delicate Condition", which was made into a 1963 film starring Jackie Gleason about the Ghio and Griffin family add something


In 1966, within a few days, she married and divorced her fourth husband, Broadway actor Danny Scholl add something


In 1974, Adele Whitely Fletcher, editor of "Photoplay", said Griffith was still claiming that she was her own younger sister add something

Corinne Griffith died in 1979 add something


On July 13, 1979, Griffith died of heart failure in Santa Monica, California, aged 84 add something