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David Niven

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David Niven

English actor and novelist, popular both in Europe and the US. He may be best known for his roles as Squadron Leader Peter Carter in A Matter of Life and Death, as Phileas Fogg in Around the World in 80 Days and as Sir Charles Lytton, a add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1910.

Countries: United States (54%), United Kingdom (20%), (11%)

Main connections: Mike Todd, Charles Boyer, Cary Grant

Linked to: Eton College, American Film Institute, Four Star Television, Rank Organisation




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David Niven was born in 1910 add something


William served in the Berkshire Yeomanry in the First World War and was killed during the Gallipoli Campaign on 21 August 1915 add something


David's mother Henrietta married Sir Thomas Comyn-Platt in London in 1917 add something


Robert Nathan - But his luck soon changed during the 1920s, when he wrote seven more novels, including "The Bishop's Wife", which was later made into a successful film starring Cary Grant, David Niven, and Loretta Young


He attended the Royal Military College at Sandhurst, and graduated in 1930 with a commission as a second lieutenant in the regular Army add something


Robert Coote - Coote was a close friend of actor David Niven, sharing a house with Niven for a time in the late 1930s and living in a flat over Niven's garage for several years after World War II


From there, he hired an agent and had several small parts in films from 1933, 1934 and 1935, including a non-speaking part in MGM's "Mutiny on the Bounty" add something


Though promoted to lieutenant on 1 January 1933, he saw no opportunity for further advancement add something


While crossing the Atlantic, Niven resigned his commission by telegram on 6 September 1933 add something


After detours to Bermuda and Cuba, he arrived in Hollywood in 1934 add something


After Britain declared war on Germany in 1939, Niven returned home and rejoined the Army add something


In 1939, he co-starred with Ginger Rogers in the RKO comedy "Bachelor Mother", and starred as the eponymous gentleman safe-cracker in "Raffles" add something


Niven first met Churchill at a dinner party in February 1940 add something


Niven was re-commissioned as a lieutenant in the Rifle Brigade on 25 February 1940, and was assigned to a motor training battalion add something


Niven resumed his acting career after his demobilisation, and was voted the second most popular British actor in the 1945 Popularity Poll of British film stars add something


He resumed his career in 1946, now only in starring roles add something


Kim Hunter - Her other major film roles include David Niven's character's love interest in the film "A Matter of Life and Death" , and Zira, the sympathetic chimpanzee scientist in the 1968 film "Planet of the Apes" and two sequels


Orson Welles - In the summer of 1946, Welles directed a musical stage version of Around the World in Eighty Days, with a comedic and ironic rewriting of the Jules Verne novel by Welles, incidental music and songs by Cole Porter, and production by Mike Todd, who would later produce the successful film version with David Niven.


The Lady from Shanghai - In the summer of 1946, Welles was directing a musical stage version of "Around the World in Eighty Days", with a comedic and ironic rewriting of the Jules Verne novel by Welles, incidental music and songs by Cole Porter, and production by Mike Todd, who would later produce the successful film version with David Niven


Karolyn Grimes - She played "Debbie" in the 1947 Christmas film, "The Bishop's Wife" starring Cary Grant, David Niven, and Loretta Young


Vivien Leigh - David Niven said she had been "quite, quite mad"; and in his diary Noël Coward expressed surprise that "things had been bad and getting worse since 1948 or thereabouts


Hans Nielsen (actor) - In addition to his own film roles, in 1948, Nielsen began working as a voice actor, dubbing films into German, including Fred Astaire ; Gary Cooper ; Errol Flynn ; Cary Grant ; Rex Harrison ; Phil Silvers ; David Niven , Tyrone Power ; James Stewart ; Robert Taylor ", Spencer Tracy ; Orson Welles and Trevor Howard


Brief Encounter - The second one was presented over NBC on November 13, 1949 and starred Helen Hayes and David Niven


But the dispute over "The Elusive Pimpernel" and Niven's demands for more money led to a long estrangement in the 1950s add something


In 1950 he starred in "The Elusive Pimpernel", which was made in Britain and which was to be distributed by Samuel Goldwyn add something


Rank Organisation - During the 1950s the British photographer Cornel Lucas set up the Pool Studio at Pinewood Studios where he photographed many of the movie stars of this era of cinema, such as Marlene Dietrich and David Niven


