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Dan Blocker

American actor best remembered for his role as Hoskins[GUI]Hoss[GUI] Cartwright in the NBC western television series Bonanza add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1928.

Countries: United States (69%), Switzerland (7%), India (7%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Audrey Totter, Anthony Caruso (actor), David Dortort

Linked to: Democratic Party, United States Army, Hardin-Simmons University, Republican Party




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Dan Blocker was born in 1928 add something


Also in 1957, Blocker had a role as a bartender in an episode of the syndicated western-themed crime drama "Sheriff of Cochise", starring John Bromfield add something


He had a role as a bartender in the 1957 film "Gunsight Ridge" add something


In 1957, Blocker appeared in a Three Stooges short, "Outer Space Jitters", having portrayed the part of "The Goon," billed as "Don Blocker" add something


Anthony Caruso (actor) - At Christmas 1957, Caruso appeared as a Roman Catholic priest in the episode "The Child" of NBC's "The Restless Gun", starring John Payne, and guest starring Dan Blocker and James Gleason


David Dortort - Michael Landon appeared in a supporting role in the pilot for "The Restless Gun", starring John Payne, aired on March 19, 1957, as an episode of "The Schlitz Playhouse of Stars" and Dan Blocker played multiple roles in "The Restless Gun" in the first season


He was seen in "The SeƱorita Makes a Choice", a 1958 episode of Walt Disney's "Zorro" series add something


In 1958, Blocker had a supporting role as Sergeant Broderick in "The Dora Gray Story" on NBC's "Wagon Train", with Linda Darnell in the title role and Mike Connors as Miles Borden, a corrupt United States Army lieutenant at an isolated western fort add something


In 1958, he played a prison guard and later had a recurring role as Tiny Budinger in the NBC western series "Cimarron City", starring George Montgomery, John Smith, and Audrey Totter add something


Dean Stockwell - In 1958, he joined Gloria Talbott and Dan Blocker as guest stars in the episode "Mercyday" of the NBC western series "The Restless Gun", starring John Payne


In 1959, as "Bonanza" was beginning its long run, Blocker guest-starred in an episode of the Keenan Wynn and Bob Mathias NBC series "The Troubleshooters", an adventure program about unusual events surrounding an international construction company add something


Blocker, a performance automobile fan, once owned a 1965 Chevrolet Chevelle SS396 "Z-16" as Chevrolet was the commercial sponsor of the show add something


He owned a 1965 Huffaker Genie MK10 race car, nicknamed the "Vinegaroon add something


In 1968, Blocker backed U.S. Senator Eugene J. McCarthy of Minnesota for the Democratic presidential nomination add something


In 1968, Blocker starred with Frank Sinatra in the "Tony Rome" film sequel "Lady In Cement" add something


In 1970, the actor portrayed a love-shy galoot on, "The Cockeyed Cowboys of Calico County", with Nanette Fabray as a love prospect add something


Vietnam War - Blocker so opposed the Vietnam War that it helped influence him to uproot his family in 1971 and move them to Lugano, Switzerland add something

Dan Blocker died in 1972 add something


On May 13, 1972, Blocker died in Los Angeles of a pulmonary embolism following gall bladder surgery add something


A Free Methodist , Blocker was among Hollywood celebrities who supported Pat Brown's re-election in 1966 as governor of California against Ronald W. Reagan add something


"Bonanza" lasted another abbreviated season without Hoss, as the final and fourteenth year ended nine episodes shy of a full season - on January 16, 1973 add something


A photo of Blocker as Hoss appears on the cover of Lagwagon's 1995 release "Hoss", named for the character add something


Son David Blocker, won a 1998 Emmy for producing "Don King: Only in America" add something


On the 2010 PBS special, "Pioneers of Television: Westerns", actor Mitch Vogel who played the young brother Jamie Cartwright on "Bonanza", said that Blocker "was so easy to get to know - the kind of guy you could go and have a beer with add something


Korean War - Blocker served in the Army, seeing combat during the Korean War and receiving a Purple Heart, according to VFW Magazine in 2013 add something


He received a Purple Heart for wounds in combat according to the June/July 2013 issue of VFW Magazine add something