Dai Nagao

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Dai Nagao

Japanese composer, musician and producer add

Category: Music

Born in 1971.

Country: Japan (100%)

Education: undef.

Main connection: Ayumi Hamasaki




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Dai Nagao was born in 1971 add something


He played live with the band full time when it first started, as an acoustic guitarist until about 2001 add something


He was a member and composer of the popular musical group Do As Infinity from its founding until it disbanded in September 2005, although they have since reformed add something


After he would appear occasionally in a few concerts as a special guest, including their final live performance on November 25, 2005 add something


In 2008 Dai began playing guitar at street venues with violinist ARIA. add something


He frequently composes or co-composes songs for Ayumi Hamasaki with his most recent composition being "Return Road", released on her Party Queen album in March 2012 add something


The band released the compilation album "The Best of Do As Infinity" on January 1, 2014 add something


The band's 28th single "Mysterious Magic" was released on December 10, 2014; the song was used as an opening theme to the anime series "Fairy Tail" add something


The band released their 11th and latest studio album "Brand New Days" in February 2015 add something


Do As Infinity released their 11th album "Brand New Days" on February 25, 2015 add something