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A major wave of Greek settlement is believed to have taken place following the Bronze Age collapse of Mycenaean Greece from 1100 to 1050 BC, with the island's predominantly Greek character dating from this period add something


Manuel I Komnenos - Yet Manuel's attention was to be drawn to Antioch again in 1156, when Raynald of Châtillon, the new Prince of Antioch, claimed that the Byzantine emperor had reneged on his promise to pay him a sum of money, and vowed to attack the Byzantine province of Cyprus


In 1191, during the Third Crusade, Richard I of England captured the island from Isaac Komnenos of Cyprus He used it as a major supply base that was relatively safe from the Saracens add something


Following the death in 1473 of James II, the last Lusignan king, the Republic of Venice assumed control of the island, while the late king's Venetian widow, Queen Catherine Cornaro, reigned as figurehead add something


Venice formally annexed the Kingdom of Cyprus in 1489, following the abdication of Catherine add something


In 1533 the English traveller to Cyprus, John Locke, claimed to have seen the pickled wild birds packed into large jars, or which 1200 jars were exported from Cyprus annually add something


In 1539 the Ottomans destroyed Limassol and so fearing the worst, the Venetians fortified Famagusta and Kyrenia add something


There is no surviving written documentary evidence of the cheese being associated with Cyprus before the year 1554, when the Italian historian Florio Bustron wrote of a sheep-milk cheese from Cyprus he called "calumi add something


In 1570, a full-scale Ottoman assault with 60,000 troops brought the island under Ottoman control, despite stiff resistance by the inhabitants of Nicosia and Famagusta add something


Although much of the Lusignan food culture was lost after the fall of Cyprus to the Ottomans in 1571, a number of dishes that would have been familiar to the Lusignans survive today, including various forms of tahini and houmous, zalatina, skordalia and pickled wild song birds called ambelopoulia add something


Subsequent rule by Ptolemaic Egypt, the Classical and Eastern Roman Empire, Arab caliphates for a short period, the French Lusignan dynasty and the Venetians, was followed by over three centuries of Ottoman rule between 1571 and 1878 add something


As soon as the Greek War of Independence broke out in 1821, several Greek Cypriots left for Greece to join the Greek forces add something


In 1828, modern Greece's first president Ioannis Kapodistrias called for union of Cyprus with Greece, and numerous minor uprisings took place add something


By 1872, the population of the island had risen to 144,000, comprising 44,000 Muslims and 100,000 Christians add something


Cyprus was placed under British administration based on the Cyprus Convention in 1878 and was formally annexed by Britain in 1914 add something


Garnet Wolseley, 1st Viscount Wolseley - Zulu War - Having been promoted to brevet lieutenant-general on 25 March 1878, he went as high-commissioner to the newly acquired possession of Cyprus on 12 July 1878, and in the following year to South Africa to supersede Lord Chelmsford in command of the forces in the Zulu War, and as governor of Natal and the Transvaal and the High Commissioner of Southern Africa


Kyrillos III - In 1895 he was elected Bishop of Kyrenia and after the Kyrillos II' s death, he was elected Archbishop of Cyprus on November 11, 1916


By 1906, when the Famagusta harbour was completed, Cyprus was a strategic naval outpost overlooking the Suez Canal, the crucial main route to India which was Britain's most important overseas possession add something


First World War - Following the outbreak of the First World War and the decision of the Ottoman Empire to join the war on the side of the Central Powers, on 5 November 1914 the British Empire formally annexed Cyprus and declared the Ottoman "Khedivate" of Egypt and Sudan a "Sultanate" and British protectorate add something


In 1915, Britain offered Cyprus to Greece, ruled by King Constantine I of Greece, on condition that Greece join the war on the side of the British add something


Nikos Kazantzakis - Between 1922 and his death in 1957, he sojourned in Paris and Berlin , Italy, Russia, Spain, and later in Cyprus, Aegina, Egypt, Mount Sinai, Czechoslovakia, Nice (he later bought a villa in nearby Antibes, in the Old Town section near the famed seawall), China, and Japan.


