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David Bryan

Keyboard player of the classic rock band, Bon Jovi add

Category: Music

Born in 1962.

Countries: United States (40%), United Kingdom (13%), (13%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Bon Jovi, Tico Torres, New Jersey

Linked to: Rutgers University, Bon Jovi, Jews, J. P. Stevens High School




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David Bryan was born in 1962 add something


Carol Sharkey - Along the way, Mercury Records gave Jon Bon Jovi a recording contract in 1983, and to promote "Runaway", Jon Bon Jovi called up David Bryan who in turn called bassist Alec John Such and drummer Tico Torres


Jon Bon Jovi - Along the way, Mercury Records gave Jon Bon Jovi a recording contract in 1983, and to promote "Runaway", Jon Bon Jovi called up David Bryan who in turn called bassist Alec John Such, drummer Tico Torres


Bon Jovi - Formed in 1983, Bon Jovi consists of lead singer and namesake Jon Bon Jovi , guitarist Richie Sambora, bassist Hugh McDonald, keyboardist David Bryan, and drummer Tico Torres


Bon Jovi - In March 1983, Bon Jovi called David Bryan, who in turn called bassist Alec John Such and an experienced drummer named Tico Torres, both formerly of the band Phantom's Opera


With the help of their new manager Doc McGhee, the band's debut album, "Bon Jovi", was released on January 21, 1984 add something


In October 1984, Bon Jovi supported the group Kiss at the Queens Hall in Leeds add something


In 1985, Bon Jovi's second album "7800┬░Fahrenheit" was released, but the response was poor add something


During their 1986-1987 tour, Jon's attempt to give it his all during live shows greatly strained his vocal cords add something


The album has sold in excess of 28 million copies worldwide since its release in late 1986 add something


The next album from Bon Jovi was "New Jersey" released in 1988 add something


As mentioned in "VH1's Behind the Music", the band members note that at the end of the tour, each band member went their separate way, even departing in separate jets after the tour ended in Guadalajara, Mexico in early 1990 add something


Between 1990 and 1992, members of Bon Jovi went their separate ways after the very rigorous two year New Jersey Tour, which exceeded 200 shows on 5 continents add something


In the late 1990s, prior to Bon Jovi coming together to record "Crush", Bryan nearly severed his finger in a home accident involving a circular saw add something


Bryan married his high school sweetheart April McLean on August 25, 1990, but they divorced in 2004 add something


In 1991, before he helped Bon Jovi guitarist and friend Richie Sambora in his solo album Stranger In This Town and record a soundtrack in the horror movie "The Netherworld", Bryan was suffering from a South American parasite, caught during a tour with the band add something


Bon Jovi - Richie Sambora, with the help of Tico Torres and David Bryan, released a solo album entitled "Stranger In This Town", in 1991


He recovered and, in 1992, he and the band did "Keep The Faith" showing that the band is still together since "New Jersey" add something


In 1992, the band returned with the album Keep the Faith add something


The album was released in November 1992 add something


Their sixth studio album "These Days" was released in June 1995 to the most critical acclaim that the band had ever received add something


By 1996, Bon Jovi had established themselves as a "force" in the music industry, proving much more durable than most of their 80's glam peers add something


After another lengthy hiatus of nearly three years, during which several band members worked on independent projects, Bon Jovi regrouped in 1999 to begin work on their next studio album add something


Their 2000 release, "Crush", enjoyed overwhelming success all around the world, thanks in part to the smash-hit single "It's My Life", co-written by famous Swedish producer Max Martin add something


He co-wrote the musical "Memphis" with Joe DiPietro, which had its off-Broadway debut in 2002 add something


In late 2002, "Bounce", the band's follow-up to "Crush", hit stores add something


Bon Jovi's ninth studio album, "Have a Nice Day", was released in September 2005 add something


On February 11, 2007, Bon Jovi won a Grammy award, for "Best Country Collaboration with Vocals" for "Who Says You Can't Go Home" add something


In June 2007, Bon Jovi released their studio album, "Lost Highway" add something


In 2008, "Memphis" was performed at the La Jolla Playhouse in San Diego, California add something


The film follows the band on the Lost Highway Tour during 2008 add something


The show was performed in January 2009 in Seattle, Washington, at the 5th Avenue Theatre, prior to moving to Broadway later in 2009 add something


On April 6, 2009, it was announced that the Tribeca Film Festival will screen a Bon Jovi documentary called "When We Were Beautiful" add something


The musical made its off-Broadway premiere at New World Stages on April 6, 2009 add something


Memphis, which is now on broadway since October 18, 2009, was nominated for 8 Tony awards for the 2010 season and won 4 including Best Musical and Best original musical score add something


In November 2009, Bon Jovi released their latest studio album "The Circle" add something


Memphis The Musical went on to win four Tony awards at the 2010 Tonys, including Best Musical, Best Composer, Best Book, and Best orchestrations add something


David married Lexi Quaas on August 7, 2010 in Colts Neck, New Jersey add something


In 2018, Bryan was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Bon Jovi add something