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Doctor Doom

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Doctor Doom

Fictional character that appears in publications by Marvel Comics add

Category: Movies & TV (150)

Launched in 1984.

Countries: United States (92%), Australia (4%), (4%)

Main connections: Marvel Comics, MF Doom, Hasbro

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Doctor Doom appeared in the "'Marvel Secret Wars"' line of toys, in 1984, with cloak and tunic redesigned based on the comic book add something


Doctor Doom with "power driven weapons" was part of the "'Marvel Superheroes"' line, released by Toy Biz in 1993 add something


A "deluxe edition" Dr Doom, ten inches tall, was released by Toy Biz in 1994 add something


Toy Biz released Dr. Doom with "shooting arm action" as part of the "'Fantastic Four"' collection in 1994 add something


Also in that line were the Human Torch, Silver Surfer, War Machine, Mandarin, and Iron Man. "'Die-cast Metal Dr Doom"' appeared from Toy Biz in different versions and combinations in 1995 add something


Toy Biz released "'Famous Covers Dr Doom"' in 1998, an 8-inch ulta poseable toy doll with cloth tunic and cape add something


MF Doom - He meanwhile had taken on a new identity, MF DOOM, patterned after and wearing a mask similar to that of Marvel Comics super-villain Doctor Doom, who is depicted rapping on the cover of the 1999 album Operation: Doomsday.


In the 2000s, Doom rediscovered his mystical heritage, using his powers in an attempt to destroy the Fantastic Four after making a deal with a group of demons called the Hazarath Three, but later is consigned to a hell dimension after Richards manages to trick him into rejecting the idea that the demons aided him add something


A "'Kubrick Doctor Doom"' from Medicom was a chase item in Series I in 2002 add something


Toy Biz released "'Marvel Legends Dr Doom"' in "Series II", and "Series VIII" in 2002 and 2004 respectively add something


In 2003 Doom was the villain in the "Fantastic Four" story arc "Unthinkable", in which Doom imprisons Franklin Richards in Hell and captures Valeria Richards and succeeds in catching the Fantastic Four add something


MF Doom - Also in 2003, Dumile released the LP Vaudeville Villain under the moniker Viktor Vaughn (another play on Doctor Doom, whose "real name" is Victor von Doom).


For vehicles, there is a Doctor Doom Hummer from "'Maisto"', a Doctor Doom Corvette track car from "'Carrera"' in 2005, and an appropriate Doctor Doom Ambulance "'Ultimate Marvel die-cast collection"' car in 2002 add something


In 2005 and 2006, Doom was featured in his own limited series, "Books of Doom", a retelling of the origin story by Ed Brubaker add something


Several Doctor Doom toys were released from Toy Biz for Marvel in conjunction with the first "'Fantastic Film"' in 2005 add something


Two versions of Dr Doom appear in the "'Figure Factory"' series, a Doom with a hood and one without, released in 2005 add something


"'Marvel Legends Showdown Dr Doom"' booster pack was part of assortment 2 released in 2005 add something


"'Marvel Selects Dr Doom"', with Dr Doom sitting on a thone with flags and optional chalice hand and holster with gun was released in 2005 from Diamond Select Toys and Toy Biz. add something


Julian McMahon - During this time, McMahon portrayed supervillain Doctor Doom in "Fantastic Four", the 2005 film adaptation of the comic book series of the same name


A "'Marvel Legends Icons Series"' Doctor Doom 12-inch figure was released in 2006 add something


Additional toys include Titanium series die-cast Doctor Doom, "'Micro Machines"', released in 2006, has a brown platform that the figure stands on, appearing to be firing weapons from a gold and silver gauntlet add something


"'Marvel Legends Dr Doom"' was part of the build a figure collection, one of 8 figures needed to build Ronan the Accuser series, released by Hasbro in 2007 add something


The Acacia Strain used the title Dr. Doom on its 2008 album, Continent add something


There is a Doctor Doom in the "Clobberin' Time" set, and Dr Doom appeared as part of a "'Heroclix starter set"' with the four members of the Fantastic Four and two Doombots in 2008 add something


David Michelinie - In 2008, he and Layton collaborated again on a four-issue "Iron Man: Legacy of Doom" miniseries and in 2009 on the one-shot "Iron Man: The End" for Marvel Comics


The second wave of figures packaged Doctor Doom with Reptil and appeared in 2009 add something


There is a "'Mighty Muggs"' Dr Doom released in 2009 add something


A fourth version of Doctor Doom was released from Hasbro with and Iron Man and The Mayor as a special edition at the San Diego International Comic Convention in 2010 add something


Doctor Doom is included in the tiny "'Handful of Heroes"' toys released in 2010 add something


Lego Marvel Super Heroes - Voice actors James Arnold Taylor, Fred Tatasciore, Maurice LaMarch 2013 e, Dee Bradley Baker, Steven Blum, Nolan North, Roger Craig Smith, Travis Willingham, Troy Baker, John Eric Bentley, Laura Bailey, Danielle Nicolet, Adrian Pasdar, Phil LaMarr and Dave Boat will reprise their roles as Spider-Man, The Hulk, Doctor Doom, Sandman, Mr. Fantastic, Wolverine, Deadpool, Captain America, Human Torch, Thor, Loki, Nick Fury, Black Widow, Storm, Iron Man, War Machine and the Thing respectively


Doctor Doom will be featured again in the upcoming new 2015 reboot "The Fantastic Four" portrayed by Toby Kebbell add something


Civil War - Though normally portrayed as a supervillain, since "Civil War II" in 2016, Doom has been depicted as a superhero, taking up the mantle of "'Iron Man"' from Tony Stark, and going on to join the Avengers add something


Norman Osborn - IGN ranked him as twenty fourth on their top 100 villains list in 2016 being the third highest Marvel Comics supervillain on the list after Magneto and Doctor Doom and the fifth highest comic book supervillain with DC Comics supervillains Joker and Lex Luthor being the only other higher ranked