Michael Spurway - He moved to Cyprus in 1939, where he played cricket


Hugh Foot, Baron Caradon - During the Second World War, he was British Military Administrator of Cyrenaica, 1943 Colonial Secretary of Cyprus, 1943-1945


Harold Rawdon Briggs - He was appointed lieutenant-general in 1946 when he became Commander in Chief, Burma Command and retired in January 1948 to live in Cyprus having been made Knight Commander of the Order of the Indian Empire in August 1948


Following nationalist violence in the 1950s, Cyprus was granted independence in 1960 add something


In the 1950s, the pursuit of "enosis" became a part of the Greek national policy, add something


Meanwhile, in the 1950s, Turkish leader Menderes considered Cyprus an "extension of Anatolia", rejected the partition of Cyprus along ethnic lines and favoured the annexation of the whole island to Turkey add something


The slogan "Partition or Death" was frequently used in Turkish Cypriot and Turkish protests starting in the late 1950s and continuing throughout the 1960s add something


Turkish leaders for a period advocated the annexation of Cyprus to Turkey as Cyprus was considered an "extension of Anatolia" by them; while, since the 19th century, the majority Greek Cypriot population and its Orthodox church had been pursuing union with Greece, which became a Greek national policy in the 1950s add something


Harold Rawdon Briggs - In 1951 Briggs once again retired to Cyprus but, his health destroyed by his period in Malaya, he died in 1952


British writer Lawrence Durrell lived in Cyprus from 1952 until 1956, during his time working for the British colonial government on the island, and wrote the book "Bitter Lemons" about his time in Cyprus which won the second Duff Cooper Prize in 1957 add something


Mike Campbell-Lamerton - National Service took him to the Duke of Wellington's Regiment in 1952, the start of 33 years' service in the Army during which he served in Korea and Cyprus


Phillip Bennett - On return to Australia in 1953 he became Adjt 1 PIR in PNG. In 1954 he was Adjt with 16 Inf Bn and in 1956 Staff Capt A in HQ W Comd Then in 1957–58 he served in the United Kingdom with the Royal Marine Commandos and saw duty in Malta, and operational service in Cyprus


Gyula Zsengeller - He won the Cypriot First Division with Pezoporikos Larnaca in 1954 and the Cypriot Cup with APOEL FC in 1976 as well as leading the Cyprus national football team from 1958 to 1959


In 1955 the EOKA organisation was founded, seeking union with Greece through armed struggle add something


Lawrence Durrell - Durrell separated from Eve Cohen in 1955, and was married again in 1961, to another Alexandrian Jewish woman, Claude-Marie Vincendon, whom he met on Cyprus


Tommy Butler - From 1955-1959 EOKA waged an armed struggle against the British administration which aimed to achieve Enosis, or the union of Greece and Cyprus, similar to Crete and the Ionian Islands


John Harding, 1st Baron Harding of Petherton - He served as Governor of Cyprus from 1955 to 1957 during the Cyprus Emergency


John Harding, 1st Baron Harding of Petherton - Harding took strict measures to improve the security situation in Cyprus, EOKA having declared an armed struggle against the British on 1 April 1955


John Harding, 1st Baron Harding of Petherton - On 3 October 1955, Harding was assigned the post of Governor of the British colony of Cyprus


Lawrence Durrell - Durrell left Cyprus in August 1956, after problems on the island and his British government position led to him being made a target of assassination attempts


Hugh Foot, Baron Caradon - He returned to Cyprus as the last colonial Governor and Commander in Chief, 1957-1960


Lawrence Durrell - He wrote about his time in Cyprus in "Bitter Lemons", which won the Duff Cooper Prize in 1957


Demetrio Stratos - In 1957, because of the political events that upset Egypt, he was sent to the Catholic College of the Holy Land in Nicosia , Cyprus where, two years later, his family joined him


John Harding, 1st Baron Harding of Petherton - Facing growing criticism in the United Kingdom about the methods he used and their lack of effectiveness, Sir John Harding resigned as Governor of Cyprus on 22 October 1957 and was replaced by Sir Hugh Foot


Billie Anthony - Anthony spent a hectic eight weeks in the early part of 1958, entertaining the forces in Cyprus, Malta and North Africa


