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Dimension Films

Major American film production and distribution studio formerly owned by The Walt Disney Studios and now owned by The Weinstein Company add

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Launched in 2000.

Countries: United States (73%), (12%), Qatar (3%)

Main connections: Miramax, Halloween: Resurrection, Rob Zombie

Linked to: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, The Weinstein Company, Tutor-Saliba Corporation, MTV




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Currently, the highest grossing movie in the company is "Scary Movie" which was released in 2000 add something


Scream (1996 film) - Following the release of "Scream 3", "Scream" and its first two sequels were collected in "The Ultimate Scream Collection" by Dimension Films on September 26, 2000, a boxset containing the three films and a bonus disc containing "Behind the Scream", a 30 minute documentary about the production of the three films, and additional material, including screentests and outtakes


Doctor Strange (film) - By June 2001, Dimension Films acquired the film rights, with Goyer back on board as writer and director


Halloween: Resurrection - Also, the release date for the film was originally set as September 21, 2001, but producers at Dimension Films wanted the film to be stronger so re-shoots took place from September 2002 to October 2001 and the release date was changed to April 19, 2002 and again to July 12, 2002


Ghost Rider (2007 film) - By May 2002 Columbia Pictures sought to acquire rights to "Ghost Rider" in turnaround from Dimension Films following their success with "Spider-Man"


The Mist (film) - By December 2004, Darabont said that he had begun writing an adapted screenplay for "The Mist", and by October 2006, the project moved from Paramount to Dimension Films, with Darabont attached to direct and actor Thomas Jane in negotiations to join the cast


Miramax - Miramax operated, until 2005, the label Dimension Films, specializing in genre films and created the "Scream" and "Scary Movie" film franchises


The Weinstein Brothers took this label with them when they departed the Disney-owned Miramax in October 2005 and paired it under their company, The Weinstein Company add something


All films released by Dimension Films prior to October 1, 2005, remain the property of Miramax Films; half the profits of sequels made to Miramax-era films went to Disney until Miramax was sold to Filmyard Holdings, a joint venture of Colony Capital, Tutor-Saliba Corporation, and Qatar Investment Authority in 2010 add something


Trailer (promotion) - Dimension Films shot extra scenes for their 2006 horror remake, "Black Christmas" - these scenes were used in promotional footage for the film, but are similarly absent from the theatrical release


Geoff Johns - In the fall of 2006, Johns teamed up with Matthew Senreich of "Robot Chicken" fame to write the screenplay for a holiday family-friendly movie titled "Naughty or Nice" for Dimension Films


Eli Roth - On March 8, 2006, Ain't It Cool News announced that Dimension Films had bought the film rights of the "Cell" by Stephen King and would produce a film to be directed by Eli Roth for a 2009 release


Hellraiser (franchise) - Dimension Films' remake of "Hellraiser" was originally announced in November 2006


Castlevania - In November 2006, Rogue Pictures replaced Dimension Films, who reneged over script differences, in handling North American distribution of "Castlevania", with Crystal Sky Pictures handling international distribution


In the spring of 2007, Dimension produced and distributed the joint-double feature film "Grindhouse", directed by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino add something


Halloween: Resurrection - Dimension Films would instead produce a remake of the original "Halloween" in 2007 directed by Rob Zombie


Beginning in 2008, Dimension began to distribute an exclusive home video line titled "Dimension Extreme", which mainly consisted of independent and international horror films, some of which were direct-to-video North American productions, and others foreign horror films making their home media debuts in North America add something


Beginning in 2008, Dimension introduced the "Dimension Extreme" label, which released primarily international and independent horror titles on DVD. add something


Steven Conrad - He wrote, directed, and edited his latest film, "The Promotion", which premiered at South by Southwest in March 2008 and was released by Dimension Films later that year


The Birds (film) - On 16 June 2009, Brad Fuller of Dimension Films stated that no further developments had taken place, commenting, "We keep trying, but I don't know


Rob Zombie - Dimension Films released "Halloween II" in North America on August 28, 2009 to 3,025 theaters


Scary Movie 2 - It was later released on Blu-ray a decade later on September 20, 2011, after Lionsgate purchased Miramax and Dimension Films's catalogues


In 2013, Dimension acquired the rights to the independent slasher film "All the Boys Love Mandy Lane", shot in 2006, and gave the film a limited release in the United States in October 2013 add something


Halloween: Resurrection - Dimension Films - In December 2015 It was announced that Dimension films no longer had the rights to the Halloween franchise


Miramax was sold once more to the beIN Media Group in 2016 add something


On June 24, 2019, it was announced that "Scream" would be moving to VH1 ahead of the premiere of the third season add something