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Dolores del Río

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Dolores del Rio

Mexican film, stage and television actress add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1905.

Countries: United States (61%), Mexico (8%), Italy (6%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Orson Welles, Mary Astor, Fay Wray

Linked to: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Actors Studio, Google




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Dolores del Rio was born in 1905 add something


During the 1920s in Hollywood, Dolores was considered one of the most beautiful women of her time, a sort of female version of Rudolph Valentino, the "Latin Lover" of the Silent Cinema add something


She was a Hollywood star in the 1920s and 1930s, and was one of the most important female figures of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema in the 1940s and 1950s add something


In 1921 del Río married Mexican socialite Jaime Martínez del Río, but the marriage came to end in 1928 add something


In 1921, a group of Mexican aristocrats decided to organize a dancing party in benefit for a local hospital add something


After a two-month courtship, Dolores married Jaime on 11 April 1921 add something


Theda Bara - Lukits moved west in 1921 and developed a special relationship with Fox Studios, painting some of its stars, including Dolores Del Rio and selling works to Sol Wurtzel, who ran Fox's day to day operations


In early 1925, Edwin Carewe, an influential director at First National Films, had traveled to Mexico for the wedding of actors Bert Lytell and Claire Windsor, to which they came Dolores and her husband add something


Using her married name, del Río made her film debut in "Joanna" directed by Carewe in 1925 and released that year add something


Immediately she was selected as one of the WAMPAS Baby Stars of 1926, along with fellow newcomers Joan Crawford, Mary Astor, Janet Gaynor, Fay Wray and others add something


In late 1926, the director Raoul Walsh called del Río to cast her in "What Price Glory" with a great success add something


Edna Marion - In 1926, Edna Marion was named one of the WAMPAS Baby Stars, along with Mary Astor, Mary Brian, Dolores Costello, Joan Crawford, Dolores del Río, Janet_Gaynor, and Fay Wray


Mary Brian - She was named one of the WAMPAS Baby Stars in 1926, along with Mary Astor, Dolores Costello, Joan Crawford, Dolores del Río, Janet_Gaynor, and Fay Wray


Mary Astor - She was named one of the WAMPAS Baby Stars in 1926, along with Mary Brian, Dolores Costello, Joan Crawford, Dolores del Río, Janet_Gaynor, and Fay Wray


In 1927, Carewe produced and directed "Resurrection" , based on the novel by Leo Tolstoy, which was a box office hit add something


Gene Austin - In the hope of duplicating the success, this was quickly followed by "Ramona", an L. Wolfe Gilbert-Mabel Wayne song created for the 1927 romantic adventure film "Ramona" with Dolores Del Rio


In 1928, Dolores met Cedric Gibbons, one of the original Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences members and a leading MGM art director and production designer, who supervised the design of the Academy award's Oscar trophy by printing the design on a scroll add something


In 1928, she replaced the actress Renée Adorée in the MGM film "The Trail of '98", directed by Clarence Brown and written by Robert W. Service add something


She filmed again with Waalsh in 1928 in the film "The Red Dance" add something


She was hired by United Artists for the successful 1928 film "Ramona"The success of the film obtained is added with the musical theme same name song, recorded by Dolores with RCA Victor add something


Mary Pickford - On March 29, 1928, a radio show was broadcast from Pickford's bungalow, featuring Douglas Fairbanks, Charles Chaplin, Norma Talmadge, Gloria Swanson, John Barrymore, D.W. Griffith and Dolores del Rio, among others, to speak on the "The Dodge Brothers Hour" to prove they could meet the challenge of talking movies


Robert W. Service - "Trail of '98" starring Dolores del Río, Ralph_Forbes and Karl Dane in 1929


Norma Talmadge - On March 29, 1929, at the bungalow of Mary Pickford, United Artists brought together Talmadge, Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, Charles Chaplin, Gloria Swanson, John Barrymore, Dolores del Río and D.W. Griffith to speak on the radio show "The Dodge Brothers Hour" to prove that Griffith could meet the challenge of talking movies


From 1930 to 1940 Dolores was married to the Art Designer at MGM, Cedric Gibbons, one of the most influential men of the Hollywood industry add something