British officials tolerated the creation of the Turkish underground organisation T.M.T. The Secretary of State for the Colonies in a letter dated 15 July 1958 had advised the Governor of Cyprus not to act against T.M.T despite its illegal actions so as not to harm British relations with the Turkish government add something


Nikos Sampson - A year and a half later, under a general amnesty as part of the 1959 Zürich and London Agreement, he was released but he remained in exile in Greece until Cyprus gained formal independence in August 1960


Ian Stuart Black - Both his 1959 novel "In the Wake of a Stranger" and his 1962 novel about the Cyprus emergency "The High Bright Sun" were made into films, Black writing the screenplays in each case


Basil Eugster - He served as Commander of 3rd Infantry Brigade in Cyprus from 1959 to 1962 and was General Officer Commanding 4th Division in Germany from 1963 to 1965


English was the sole official language during British colonial rule and the lingua franca until 1960, and continued to be used in courts of law until 1989 and in legislation until 1996 add something


In the late 1960s and early 1970s, George Filis produced and directed "Gregoris Afxentiou", "Etsi Prodothike i Kypros", and "The Mega Document" add something


The Greek Cypriot leadership believed that the rights given to Turkish Cypriots under the 1960 constitution were too extensive and designed the Akritas plan, which was aimed at reforming the constitution in favour of Greek Cypriots, persuading the international community about the correctness of the changes and violently subjugating Turkish Cypriots in a few days should they not accept the plan add something


The 1960 Constitution provided for a presidential system of government with independent executive, legislative and judicial branches as well as a complex system of checks and balances including a weighted power-sharing ratio designed to protect the interests of the Turkish Cypriots add something


Stavros Damianides - After touring Greece, Yugoslavia, Cyprus, the Middle East, Lebanon, Israel and Egypt, Stavros migrated to Australia in the late 1960s on the RHMS Patris, due to his wish of establishing himself there, but his obligations to his family led him elsewhere and so Stavros laid his career aside temporarily


Tommy Butler - At one point in his career, he had even been sent to Cyprus before it gained independence from Britain in 1960, to advise the police on how to combat the Greek Cypriot group EOKA, led by General Grivas


On 16 August 1960, Cyprus attained independence after the Zürich and London Agreement between the United Kingdom, Greece and Turkey add something


Gris Davies-Scourfield - Posted to Cyprus in 1962, with a return to Winchester in 1963, where on 31 May 1963 he was promoted to Colonel as Brigade Colonel of 3rd Green Jackets which he commanded until 1964


Due to the inter-communal ethnic tensions between 1963 and 1974, an island-wide census was regarded as impossible add something


Roland Gibbs - Heathcote, Anthony pg 145 and in 1963, as a temporary brigadier, went on to command 16 Parachute Brigade which deployed that year to Cyprus in a peace keeping role


Intercommunal violence erupted on 21 December 1963, when two Turkish Cypriots were killed at an incident involving the Greek Cypriot police add something


In 1964, Turkey threatened to invade Cyprus in response to the continuing Cypriot intercommunal violence, but this was stopped by a strongly worded telegram from the US President Lyndon B. Johnson on 5 June, warning that the US would not stand beside Turkey in case of a consequential Soviet invasion of Turkish territory add something


Meanwhile, by 1964, "enosis" was a Greek policy that could not be abandoned; Makarios and the Greek prime minister Georgios Papandreou agreed that "enosis" should be the ultimate aim and King Constantine wished Cyprus "a speedy union with the mother country" add something


Since 1965, following clashes between the two communities, the Turkish Cypriot seats in the House remain vacant add something


Michael Walker, Baron Walker of Aldringham - Commissioned in 1966, he served in Cyprus, Northern Ireland, and in a variety of staff posts in the United Kingdom until 1984


Gris Davies-Scourfield - In 1966 he was appointed Deputy Commander Near East Land Forces in Cyprus,


Michael Walker, Baron Walker of Aldringham - In 1969 he was posted to Cyprus for a two-year tour, and served in Northern Ireland during The Troubles, before attending the Staff College, Camberley


