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Cynthia Gibb

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Cynthia Gibb

American actress and former model who has starred in film and on television add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1963.

Countries: United States (73%), El Salvador (15%), United Kingdom (4%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Oliver Stone, Jean Donovan, Karen Carpenter

Linked to: Staples High School




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Cynthia Gibb was born in 1963 add something


Woody Allen saw her in one of those magazines and cast her in her first film role in his 1980 movie "Stardust Memories" add something


Gibb is well known for her role on the soap opera "Search for Tomorrow" as Susan "Suzi" Martin Wyatt Carter from 1981 to 1983 add something


In the 1986 war film "Salvador", directed by Oliver Stone and starring James Woods, she portrayed an American nun in El Salvador who was raped and murdered add something


John Dye - In 1986 he starred alongside actresses Virginia Madsen and Cynthia Gibb in the comedy film "Modern Girls"


Jean Donovan - In "Salvador", a Oliver Stone's 1986 film about an American reporter trying to cover the overall conflict, Cynthia Gibb portrays the Donovan-based character Cathy Moore and is shown in several scenes interacting with the main character


Karen Carpenter - On January 1, 1989, the similarly titled made-for-TV movie "The Karen Carpenter Story" aired on CBS with Cynthia Gibb in the title role


Striptease - It was re-made for TV in 1993 Starring Bette Midler as Mama Rose and Cynthia Gibb as Gypsy Rose Lee. "The Stripper" featured Gypsy Rose Lee, herself, giving a trademark performance in the title role


She later starred in the 1995 short lived TV series "Deadly Games" add something


David James Elliott - In 1996, David Elliott starred in the made-for-cable movie "Holiday Affair" with Cynthia Gibb


Bonnie Wright - In June 2012, Wright joined the film "Before I Sleep" starring David Warner, Chevy Chase, Eric Roberts, Tom Sizemore, James Rebhorn, Cynthia Gibb, Sasha_Spielberg, and Campbell Scott


Carlo Imperato - In May 2019 8 members of the cast: Lee Curreri, Erica Gimpel, Carlo Imperato, Valerie Landsburg, PR Paul, Cynthia Gibb, Jesse_Borrego and Nia Peeples perform 2 Reunion Concert in Liverpool