David I. Walsh

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David I. Walsh

United States politician from Massachusetts add

Category: Politics

Born in 1872.

Countries: United States (59%), Massachusetts (32%), Great Britain (5%)

Main connections: Massachusetts, New York Post, Henry Cabot Lodge

Linked to: Boston University, America First Committee, Boston University Law School, Clinton High School




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David I. Walsh was born in 1872 add something


Walsh graduated from Clinton High School in 1890 and from Holy Cross in 1893 add something


He attended Boston University Law School, where he graduated in 1897 add something


He supported the work of the Anti-Death Penalty League, a Massachusetts organization founded in 1897 that was particularly active and nearly successful in the decade preceding World War I. add something


Walsh was admitted to the bar and commenced the practice of law in Fitchburg, Massachusetts in 1897, later practicing in Boston add something


Walsh was a member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives for two terms in 1900 and 1901, elected from a longtime Republican district add something


He next lost the race for Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts in 1910, but ran again and won in 1912, becoming the state's first Democratic Lieutenant-Governor in 70 years He became the first Irish and the first Catholic Governor of Massachusetts in 1914, and served two one-year terms add something


In his 1914 campaign for re-election, he cited as accomplishments an increase in the amounts paid for workman's compensation and improved administration of the state's care for the insane add something


Joseph B. Ely - Governor David I. Walsh appointed him to serve as District Attorney for Massachusetts' Western District in 1915; he was elected in his own right to this position the next year, serving until 1920


He served as a delegate-at-large to the Massachusetts Constitutional Convention in 1917 and 1918 that saw those reforms passed add something


In 1918, Walsh was elected as a Democrat to the United States Senate and served from March 4, 1919, to March 4, 1925 add something


A noted orator, he introduced Irish Republic President √Čamon de Valera at Fenway Park on June 29, 1919 add something


He had previously endorsed an activist role for government, but after 1924 his rhetoric increasingly attacked the "federal bureaucracy" and "big government add something


Walsh failed to win reelection by just 20,000 votes in 1924, the year of the Coolidge landslide, and briefly resumed the practice of law in Boston add something


Walsh's 1924 defeat marked a turning point in his political philosophy add something


"Time" magazine noted the special election posed a risk to the Republicans because Walsh had come so close to surviving the Coolidge landslide in 1924 add something


Walsh won reelection in 1928, 1934 and 1940, failing in his final bid for reelection in 1946 add something


In 1929, "Time" published a detailed profile of Walsh and his voting record add something


He and his brother Thomas, who died in 1931, supported their four unmarried sisters, two of whom outlived the Senator add something


In 1932, he supported Al Smith against FDR for the Democratic nomination for president add something


The bill was an attempt to restore certain provisions of the 1933 National Recovery Act, which the Supreme Court held unconstitutional in 1935 add something


Along with 4 of his colleagues, Walsh condemned antisemitism in Nazi Germany in a Senate speech on June 10, 1933 add something


In 1936, when some Democrats looked for an alternative presidential candidate, he supported Roosevelt, "although their relations are none too good add something


In 1937, he declared himself an opponent of the administration and joined the opposition to FDR's plan to enlarge the Supreme Court add something


After the 1940 election in particular, he opposed any action that would compromise American neutrality, first in closed-door hearings of the Naval Affairs Committee, which he headed, and in attacking the Lend-Lease program on the floor of the Senate add something


He was a leading member of the America First movement, opposing U.S. involvement in World War II. In 1940, the "New York Times" described Walsh as a "more moderate critic" of the administration's attempts to aid Great Britain even as he called the August commitment FDR made to Churchill one "that goes far beyond the Constitutional powers of the President and one that no other President in our history even presumed to assume add something


In June, 1940, he authored an amendment to the naval appropriations bill, sometimes called the Walsh Act of 1940, which permitted "surplus military equipment" to be sold only if it was certified as useless for American defense add something


Joseph Taussig - In May 1940, Taussig again locked horns with now-president Franklin D. Roosevelt, when Massachusetts Senator David I. Walsh invited Taussig to testify at Senate hearings on plans to expand the Navy


The scandal touched composer and music journalist Virgil Thomson, who was arrested in a raid there on March 14, 1942 add something


On May 7, 1942, the "New York Post", which had long favored U.S. involvement in the European conflict, implicated Walsh in a sensational sex and spy scandal uncovered at a Brooklyn male brothel for U.S. Navy personnel that had been infiltrated by Nazi spies add something


On May 20, 1942, with a full report from FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover in hand, Senator Barkley addressed the Senate at length on the irresponsibility of the "New York Post", the laudable restraint of the rest of the press, the details of the FBI's report, and the Senate's affirmation of Walsh's "unsullied" reputation add something


During the 1944 presidential race, with FDR seeking a fourth term, his running mate Harry S. Truman referred to Walsh as an "isolationist" a characterization Walsh resented add something


In 1945, demonstrating that his isolationism was not absolute, Walsh voted in favor of the United Nations Charter add something


He faced no such challenge, but was defeated in his 1946 race for reelection by Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. add something

David I. Walsh died in 1947 add something


Upon his retirement from political office, Walsh resided in Clinton, Massachusetts until his death following a cerebral hemorrhage in Boston on June 11, 1947 add something


Writing in the 1960s, former Attorney General Francis Biddle hinted at the subject when he described Walsh in the mid-1930s as "an elderly politician with a soft tread and low, colorless voice add something


The police operation led to the arrest and conviction of 3 foreign agents and the brothel's owner-operator, Gustave Beekman, though promised leniency for cooperating with the police, received the maximum sentence of 20 years for sodomy and was not released from prison until 1963 add something


According to Gore Vidal, interviewed in 1974, "There wasn't anybody in Massachusetts add something