Nikos Sampson - In 1970 Sampson became a member of the Parliament of Cyprus as a founder and leader of one of the main parties of Cyprus, the Progressive Party


Shoshana Riseman - Riseman was born in Cyprus while her parents were traveling, and graduated from the Tel Aviv Academy of Music in 1970


Prince Michael of Kent - He saw service in Germany, Hong Kong, and Cyprus, where his squadron formed part of the UN peacekeeping force of 1971


Nikos Sampson - In 1971, EOKA head George Grivas returned to Cyprus and gave the campaign for "enosis" further momentum, forming EOKA B whose goal was enosis


Nevertheless, the Cypriot government conducted one in 1973, without the Turkish Cypriot populace add something


After the partition of the island in 1974, the government of Cyprus conducted four more censuses: in 1976, 1982, 1992 and 2001; these excluded the Turkish population which was resident in the northern part of the island add something


In 1974 Cyprus was divided "de facto" when the Turkish army occupied the northern third of the island add something


Nicosia International Airport has been closed since 1974 add something


The events of the summer of 1974 dominate the politics on the island, as well as Greco-Turkish relations add something


Brian Mulroney - This was the first time since the fighting on Cyprus in 1974 that Canadian forces participated directly in combat operations


Nikos Sampson - On July 15, 1974, Makarios was deposed by a military coup which was led by Greek officers of the Cyprus National Guard and Sampson succeeded him as Cyprus' second President


In response to the coup, five days later, on 20 July 1974, the Turkish army invaded the island, citing a right to intervene to restore the constitutional order from the 1960 Treaty of Guarantee add something


After the restoration of constitutional order and the return of Archbishop Makarios III to Cyprus in December 1974, Turkish troops remained, occupying the northeastern portion of the island add something


Ron Wylie - He took an advisory post in Cyprus before returning to England where he was appointed manager at West Bromwich Albion in 1982


Alan Ball, Jr. - Ball's father, Alan Sr., died in a car crash in Cyprus in January 1982


A separate Turkish Cypriot state in the north was established by unilateral declaration in 1983; the move was widely condemned by the international community, with Turkey alone recognizing the new state add something


In 1983, the Turkish Cypriot leader proclaimed the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus , which is recognised only by Turkey add something


The Turkish Cypriots subsequently declared independence in 1983 as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus but were recognised only by Turkey add something


In 1985 the TRNC adopted a constitution and held its first elections add something


Gary Owen (footballer) - Before going to Cyprus, he played two games for Hammarby IF, Sweden in 1988


Spiros Livathinos - In 1988 he led the Larnaca club to the championship of Cyprus and retired as a player


Samir El-Youssef - He emigrated to Cyprus in 1989 and since 1990 has been living in London , where he studied philosophy and gained a Master of Arts degree from the University of London


Ioannis Matzourakis - For three years, since 1990 he was coach for Pierikos but he went back to Cyprus and to his previous team APOEL in 1993 until 1995


Nikos Sampson - He returned to Cyprus in 1990, and was pardoned the remainder of his sentence in 1993


Andrea Cordero Lanza di Montezemolo - On 28 April 1990 he became Apostolic Delegate to Jerusalem and Palestine and, one month later, Pro-Nuncio to Cyprus


Nikos Sampson - He spent much of his time between Paris and Marseilles before returning to Cyprus in June 1990 to complete his sentence


Joe Clark - Clark was appointed as Special Representative to the Secretary-General of the United Nations for Cyprus from 1993-1996


Wole Odegbami - He played for four seasons in Cyprus, for EPA Larnaca and Paralimni, and moved on in 1993 to St. Pölten in the Austrian first division


Keith Houchen - He left Vale Park on a free transfer in June 1993 and turned down a move to Cyprus outfit AC Omonia to return to former club Hartlepool United


In 1994, Cypriot film production received a boost with the establishment of the Cinema Advisory Committee add something


Istvan Kozma (footballer) - In 1995-96 he played for APOEL in Cyprus where, after amazing performances, he led his team to the Double


Mark Sale - In July 1995 he joined Mansfield Town for a fee of £50,000 and immediately joined his new team-mates in a pre-season tour of Cyprus


In 1996 the Turkish-occupied area had a similar ratio of paved to unpaved, with approximately of paved road and unpaved add something


Eliot Engel - Engel called for the withdrawal of Turkish troops from Cyprus and authored a resolution in 1996 its demilitarization.


