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Dorothy Arzner

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Dorothy Arzner

American film director add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1897.

Countries: United States (43%), United Kingdom (43%), Italy (14%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Esther Eng, Rudolph Valentino, Directors Guild of America

Linked to: University of Southern California, Paramount Pictures, UCLA Film School, Fox Film Corporation




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Dorothy Arzner was born in 1897 add something


Her first assignment as an editor was in 1922 for the renowned classic "Blood and Sand", starring Rudolph Valentino add something


Paramount conceded in 1927, putting her in charge of the film "Fashions for Women", which became a financial success add something


"The Wild Party" was a success with critics and was the 3rd top-grossing film of 1929 add something


She left Paramount in 1932 to begin work as an independent director for several of the studios add something


In 1936, Arzner became the first woman to join the newly formed Directors Guild of America add something


For reasons never fully disclosed, Arzner stopped directing feature-length films in 1943 add something


She produced plays and, in the 1960s and 1970s, worked as a professor at the UCLA film school, teaching screenwriting and directing until her death in 1979 add something

Dorothy Arzner died in 1979 add something


David Lean - As Tony Sloman wrote in 1999, "As the varied likes of David Lean, Robert Wise, Terence Fisher and Dorothy Arzner have proved, the cutting rooms are easily the finest grounding for film direction


R.M. Vaughan's 2000 play, "Camera, Woman" depicts the last day of Dorothy Arzner's career add something


S. Louisa Wei's 2014 feature documentary, "Golden Gate Girls", compares the media representation of Arzner with that of Esther Eng, Hong Kong's first woman director who was a Chinese American add something


Esther Eng - S. Louisa Wei's 2014 feature documentary, "Golden Gate Girls", compares the media representation of Eng with that of Dorothy Arzner


On March 1, 2018 Paramount Studios dedicated a building in her honor add something