In the 1930s, she was noted for her participation in numerous films of the Pre-Code era like "Bird of Paradise" , "Flying Down to Rio" and "Madame Du Barry" add something


Many anecdotes exist about her rivalry with Lupe Vélez, another Mexican successful star in the 1930s Hollywood add something


The couple started a romance, that culminated in a marriage ceremony at the Old Mission Santa Barbara Church in 1930 add something


Cedric Gibbons - In 1930, Gibbons married actress Dolores del Río and co-designed their house in Santa Monica, an intricate Art Deco residence influenced by Rudolf Schindler


Joel McCrea - In the 1930s, McCrea starred in "Bird of Paradise" , directed by King Vidor, causing controversy for his nude scenes with Dolores del Río


She scored a new success with the film "Bird of Paradise" in 1932, directed by King Vidor add something


Orson Welles - Since 1932, Welles had fallen in love with the older Mexican actress, Dolores del Río.


Next del Río filmed the successful film "Flying Down to Rio" in 1933 add something


She inspired Jaime Torres Bodet's novel "La Estrella de Día" , published in 1933, which chronicles the life of an actress named "Piedad", obviously inspired by Dolores add something


Fred Astaire - On his return to RKO, he got fifth billing after fourth billed Ginger Rogers in the 1933 Dolores del Río vehicle Flying Down to Rio. In a review, Variety magazine attributed its massive success to Astaire's presence: "The main point of Flying Down to Rio is the screen promise of Fred Astaire .


In 1934, del Río, along with other Mexican film stars of Hollywood like Ramón Novarro and Lupe Vélez, was accused of promoting the Communism in California add something


Del Río worked on Columbia Pictures and Twentieth Century Fox films in 1937, but was more visible in advertisements for Lucky Strike cigarettes, Max Factor makeup, or promoting clothing lines and perfumes than acting in films add something


In 1938 Dolores meets and falls in love with Orson Welles, which added to the crisis affecting the couple, took the actress to seek a divorce, same that took shape in 1940 add something


In 1938, the producer Pancho Cabrera asked Dolores to do the Mexican film "La Noche de los Mayas" add something


In the middle of the decline that she experienced in her career, in 1939 Dolores met the actor and director Orson Welles add something


Edwin Carewe, her discoverer, commits suicide in 1940 add something


Dolores moved out of Gibbons' house and asked for a divorce in March 1940 add something


Welles and del Rio celebrated Christmas 1941 together and discussed the possibility of marriage add something


The film had its world premiere on 1 May 1941 at the Palace Theater in New York City add something


At the beginning of 1942 del Río began work on "Journey into Fear" with Norman Foster as director and Welles as producer add something


Del Río returned to México in 1943, and Welles married Rita Hayworth shortly after add something


Her relationship of four years with him came to an end in 1943 because, among other things, due to the infidelities of Welles add something


Torben Meyer - In 1943, Meyer played a waiter again in RKO's spy thriller "Journey into Fear" starring Joseph Cotten, Dolores del Río and Orson Welles


Lupe Velez - Once these characters and films proved useless to Dolores del Río, she moved back to Mexico in 1943 and to more appropriate roles


Dolores worked in Argentina in 1947, in a film version of Oscar Wilde's "Lady Windermere's Fan" add something


In 1947, during the filming of "Historia de una mala mujer", in Argentina, she befriended with the political leader of the nation, Evita Perón, who was a social activist with socialistic aspirations add something


Welles was reunited with Dolores during a visit to Mexico in 1947, where he told her that his marriage to Hayworth was totally unhappy add something


In 1949, Dolores met the American millionaire adventurer and theater producer Lewis A. Riley in Acapulco add something


In 1949, in Acapulco, Dolores met Lewis "Lou" Riley, a theatrical American businessman and a former member of the Hollywood Canteen add something


In 1951, Dolores starred in "Doña Perfecta", in which she was acclaimed for her great dramatic representation add something


In 1954 Rebecca Welles, the daughter of Welles and Hayworth, traveled to Mexico with the intention to meet Dolores add something


In 1954, del Río was slated to appear in the 20th Century Fox film "Broken Lance" add something