Richard Holbrooke - In 1997, Holbrooke became a special envoy to Cyprus and the Balkans on a pro-bono basis as a private citizen


Of the of roads in the Republic of Cyprus in 1998, were paved, and were unpaved add something


Jaak Joeruut - He served as ambassador to Italy and Malta from 1998 through 2002, and ambassador to Cyprus from 1999 through 2004


Clay Constantinou - In 1999, Cyprus President Glafcos Clerides awarded Constantinou the Republic's highest distinction, the Medal for Exceptional Services


Cyprus is last EU member fully isolated from energy interconnections and it is expected that will be connected to European network via EuroAsia Interconnector, 2000 MW HVDC undersea power cable add something


Lara Dutta - At Miss Universe 2000 in Cyprus, she achieved the highest score in the swimsuit competition and her finalist interview score was the highest individual score in any category in the history of the Miss Universe contest, as her interview saw a majority of the judges giving her the maximum 9,99 mark


Rio Ferdinand - In 2000, Ferdinand briefly appeared in a sexually explicit video filmed at the Ayia Napa resort in Cyprus along with fellow English footballers Kieron Dyer and Frank Lampard


Rodney Blake (basketball) - Over the next nine years, he had stints in Cyprus, Belgium, Finland, Switzerland, Argentina, and for the Chicago Rockers back in the CBA. In 2000, Blake decided to retire from professional basketball after 12 years


Analia Nunez - Also represented Panama in Miss Universe 2000, the "49th Miss Universe" pageant was held at Eleftheria Stadium, Nicosia , Cyprus on May 12, 2000


Between 2001 and 2004, exceptionally heavy annual rainfall pushed water reserves up, with supply exceeding demand, allowing total storage in the island's reservoirs to rise to an all-time high by the start of 2005 add something


The Government has invested heavily in the creation of water desalination plants which have supplied almost 50 per cent of domestic water since 2001 add something


Jim Short (Australian politician) - He was appointed Special Envoy to Cyprus in 2001


Angelos Digozis - In 2002, he moved to Cyprus, representing Olympiakos Nicosia for a brief period of time


Takis Lemonis - He has since coached APOEL F.C. in Cyprus , Kallithea FC and Levadiakos upon their return to the Alpha Ethniki for the 2006 season


Toni Savevski - In 2003 he won the Cypriot championship and Cyprus Super Cup with Omonia


In April 2003, Northern Cyprus unilaterally eased border restrictions, permitting Cypriots to cross between the two sides for the first time in 30 years add something


The last major effort to settle the Cyprus dispute was the Annan Plan in 2004, drafted by the Secretary General, Kofi Annan add something


Toni Savevski - After he retired, he became a manager in Cyprus until 2004


Ilie Dumitrescu - By playing the Italian defensive system catenaccio, they won 12 of their first 13 matches and Dumitrescu was named the best manager in Cyprus for the year 2004


John Darwin disappearance case - In 2004, the Darwins decided to move abroad, considering Cyprus


On 1 May 2004 Cyprus joined the European Union, together with nine other countries add something


John Darwin disappearance case - In November 2004, the couple visited Cyprus to investigate buying property there


According to Eurobarometer 2005, Cyprus was the second most religious state in the European Union at that time, after Malta " add something


According to the Republic of Cyprus's latest estimate, in 2005, the number of Cypriot citizens currently living in the Republic of Cyprus is around 871,036 add something


Bruno Aguiar - After an unsuccessful spell with Benfica, although he contributed to the team's first "Primeira Liga" title in over one decade, he left the club in 2005, going on to play professionally in three other countries, namely Scotland and Cyprus


Gabor Zavadszky - In early 2005 he joined Apollon Limassol in Cyprus, where he last stood under contract


According to the 2006 census carried out by Northern Cyprus, there were 256,644 people living in Northern Cyprus add something


