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David Berkowitz

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David Berkowitz

American serial killer convicted of a series of murders that began in July, 1976 add

Category: Justice-Crime

Born in 1953.

Countries: United States (41%), New York (41%), United Kingdom (9%)

Main connections: Summer of Sam, Spike Lee, Gannett Company

Linked to: New York Post, Gannett Company, Stanford University, Beastie Boys




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David Berkowitz was born in 1953 add something


Berkowitz's 1970 four-door yellow Ford Galaxie was among the cars they investigated add something


In 1971, at the age of 18, Berkowitz joined the US Army and served in the United States and South Korea add something


Based on the "Wicked King Wicker" reference, police even arranged a private screening of "The Wicker Man", a 1973 horror film add something


After an honorable discharge in 1974, he located his birth mother, Betty Falco add something


The reference was to Arlis Perry, a 19-year-old North Dakota newlywed who had been murdered at Stanford on October 12, 1974 add something


After his admission to Sullivan prison, Berkowitz began to claim that he had joined a Satanic cult in the spring of 1975 add something


Berkowitz claimed that his first attacks were committed on Christmas Eve 1975, when he used a hunting knife to stab two women add something


On October 23, 1976, a similar shooting occurred in the New York borough of Queens add something


In the early morning of January 30, 1977, an engaged couple, Christine Freund, 26, and John Diel, 30, were sitting in Diel's car, preparing to drive to a dance hall after having seen the motion picture "Rocky" add something


In a March 10, 1977 press conference, NYPD officials and New York City Mayor Abe Beame declared that the same add something


In the early morning of April 17, 1977, Alexander Esau, 20, and Valentina Suriani, 18, were in the Bronx, only a few blocks from the scene of the Lauria-Valenti shooting add something


On May 30, 1977, the "Daily News" columnist Jimmy Breslin received a handwritten letter from someone who claimed to be the add something


On June 26, 1977, there was another shooting add something


Early on July 31, 1977, Stacy Moskowitz and Robert Violante, both 20, were in Violante's car, which was parked under a streetlight near a city park in the neighborhood of Bath Beach add something


After his arrest by New York police in August 1977, Berkowitz was indicted for eight shooting incidents add something


Not until August 9, 1977, did NYPD detective James Justis telephone Yonkers, New York police to ask them to schedule an interview with Berkowitz add something


The next day, August 10, 1977, police investigated Berkowitz's car parked on the street outside his Pine Street apartment in Yonkers, New York add something


Berkowitz was interrogated for about thirty minutes in the early morning of August 11, 1977 add something


On June 12, 1978, Berkowitz was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison for each murder, to be served consecutively add something


In 1979, Berkowitz mailed a book about witchcraft to police in North Dakota add something


In 1979, there was an attempt on Berkowitz's life add something


Terry published a series of investigative articles in the Gannett newspapers in 1979 which challenged the official explanation of a lone gunman add something


At a press conference in February 1979, Berkowitz declared that his previous claims of demonic possession were a hoax add something


Beginning in the 1980s, several US states enacted so-called "Son of Sam laws" add something


In 1987, Berkowitz became a born again Christian in prison add something


A new investigation into the murders was launched in 1996 but suspended indefinitely after inconclusive findings add something


Largely impelled by these reports of accomplices and Satanic cult activity, the Son of Sam case was reopened by Yonkers, New York police in 1996, but no new charges were filed add something


The Spike Lee drama "Summer of Sam" was released in 1999 with actor Michael Badalucco in the role of Son of Sam. The film depicts the tensions that develop in a Bronx neighborhood during the shootings, and Berkowitz's part is largely symbolic add something


Jennifer Esposito - One of her more notable roles was as Ruby in Spike Lee's "Summer of Sam" in 1999, which was set against the late-1970s backdrop of the Son of Sam murders


Summer of Sam - "'Summer of Sam"' is a 1999 American crime thriller film that recounts the Son of Sam serial murders


Rita Cosby - Cosby made national headlines for her interviews with boxer Mike Tyson, singer Michael Jackson and convicted serial killer David Berkowitz, "The Son of Sam," who wrote to her during the Washington, D.C. sniper shootings in October 2002


In June 2005, Berkowitz sued one of his previous lawyers for the misappropriation of a large number of letters, photographs, and other personal possessions add something


In July 2006, the board once again denied parole on similar grounds, with Berkowitz not in attendance at the hearing add something


On October 25, 2006, Berkowitz and Harmatz settled out of court, with Harmatz agreeing to return the disputed items to Berkowitz's present attorney Mark Jay Heller, and to donate part of his book profits to the New York State Crime Victims Board add something


Automatically considered for parole every two years under state law, Berkowitz was again denied in 2008 and 2010 add something


Over his own objections, Berkowitz's most recent hearing was held in May 2012, and he was denied parole for the sixth time add something


In Warren Ellis' 2013 novel "Gun Machine", the character known only as the Hunter owns and has used a number of infamous firearms from New York's criminal history, perhaps the most prominent of these being the add something


As of 2015, Berkowitz is serving his sentence at Sullivan Correctional Facility, which is just north of Rockland County and the Tappan Zee Bridge add something


The 2016 book "Burn Baby Burn" by Meg Medina is set in New York during 1977, when Berkowitz was captured add something


In 2017, Netflix, produced a show called Mindhunter add something