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Crossover (music)

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Crossover (music)

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Launched in 1954.

Countries: United States (54%), Spain (11%), United Kingdom (9%)

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"The Student Prince", released in 1954, was Number One for 42 weeks add something


Soprano Eileen Farrell is generally considered to be one of the first classical singers to have a successful crossover recording with her 1960 album "I've Got a Right to Sing the Blues" add something


Although long a common phenomenon in the music world, the name "classical crossover" was coined by record companies in the 1980s add something


By the late 1980s, as country moved to a much more traditional sound, pop and country crossovers had become exceedingly rare add something


Since Estefan has bridged between both the English and Latin world for the mid to late 1980s, 1990s and 2000s add something


She began crossing over to English music in 1984 add something


The first major artist crossover was by Amy Grant, with her 1985 album "Unguarded" and 1991 hit song Baby Baby" from the highest-selling Christian album Heart in Motion add something


The song was made popular in her native Colombia in 1987 through west African DJs in Colombia add something


In the 1990s many country artists experienced huge crossover success add something


It has gained in popularity since the 1990s and has acquired its own "Billboard" chart add something


Thanks to other successful crossover acts in the 1990s, the crossover of Spanish-speaking artists to the English market had a great surge of popularity in mainstream music and it was the next logical step to Shakira and her label for her career, and Shakira worked for over a year on new material for the album add something


The first Three Tenors concert in 1990 was a landmark in which Luciano Pavarotti, José Carreras and Plácido Domingo brought a combination of opera, Neapolitan folksong, musical theatre and pop to a vast television audience add something


Unfortunately, months before the release of her English album, Selena was murdered by her fan club president, on 31 March 1995, in Corpus Christi, Texas add something


Selena's incomplete album, titled "Dreaming of You", was released in July 1995, topping the "Billboard" 200 add something


Ricky Martin gained success with "La Copa de la Vida", which Martin made a major hit in an English version when he was chosen to sing the anthem of the 1998 FIFA World Cup. "The Cup of Life"/"La Copa de la Vida" reached number one on the charts in 60 countries and here in the states the English version went No. 45 on the Hot 100 charts add something


Also in 1999, attempting to emulate the crossover success of Gloria Estefan, Selena and Ricky Martin in the anglophone market, Marc Anthony released an English-language Latin Pop self-titled album with the US Top 5 hit single "I Need to Know", and the Spanish version "Dímelo" add something


Martin prepared his first English album in 1999, as the first and most prominent single was "Livin' la Vida Loca", which reached number one in many countries around the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, France, Greece, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Guatemala, Mexico, Russia, Turkey and South Africa add something


The song was awarded "Pop Song of the Year" at the 1999 Lo Nuestro awards add something


This album became one of the top-selling albums of 1999, and was certified seven times platinum, selling over 22 million copies worldwide to date add something


Jennifer Lopez's debut album "On the 6", a reference to the 6 subway line she used to take growing up in Castle Hill, was released on 1 June 1999, and reached the top ten of the "Billboard" 200 add something


After the '90s, there were very few crossover acts that became successful in the 2000s add something


Christina Aguilera had been very successful in English, as in 2000, Aguilera began recording her first Spanish-language album with producer Rudy Pérez in Miami add something


For a time in the late 2000s, the God's Country Radio Network specialized in Christian-country crossovers, such was the extent of the body of music that fit into both genera add something


The early 2000s saw continued success of these artists add something


Underwood would become the first of several country musicians who would find success on the pop charts beginning in the late 2000s add something


Later in 2000, Aguilera first emphasized her Latin heritage by releasing her first Spanish album, "Mi Reflejo", on 12 September 2000 add something


Colombian singer Shakira, who had been successful in the Latin world in the late '90s, began working on an English crossover album in 2001 add something


In 2001, it won Aguilera a Latin Grammy award for Best Female Pop Vocal Album add something


She released a little known, commercially unsuccessful Christian album in 2001 under her birth name, Katy Hudson add something


"Whenever, Wherever" was released as the first and lead single from Shakira's first English album and third studio album throughout the period of August 2001 and February 2002 add something


Shakira's third studio album and first English language album, "Laundry Service" was released on 13 November 2001 add something


Despite this fact, the album became the best-selling album of 2002, selling 12 million copies worldwide and becoming the most successful album of her career to date add something


The Dixie Chicks had continued success with a less mainstream country-pop sound when they released their album "Home" in 2002 add something


For instance, Sacred Harp music experienced a spurt of crossover popularity as a result of its appearance in the 2003 film "Cold Mountain", and bluegrass music experienced a revival due to the reception of 2000's "O Brother, Where Art Thou-" add something


"Laundry Service" was later certified triple platinum by the RIAA in June 2004 as well and thus helped to establish Shakira's musical presence in the mainstream North American market add something


After that success, Shakira's second English studio album, "Oral Fixation Vol. 2", was released on 29 November 2005 add something


"Hips Don't Lie", featuring Wyclef Jean, was released as the album's second single in February 2006 add something


In early 2007, Shakira worked with American R&B singer Beyoncé for the track "Beautiful Liar", which was released as the second single from the deluxe edition of Knowles' "B'Day" add something


Lopez won an American Music Award as the Favorite Latin Artist in 2007 add something


The television talent shows "America's Got Talent" and "Britain's Got Talent" have introduced several popular classical crossover performers, including Paul Potts in 2007, Susan Boyle in 2009, Jackie Evancho in 2010, and Forte Tenors in 2013 add something


The lead single, "Qué Hiciste," was officially released to radio stations in January 2007 add something


Jennifer Lopez officially released her first full Spanish-language album, "Como Ama una Mujer", in March 2007 add something


In April 2007, the single jumped ninety-one positions, from ninety-four to three, on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, setting the record for the largest upward movement in the history of the chart at the time add something


On 24 July 2007 "Billboard" magazine reported that Lopez and husband Marc Anthony would "co-headline" a worldwide tour called "Juntos en Concierto" starting in New Jersey on 29 September add something


The tour launched 28 September 2007 at the Mark G. Etess Arena and ended on 7 November 2007 at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida add something


She went on to release commercially successful secular albums in 2008, 2010, and 2013 add something


Popstar to Operastar - The aspiration of pop singers to develop the stamina, musicality and charisma for opera singing was exploited in 2010 in an &ITV (ITV_(TV_network)) television series aired in the UK, "Popstar to Operastar", won by Darius Campbell add something


Beginning with "The Story of Us" in 2010, Swift started releasing some of her songs either primarily, or solely, as pop tunes add something


Other artists who have found success on both pop and country in the early 2010s, in addition to the continued success of Swift and Underwood, have been Lady Antebellum and The Band Perry add something


Shakira's "Sale el Sol" will be released as Shakira's seventh studio album on 19 October 2010 add something


British classical-crossover lyric soprano Rebecca Newman in September 2014 released on her own label the album "Dare to Dream", and became the first independent soprano to reach top position in the Official UK Classical Artists Albums Chart add something


In 2017 the Luis Fonsi song featuring Daddy Yankee, "Despacito" crossed over to a Western market after featuring the Canadian singer Justin Bieber in an English-Spanish remix leading to the song hitting number one on the United Kingdom Official Chart and the United States "Billboard" Hot 100 add something