Danish Social Liberal Party

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Danish Social Liberal Party

Member of Liberal International and the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party add

Category: Politics

Founded in 1905.

Countries: Denmark (82%), (9%), United States (5%)

Main connections: Helle Thorning-Schmidt, Liberal Alliance (Denmark), Margrethe Vestager

Linked to: Folketing, Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party, Venstre, Conservative People's Party




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The party was founded in 1905 as a split from the liberal "Venstre Reform Party", the primary cause of the split was disagreements about defence policy - the social liberals were antimilitarist add something


Venstre (Denmark) - By the 1910s, the splitting off of the Social Liberals and the appearance of the Social Democrats had pushed Venstre toward the centre, and it often relied on its former Conservative adversaries for parliamentary support


Around 2005 the party was inspired by Richard Florida's book "The Rise of the Creative Class" add something


The party performed well at the 2005 elections add something


Anker Boye - The election on 15 November 2005 resulted in a tie with both wings carrying 14 of the 29 seats, the last being carried by Erik Simonsen from the Social Liberal Party


Liberal Alliance (Denmark) - For comparison, the Social Liberal Party had an estimated 9,500 paying members as of 2006


During the 2007 election, the possibility of cooperating with Anders Fogh Rasmussen's Liberal-Conservative government, though, became a source of debate within the party, but was rejected by the parliamentary group leader Margrethe Vestager add something


In 2007 some prominent members of the party criticised the strategy as being too left-leaning and depending too much on the Social Democrats add something


Vestager clarified during the run-up to the 2007 election that her party would only be supporting a government led by the Social Democrats add something


On 7 May 2007, MP Naser Khader and MEP Anders Samuelsen announced that they had left the party to found the economic liberal New Alliance, later renamed the Liberal Alliance, party along with Conservative MEP Gitte Seeberg add something


At a press release on 15 June 2007, it was announced that MP Margrethe Vestager would take over the leadership of the party after Marianne Jelved, and that the party would rethink its strategy and will now consider forming a coalition government with either the left or right side of parliament add something


Folketing - The Social Democrats under the leadership of Helle Thorning-Schmidt have enjoyed continuing majorities in opinion polls since late 2009 and hopes to form a centre-left government coalition consisting of the Socialist People's_Party_(Denmark) and the Social Liberal Party with parliamentary support from the small Red-Green Alliance


Naser Khader - As a member of Parliament, he has represented both Social Liberal Party and Liberal Alliance, the latter as founding leader, until January 5, 2009


On 6 January 2009 MP Simon Emil Ammitzbøll left the party and founded a new party called "Borgerligt Centrum" , again as a centre-right alternative add something


In June 2009 he left the "Borgerligt Centrum" and joined Liberal Alliance add something


The party joined the new centre-left government lead by incoming Prime Minister and Social Democrat leader Helle Thorning-Schmidt following the 2011 elections add something


Up to the 2011 elections, the party participated in a number of reforms of fiscal policy and pensions with Lars Løkke Rasmussen's right-wing cabinet add something


Socialism - In 2011, the Social Democrats, Socialist People's Party and the Danish Social Liberal Party formed government, after a slight victory over the main rival political coalition


Cabinet of Denmark - As of October 3, 2011, the Prime Minister is Helle Thorning-Schmidt, leading a minority coalition of the Social Democrats, Social Liberal Party and Socialist People's Party


Odense - In the 2013 municipal elections, Boye was successful in obtaining sufficient support from the Liberals and the left to ensure his continuation as mayor from the beginning of 2014


Minister of Economic and Business Affairs (Denmark) - Since 2 september 2014 Morten Østergaard, Danish Social Liberal Party is minister


Cabinet of Denmark - As of 3 February 2014, the Prime Minister is Helle Thorning-Schmidt, leading a minority coalition of the Social Democrats and the Danish Social Liberal Party


On 31 August 2014, Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt nominated Margrethe Vestager as Denmark's EU Commissioner, resulting in her resignation as party leader add something


Minister of Economic and Business Affairs (Denmark) - Since 2 September 2014 Morten Østergaard of the Danish Social Liberal Party is minister