Between 1951 and 1956 he made 11 films, two of which were MGM productions and the rest were low-budget British or independent productions add something


The first, "Round the Rugged Rocks", was a novel that appeared in 1951 and was forgotten almost at once add something


In October 1951, while pheasant shooting with friends in New England, Hjördis was shot in the face, neck and chest by a member of the hunting party add something


Ida Lupino - In 1952, Lupino was invited to become the "fourth star" in Four Star Productions by Dick Powell, David Niven and Charles Boyer, after Joel McCrea and Rosalind Russell had dropped out of the company


Four Star Television - The company was founded in 1952 as "'Four Star Productions,"' by prominent Hollywood actors Dick Powell, David Niven, Joel_McCrea, and Charles Boyer


In 1955 renowned British photographer Cornel Lucas photographed Niven while filming at the Rank Film Studio in Denham, Buckinghamshire add something


The show ended in 1955, but Four Star TV became a highly successful TV production company add something


Humphrey Bogart - In the spring of 1955, after a long party in Las Vegas with Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, her husband Sid Luft, Mike Romanoff and wife Gloria, David Niven, Angie_Dickinson and others, Lauren Bacall surveyed the wreckage of the party and declared, "You look like a goddamn rat pack


Niven enjoyed success in 1956, when he starred as Phileas Fogg in Michael Todd's immensely successful production of "Around the World in 80 Days" add something


Fernandel - His first Hollywood motion picture was 1956's "Around the World in Eighty Days" in which he played David Niven's coachman


Around the World in 80 Days (1956 film) - "'Around the World in 80 Days"' is a 1956 adventure film starring David Niven and Cantinflas, produced by the Michael Todd Company and released by United Artists


He was awarded the 1958 Academy award for Best Actor in "Separate Tables add something


He won the 1958 Academy award for Best Actor for his role as Major Pollock in "Separate Tables", his only nomination for an Oscar add something


In 1959 he became the host of his own TV drama series, "The David Niven Show", which ran for 13 episodes that summer add something


In 1960, while filming "Please Don't Eat the Daisies" with Doris Day, Niven and Hjördis separated for a few weeks, though they later reconciled add something


James Leasor - He became a full-time author in the 1960s, after the success of his novel, "Passport to Oblivion", one of the best selling books of the 1960s, a thriller featuring Dr Jason Love, which was filmed as "Where the Spies Are" in 1965 starring David Niven


The Sea Wolves - Gregory Peck and David Niven had worked together on 1961's "The Guns of Navarone", but were excluded from appearing in the 1978 sequel "Force 10 from Navarone" since it was felt they were too old to convincingly play military veterans


Carl Foreman - He produced and scripted the 1961 smash hit World War II blockbuster "The Guns of Navarone", starring Gregory Peck, David Niven, and Anthony_Quinn; it remains one of his most popular pictures


Ava Gardner - She found herself billed between Charlton Heston and David Niven in the epic "55 Days at Peking" in 1963, a lavish version of the Chinese revolt against foreign control during the Boxer Rebellion in 1900


In 1964, he and Boyer appeared in the Four Star series "The Rogues" add something


Gig Young - Later, he starred on the 1964-65 NBC series "The Rogues", sharing appearances on a rotating basis with David Niven and Charles Boyer in the Four Star Television production


Sharon Tate - In late 1965, Ransohoff finally gave Tate her first major role in a motion picture in the film "Eye of the Devil", co-starring David Niven, Deborah_Kerr, Donald Pleasence, and David Hemmings


In 1967, he appeared as one of seven incarnations of 007 in the James Bond spoof "Casino Royale" add something


Cristina Ferrare - Later, she starred with David Niven in the 1968 movie "The Impossible Years" and appeared opposite Cliff Robertson in "J. W. Coop"


Vivien Leigh - In 1969, a plaque to Leigh was placed in the "Actors' Church", St Paul's, Covent Garden; in 1985, a portrait of her was included in a series of postage stamps, along with Alfred Hitchcock, Charlie Chaplin, Peter Sellers and David Niven to commemorate "British Film Year"


Gerard Oury - Oury shot the 1969 comedy "Le Cerveau" in English, starring David Niven in the lead role as a criminal mastermind


The Extraordinary Seaman - "'The Extraordinary Seaman"' is a 1969 American comedy war film directed by John Frankenheimer and starring David Niven, Faye_Dunaway, Alan Alda, Mickey Rooney, and Jack Carter