Katy Jurado - In 1954 Jurado replaced Dolores del Río in the film "Broken Lance", for which she received an Academy *award nomination, playing Spencer Tracy's Comanche wife and the mother of Robert Wagner's character


Dolores debuted on Broadway with the classic "Anastasia" in 1956 add something


In 1956, she was cleared to return to the United States to perform in the theatrical production of "Anastacia" add something


Del Río's debut on the Mexican stage was in "Lady Windermere's Fan" in 1958 add something


After ten years together, Dolores and Riley were married in New York in 1959 add something


In 1959, the Mexican film director Ismael Rodríguez brought Dolores del Río and the Mexican film star María Félix together in one film: "La Cucaracha" add something


The couple immediately began an affair that ended in marriage in 1959 in New York add something


In Mexico she filmed only two films in the decade of the 1960's: "El pecado de una madre" and "Casa de Mujeres" add something


In 1960 Dolores del Río finally returned to Hollywood add something


Starting in the 1960s, Del Río suffered severe pains in her bones add something


The death of her mother in 1961 forced her to cancel the Spanish movie "Muerte en el otoño", directed by Juan Antonio Bardem add something


Crawford said on a visit to Mexico in 1963: "Dolores became, and remains, as one of the most beautiful stars in the world" add something


In 1964, she appeared in the film "Cheyenne Autumn" directed by John Ford, with a cast that included Richard Widmark, Carroll Baker, James Stewart, Gilbert Roland, Ricardo Montalbán and Sal Mineo add something


But in 1966 she retuned to Spain and filmed the movie "La dama del alba" add something


In 1966, she was co-founder of the "Sociedad Protectora del Tesoro Artistico de México" with the philanthropist Felipe García Beraza add something


In 1967, she finally filmed in Italy, with Sophia Loren and Omar Sharif in the film "More Than a Miracle" add something


During the 1970s, was formed "Rosa Mexicano" , one of the most momentous groups in the history of the National Association of Actors of Mexico add something


On January 8, 1970, Dolores, in collaboration with other renowned Mexican actresses like Silvia Pinal and Carmen Montejo, founded this faction, which has as one of its greatest achievements the creation of the "Estancia Infantil Dolores del Río" add something


Festival Cervantino - In 1972, she helped found the Cultural Festival Cervantino in Guanajuato add something


Her last appearance on television was in a 1972 episode of "Marcus Welby, M.D." add something


The first stone was laid on April 30, 1973 add something


Dolores del Río's last movie was "The Children of Sanchez" with Anthony Quinn and Katy Jurado in 1978, directed by Hall Bartlett, making only a short appearance as the Grandma add something


In 1978, Kevin Thomas of "Los Angeles Times" mentions her as "one of the reigning beauties of the twentieth century" add something


In 1978, she was diagnosed with osteomyelitis, and in 1981 she was diagnosed with Hepatitis B following an injection of expired vitamins add something


In 1981, del Río was honored in the San Francisco Film Critics Circle by the film directors Francis Ford Coppola and George Cukor add something


In 1982, Del Rio was awarded The George Eastman award, given by George Eastman House for distinguished contribution to the art of film add something


In 1982, Del Río was admitted to the Medical Center of La Jolla, California, where hepatitis led to cirrhosis add something


In 1982, Dolores and María Félix were parodied in the Carlos Fuentes's script "Orquídeas a la luz de la luna add something


Carlos Monsivais and Jorge Ayala Blanco made for her a tribute book to mark the Latin American Film Festival of Huelva in 1983 add something


Since 1983, the society Periodistas Cinematográficos de México has been giving the "Diosa de Plata" "Dolores del Río" award for the best dramatic female performance add something

Dolores del Rio died in 1983 add something


On April 11, 1983, Dolores del Río died from her liver disease at the age of 77, in Newport Beach, California add something


She was interpreted by the actress Lucy Cohu in the TV film "RKO 281" in 1999 add something


In 2005, on the centenary of her birth, her remains were moved to the "Rotonda de las Personas Ilustres" in Mexico City add something


" Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 2013 add something


In 2015 Dolores was chosen as the image of the AFI Fest add something


On August 3, 2017, the 113th anniversary of her birth, & Google released a Google Doodle honoring Del Río add something