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David Gregory (journalist)

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David Gregory (journalist)

American television journalist, and moderator of NBC News' Sunday morning talk show Meet the Press, but also a substitute anchor and host on various NBC News shows add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1970.

Countries: United States (89%), India (6%), (6%)

Main connections: Meet the Press, MSNBC, NBC

Linked to: Radio and Television Correspondents' Association, Rutgers University, School of International Service, Fannie Mae




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David Gregory was born in 1970 add something


Gregory graduated from American University in 1992 add something


Gregory was the anchor of "News Chat", "Crosstalk NBC", and "Newsfront" on MSNBC from 1998 to 2000 add something


Gregory was assigned by NBC to the press corps covering George W. Bush when he ran for president in 2000 add something


Since June 2000, Gregory has been married to former federal prosecutor and former Fannie Mae executive vice president, general counsel and corporate secretary, Beth Wilkinson add something


Gregory has been the substitute co-anchor of "Weekend Today", filling in for Lester Holt on that program since 2003 add something


Gregory has filled in on NBC News "Weekend Nightly News" and "NBC Nightly News" since 2005 add something


Gregory was named the School of International Service's alumnus of the year in 2005 and sits on the Dean's Advisory Council add something


He has filled in for Matt Lauer on "Today" from 2005 to the present add something


Due to internal fighting among the staff at MSNBC, Gregory was appointed as anchor on MSNBC during the presidential debates and the 2008 election add something


From March 17, 2008, through December 5, 2008, Gregory hosted a show on MSNBC weekday evenings, which replaced Tucker Carlson's "Tucker" add something


Gregory held this position until taking the "Meet the Press" job in December 2008 add something


On December 7, 2008, it was formally announced that Gregory would be the full-time moderator of "Meet the Press", with his first episode as official moderator being December 14, 2008 add something


Chuck Todd was named to replace him as White House correspondent on December 18, 2008 add something


Pat Quinn (politician) - On December 14, 2008, when David Gregory asked Quinn on NBC's "Meet The Press" about his relationship with Blagojevich, he said, "Well, he's a bit isolated


On January 23, 2009, "The Daily Beast" columnist Ana Marie Cox stated that President Barack Obama still has not discovered "this administration's David Gregory" add something


Robert Gates - On March 1, 2009, he told David Gregory on "Meet the Press" that he would not commit to how long he would serve as Secretary of Defense but implied that he would not serve the entire first term


On the December 23, 2012 broadcast of "Meet the Press" with National Rifle Association chief executive Wayne LaPierre, Gregory displayed what he identified as "a magazine for ammunition that carries 30 bullets" add something


On December 26, 2012, MPD spokesmen confirmed the launch of an inquiry add something


When asked by CNN on December 27, 2012, if he thought Gregory should be prosecuted, NRA president David Keene responded, "No, I don't think so add something


On January 11, 2013, Attorney General of the District of Columbia Irvin Nathan declared Gregory's action was in violation of 7-2506,01, but that he would not proceed with prosecution add something


On June 23, 2013, David Gregory posed a question to journalist Glenn Greenwald that the "Washington Post" described as a "gotcha inquiry" containing "a veiled accusation of federal criminal wrongdoing, very much in the tradition of 'how long have you been beating your wife'" add something


On August 14, 2014, NBC announced Gregory would leave the parent network, with his hosting duties assumed by Chuck Todd add something


Meet the Press - On August 17, 2014, Andrea Mitchell hosted "Meet the Press," and paid brief tribute to Gregory's career at & NBC, saying, "In 20 years with NBC_News, David has done it all add something


Washingtonian, December 21, 2014 add something


Gregory currently serves as CNN political analyst, since 2016 add something