Throughout the 1970s, Niven spent much of his time at his home in Chateau d'Oex in Switzerland, near the ski resort of Gstaad add something


In 1971 he published his autobiography, "The Moon's a Balloon", which was well received, selling over five million copies add something


George Sanders - David Niven wrote in his autobiography, "The Moon's a Balloon" , that in 1937 his friend George Sanders had predicted he would commit suicide when he was 65, and in his 50s, he appeared depressed since his wives had died or several tragedies had happened to him


Around the World in 80 Days (1956 film) - In the autobiographical book "The Moon's a Balloon", published in 1972, the actor David Niven discussed his meeting with Todd and the subsequent events that led to the film being produced


Niven responded "Isn't it fascinating to think that probably the only laugh that man will ever get in his life is by stripping off and showing his shortcomings-" In 1974, he hosted "David Niven's World" for London Weekend Television, which profiled contemporary adventurers such as hang gliders, motorcyclists and mountain climbers add something


He followed this with "Bring On the Empty Horses" in 1975, a collection of entertaining reminiscences from Hollywood 's "Golden Age" in the 1930s and '40s add something


In 1975 he narrated "The Remarkable Rocket", a short animation based on a story by Oscar Wilde add something


The Thin Man (film) - In the 1976 comedy spoof movie "Murder by Death", the characters of Nick and Nora Charles became Dick and Dora Charleston, played by David Niven and Maggie Smith


Candleshoe - "'Candleshoe"' is a 1977 live-action family film and heist film produced by Walt Disney Productions based on the Michael Innes novel "Christmas at Candleshoe" and starring Jodie Foster, Helen Hayes in her last big screen appearance, David Niven and Leo McKern


James Leasor - Second World War - Leasor's 1978 book, "Boarding Party", about an incident from the Second World War that until that time was secret, was turned into a film, "The Sea Wolves", starring Gregory Peck, Roger Moore and David Niven


In 1979 he appeared in "Escape to Athena", which was produced by his son David Jr. In July 1982, Blake Edwards brought Niven back for cameo appearances in two final "Pink Panther" films , reprising his role as Sir Charles Lytton add something


George P. Cosmatos - In 1979, he made the successful World War II adventure movie "Escape to Athena", starring a gigantic all star cast including Roger Moore, David Niven, Telly_Savalas, Elliott Gould and Claudia Cardinale


William Stevenson (Canadian writer) - It was made into a 1979 mini-series starring David Niven and Stevenson followed it up with a 1983 book titled "Intrepid's Last Case"


In 1980, Niven began experiencing fatigue, muscle weakness and a warble in his voice add something


The Sea Wolves - "'The Sea Wolves"' is a 1980 war film starring Gregory Peck, Roger Moore and David Niven


A 1981 interview on Michael Parkinson's talk show alarmed family and friends; viewers wondered if Niven had either been drinking or suffered a stroke add something


He hosted the 1981 American Film Institute tribute to Fred Astaire, which was his final appearance in Hollywood add something


In 1981 Niven published a second and much more successful novel, "Go Slowly, Come Back Quickly", which was set during and after World War II, and which drew on his experiences during the war and in Hollywood add something


In 1982 Niven fell ill during filming and was diagnosed with a virulent form of Motor Neurone Disease add something


In 1982 he appeared in Blake Edwards' final "Pink Panther" films "Trail of the Pink Panther" and "Curse of the Pink Panther", reprising his role as Sir Charles Lytton add something


His health quickly declined and he died in 1983 at age 73, leaving four children and his second wife add something


Hjördis recovered from her alcoholism after Niven's death in 1983, but returned to it before her own death of a stroke in 1997 at age 78 add something

David Niven died in 1983 add something


In February 1983, using a false name to avoid publicity, Niven was hospitalised for ten days, ostensibly for a digestive problem add something


Niven died as a result of ALS on 29 July 1983, at age 73 add something


A Thanksgiving service was held at St Martin-in-the-Fields, London , on 27 October 1983 add something


He returned to the United States and was accepted by Central Casting as "Anglo-Saxon Type No. 2008" add something


A 2009 biography of Niven had assertions, based on information from his widow and a good friend of Niven's, that he had had an affair with Princess Margaret, twenty years his junior add something