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Credit Solutions of America

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Credit Solutions of America

Privately owned debt settlement company based in Dallas, Texas add

Category: Business (2)

Founded in 2003.

Country: United States (100%)

Main connections: Texas, Nightline, Andrew Cuomo

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Established in 2003 by Doug Van Arsdale, the firm says it is the largest of its kind add something


In 2007, the company was recognized by JD Powers and Associates, a marketing information services firm, for excellence in satisfying its call center customers add something


Texas Attorney General Charges Debt Settlement Company With Unlawful Conduct, March 26, 2009, http://www add something


In May 2009, New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo filed suit against Credit Solutions for fraudulent business practices and false advertising add something


Dallas Morning News, May 20, 2009, Texas Attorney General Sues Four Debt Settlement Firms, http://www add something


In July 2009, the ABC News "Nightline" program did an investigative story on Credit Solutions add something


In September 2009, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan filed suit against Credit Solutions alleging that the company falsely claims that its services can help to reduce consumers' credit card debt by 50 percent add something


In November 2009, the Maine Attorney General filed suit against the company and its president Douglas Van Arsdale add something


A March 2010, CBS "Early Show" story on the debt settlement industry criticized Credit Solutions of America's business practices, and provided consumer advice for debt settlement counseling add something


Better Business Bureau website, June 19, 2010, add something