Dimitar Grekov

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Dimitar Grekov

Leading Bulgarian liberal politician who also served as Prime Minister add

Category: Politics

Born in 1847.

Countries: Bulgaria (50%), Europe (50%)

Education: undef.

Main connection: Konstantin Stoilov

Linked to: Conservative Party, People's Liberal Party




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Dimitar Grekov was born in 1847 add something


In the 1879 cabinet of Todor Burmov he served as Minister of Justice, the first of an independent Bulgaria add something


Grekov, at the time a Conservative was a member of the Bulgarian Constitutional Assembly convened in February 1879, a body that formed the basis of the national parliament of the newly independent state add something


In 1886 Prime Minister and regent Stefan Stambolov chose Grekvo, along with Konstantin Kanchev and Konstantin Stoilov, to travel around Europe in order to find a prince suitable for the throne of Bulgaria add something


Grekov was appointed Prime Minister on 30 January 1899 and was removed from office on 13 October that same year after a brief and unremarkable tenure add something

Dimitar Grekov died in 1901 add something