Cyprus was due to host the international art festival Manifesta in 2006 but this was cancelled at the last minute following a dispute between the Dutch organizers of Manifesta and the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture over the location of some of the Manifesta events in the Turkish sector of the capital Nicosia add something


In 2006, plans were announced to improve and expand bus services and other public transport throughout Cyprus, with the financial backing of the European Union Development Bank add something


Tennis player Marcos Baghdatis was ranked 8th in the world, was a finalist at the Australian Open, and reached the Wimbledon semi-final, all in 2006 add something


The Cyprus national rugby union team known as "The Moufflons" currently holds the record for most consecutive international wins, which is especially notable as the Cyprus Rugby Federation was only formed in 2006 add something


There were approximately 344,000 privately owned vehicles, and a total of 517,000 registered motor vehicles in the Republic of Cyprus in 2006 add something


Vassilis Mitilinaios - He played for Akratitos, Apollon Smyrnis, Ionikos FC, Alki Larnaca, ENTHOI Lakatamia and since 2006 has played for Enosis Neon Paralimni in Cyprus


Pari Pantazopoulos - In 2006, he signed with ASIL Lysi, a second division team in Cyprus


Miguel Rodrigo Vargas - In the 2006 summer, Vargas began playing abroad, his first stop being with Cyprus' APOP Kinyras FC, being instrumental as the side managed to remain in the top level during his two full seasons stay


Christos Kontis - In the summer of 2006 he moved to Cyprus and signed with APOEL


Fangio Buyse - On 2006 he went to Cyprus to play for Doxa Katokopias for two seasons


Sargon of Akkad - Studevent-Hickman & Morgan 2006 The same text mentions that Sargon crossed the Sea of the West and ended up in Kuppara, which some authors have interpreted as the Akkadian word for Keftiu, an ancient locale usually associated with Crete or Cyprus


In July 2006, the island served as a haven for people fleeing Lebanon, due to the conflict between Israel and Hezbollah add something


High jumper Kyriakos Ioannou achieved a jump of 2,35 m at the 11th IAAF World Championships in Athletics in Osaka, Japan, in 2007, winning the bronze medal add something


Leo Lerinc - After Red Star Belgrade Leo Lerinc played for Ethnikos Achnas From Cyprus, Ciudad de Murcia from Spain, FC St. Gallen in the Swiss Super League and Dinamo Bucharest of Romania before returning to his native country in 2007 to play for FK Vojvodina


Jan Vorel - In 2007 he left the Czech League, completing a move to Aris Limassol in Cyprus


Ioannis Matzourakis - He returned to Cyprus in January 2007, this time for AC Omonia, replacing their previous coach Ioan Andone without success


Ferydoon Zandi - On January 2, 2007, Zandi signed a contract till the end of the 2006-07 season with Apollon Limassol of Cyprus


Michalis Kapsis - Michalis in February 2007 moved to APOEL in Nicosia , Cyprus and helped the club win the champion title race for 2007


Kleopas Giannou - From August 2007 to January 2008 he was playing for AEL FC in Cyprus and since he is currently playing in Panionios


In 2008, Dimitris Christofias became the country's first Communist head of state add something


Blerim Rrustemi - In 2008-2009 he played in Cyprus first division at Alki Larnaca


Milan Zahalka - In the summer of 2008, he left again Italy to Cyprus where he played in 2 division Ayia Napa FC before moving to Omonia Aradippou


Julian Kmet - Kmet went on to represent a host of clubs in his country, almost at a rate of one per season, moving in 2008 to Cyprus, with APOP Kinyras Peyias


On 1 January 2008, the Republic of Cyprus joined the eurozone add something


The Cypriot government adopted the euro as the national currency on 1 January 2008 add something


In March 2008, a wall that had stood for decades at the boundary between the Republic of Cyprus and the UN buffer zone was demolished add something


Associated Press article published on International Herald Tribune Website, 3 April 2008 North and South relaunched reunification talks on 15 May 2015 add something


On 3 April 2008, Ledra Street was reopened in the presence of Greek and Turkish Cypriot officials add something


Charly Konstantinidis - He signed on 20 May 2008 for Nea Salamis and was on October 2008 released from his contract with the Cyprus club


