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Ditta Pasztory-Bartok

Hungarian Jewish pianist and the second wife of the composer Béla Bartók add

Category: Music (650)

Born in 1903.

Countries: Hungary (33%), (33%), United States (22%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Bela Bartok, Out of Doors (Bartok), Fritz Reiner




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Ditta Pasztory-Bartok was born in 1903 add something


Márta was aged only 16 when he married her in 1909, when he was 28 add something


Márta Ziegler had given birth to Béla Bartók III on 22 August 1910, the year after their marriage add something


She accepted, they obtained a special licence and were married within a week, on 28 August 1923 add something


Out of Doors (Bartok) - He wrote the work for his new wife, the pianist Ditta Pásztory-Bartók, whom he had married in 1923 shortly after divorcing his first wife, and who had given him his second son in 1924


In 1924 she gave birth to Peter Bartók, her only child but her husband's second son add something


In 1926, he dedicated his suite "Out of Doors" to Ditta add something


Along with the percussionists Saul Goodman and Henry Deneke, Béla and Ditta Pásztory-Bartók jointly premiered his Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion on 16 January 1938 at the ISCM anniversary concert in Basel, Switzerland add something


In 1940 he made a two-piano arrangement of seven of the pieces from "Mikrokosmos", to provide some additional repertoire for him and Ditta to play add something


Mikrokosmos (Bartok) - In 1940, shortly before they emigrated to the United States, he arranged seven of the pieces for two pianos, to provide additional repertoire for himself and his wife Ditta Pásztory-Bartók to play


Bartók's countryman Fritz Reiner was one of his few champions, and with his support and under his baton, Bartók and Ditta played the premiere of the Concerto for Two Pianos, the orchestral version of the Sonata for Two Pianos and Percussion, on 31 January 1943 at Carnegie Hall with the New York Philharmonic add something


But his recovery was illusory, and he died in New York on 26 September 1945 add something


He decided to write a third piano concerto as a surprise present for Ditta, who would be celebrating her 42nd birthday at the end of October 1945 add something


After Bartók's death, Ditta returned to Budapest in 1946, where she remained for the rest of her life, devoted to promoting the memory of her late husband add something


The honour of premiering the Third Piano Concerto in February 1946 went to György Sándor, but Ditta Pásztory-Bartók did later perform and record it add something


Ditta Pásztory-Bartók outlived Béla Bartók by 37 years, dying in Budapest in 1982, aged 79 add something

Ditta Pasztory-Bartok died in 1982 add something