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Dorothy Malone

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Dorothy Malone

American actress add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1925.

Countries: United States (68%), Texas (16%), Germany (11%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Robert Stack, Written on the Wind, Douglas Sirk

Linked to: Highland Park High School, Southern Methodist University, American Broadcasting Company, CBS




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Dorothy Malone was born in 1925 add something


Her film career began in 1943, and in her early years she played small roles, mainly in B-movies add something


While performing at Southern Methodist University, she was spotted by an RKO talent agent and was signed to a studio contract, making her film debut in 1943 in "The Falcon and the Co-Eds" add something


By 1956, Malone transformed herself into a platinum blonde and shed her "good girl" image when she co-starred with Rock Hudson, Lauren Bacall, and Robert Stack in director Douglas Sirk's drama "Written on the Wind" add something


On New Years Day 1956, she appeared with John Ericson in the episode "Mutiny" of CBS's "Appointment with Adventure" add something


Written on the Wind - "'Written on the Wind"' is a 1956 American drama film directed by Douglas Sirk and starring Rock Hudson, Lauren Bacall, Robert Stack and Dorothy Malone


John Ericson - He appeared with Dorothy Malone in the January 1, 1956, episode entitled "Mutiny" of CBS's "Appointment with Adventure"


She guest-starred on NBC's 1958-1959 western series, "Cimarron City" add something


Written on the Wind - Sirk reunited key cast members Rock Hudon, Robert Stack and Dorothy Malone two years later in 1958 for "The Tarnished Angels", his black-and-white epic about early aviators based upon William Faulkner's novel "Pylon"


Her film career reached its peak by the beginning of the 1960s, and she achieved later success with her television role as Constance MacKenzie on "Peyton Place" from 1964 to 1968 add something


George Macready - In the 1960s, Macready appeared for three years in the role of Martin Peyton in ABC's "Peyton Place", the first prime-time soap opera on American television, with Dorothy Malone in the title role of Constance MacKenzie


The Last Sunset (film) - "'The Last Sunset"' is a 1961 western movie starring Rock Hudson, Kirk Douglas, and Dorothy Malone, and was directed by Robert Aldrich


During the 1963-1964 season, Malone guest starred on ABC's circus drama "The Greatest Show on Earth", starring Jack Palance add something


From 1964-1968, she played the lead role of Constance MacKenzie on the ABC prime time serial "Peyton Place" except for a brief stretch where she was absent due to surgery add something


In 1968, she was written out of the show after complaining that she was given little to do, especially in light of the show's concentration on the love story between young leads Mia Farrow and Ryan O'Neal add something


"Dallas" producers approached Malone to step into the role of Miss Ellie Ewing when Barbara Bel Geddes vacated the role in 1984 add something


Less active in her later years, Malone returned to films in 1992 as the friend of Sharon Stone's character in "Basic Instinct" add something


As of 2011, Malone is retired and living in Dallas, Texas add something


Malone died on January 19, 2018, ten days before her 94th birthday, at a nursing facility in Dallas add something