Serigne Diop - In August 2008 he moved to Cyprus and Apollon Limassol and before playing on loan for PAEEK and played for Spanish side SE Eivissa-Ibiza


Kaba Diawara - On August 2008, he moved to Alki Larnaca in Cyprus


Nancy Ajram - In September 2008, Nancy wedded Dr. Fadi El Hachem in Cyprus after a three-year relationship; the wedding ceremony, in Lebanon, was attended mainly by close friends and family and was only made based on their request


In 2009, Greek filmmaker Vassilis Mazomenos shot the drama film "Guilt" in Cyprus add something


Dieter Van Tornhout - In 2009, he moved to Cyprus to play for Enosis Neon Paralimni of the Cypriot First Division


Artem Milevskiy - Artem's second goal for the national team was a penalty kick against Slovakia in a friendly match in Cyprus on 10 February 2009


Bruno Aguiar - A free agent, Aguiar signed for AC Omonia Cyprus in June 2009


Micah Richards - On 11 July 2009 Eurosport reported he had been diagnosed with swine flu while on holiday in Cyprus


In 2010 the new bus network was implemented add something


In 2010, the film was nominated for the best film from the Hellenic Film Academy add something


They were the only athletes who managed to qualify and thus represented Cyprus at the 2010 Winter Olympics add something


Gerard Lifondja - He joined in summer 2010 to Cyprus side Digenis Akritas Morphou


Kristof Imschoot - He moved to Cyprus in 2010 to sign for Enosis Neon Paralimni


Christian Marolt - In 2010 Christian Marolt was appointed as Advisor to the Board of MindByte Communications, an international agency based in Limassol, Cyprus and served in this position until August 2012


George Abbey (footballer) - In 2010 he moved to Cyprus to play for Akritas Chlorakas


Adrian Mihalcea - In the summer of 2010 he signed with Liga I team Astra Ploie?ti, coming there as a free agent because his contract in Cyprus had ended


At the time of the 2011 government census, there were 10,520 people of Russian origin living in Cyprus add something


In "Freedom in the World 2011", Freedom House rated Cyprus as "free" add something


In January 2011, the Report of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on the question of Human Rights in Cyprus noted that the ongoing division of Cyprus continues to affect human rights throughout the island " add something


Sara El-Khouly - On June 4, 2011 Sara represented Egypt at the 2011 Miss Mediterranean pageant held in Nicosia , Cyprus


In August 2011, the US-based firm Noble Energy entered into a production-sharing agreement with the Cypriot government regarding the block's commercial development add something


Cyprus' drilling efforts have the support of the US, EU, and UN, and on 19 September 2011 drilling in Block 12 began without any incidents being reported add something


However, in 2012 it became affected by the Eurozone financial and banking crisis add something


Dan Alexa - On 24 June 2012, Dan Alexa signed with the Cyprus First Division football club, Anorthosis Famagusta, on a free transfer


In late 2013, the Cyprus Town Planning Department announced a series of incentives to stimulate the property market and increase the number of property developments in the country's town centres add something


As a result, Anastasiades was sworn in on and has been President since 28 February 2013 add something


In 2014, a group of Cypriot refugees and a European parliamentarian, later joined by the Cypriot government, filed a complaint to the International Court of Justice, accusing Turkey of violating the Geneva Conventions by directly or indirectly transferring its civilian population into occupied territory add something


More recently British writer Victoria Hislop used Cyprus as the setting for her 2014 novel "The Sunrise add something


In the 2015 Freedom of the Press report of Freedom House, the Republic of Cyprus and Northern Cyprus were ranked "free" add something


Reporters Without Borders rank the Republic of Cyprus 24th out of 180 countries in the 2015 World Press Freedom Index, with a score of 15,62 add something


Historically all men were required to spend 24 months serving in the National Guard after their 17th birthday, but in 2016 this period of compulsory service was reduced to 14 months add something


The European Union issued a warning in February 2019 that Cyprus, an EU member, was selling EU Passports to Russian oligarchs, saying it would allow organized crime syndicates to infiltrate the EU. add something