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Alfred the Great - In 0876 under their new leader, Guthrum, the Danes slipped past the English army and attacked and occupied Wareham in Dorset


After the Norman Conquest in 1066, feudal rule was established in Dorset and the bulk of the land was divided between the Crown and ecclesiastical institutions add something


Founded in AD 705 by Aldhelm, the Abbey contained the chair of the Bishop of Sherborne and was granted cathedral status until 1075 when the diocese was transferred to Old Sarum add something


Josceline de Bohon - De Bohon resigned the see before his death on 18 November 1184 to become a monk at Forde Abbey, a Cistercian in Dorset


Joan of England, Queen of Scotland - Joan died in her brother's arms at Havering-atte-Bower in 1238, and was buried at Tarrant Crawford Abbey in Dorset


Thomas Bek (bishop of St David's) - He was an Archdeacon of Dorset and became Bishop of St David's in 1280 until his death in 1293, founding two collegiate churches and two hospitals in the bishopric


The first recorded Viking raid on the British Isles occurred in Dorset during the eighth century, and the Black Death entered England at Melcombe Regis in 1348 add something


Giles Daubeny, 1st Baron Daubeny - In 1475 he went over to France with Edward IV, from whom he obtained a license before going to make a trust-deed of his lands in the counties of Somerset and Dorset


William Smyth - On 24 September 1485, one month after the battle of Bosworth and the consequent accession to the throne of Henry VII, Smyth was given the benefice of the deanery of Wimborne, Dorset, where Lady Margaret's parents were buried


John Parkhurst - Soon afterwards he was appointed rector of Pimperne, Dorset, and in 1549 was presented by Thomas Seymour, 1st Baron Seymour of Sudeley to the living of Cleeve Episcopi, Gloucestershire


Walter Raleigh - In 1592, Raleigh was given many rewards by the Queen, including Durham House in the Strand and the estate of Sherborne, Dorset.


Walter Raleigh - In 1597, he was chosen member of parliament for Dorset, and, in 1601, for Cornwall.


Mary Bankes - In 1635, Sir John purchased Corfe Castle in Dorset with all its manors, rights, and privileges from Lady Elizabeth Coke


William Hyde (Douai) - He afterwards entered the family of Humphrey Weld, who during Hyde's chaplaincy in 1641 purchased Lulworth Castle, Dorset


William Cecil, 2nd Earl of Salisbury - English Civil War - When the First English Civil War broke out in 1642, Salisbury's estates at Cranborne in Dorset suffered depredations


Thomas Erle - In 1678 he became Member of Parliament for Wareham, on 27 May 1685 was made Deputy Lieutenant of Dorset


In 1686, at Charborough Park, a meeting took place to plot the downfall of James II of England add something


Sir Robert Munro, 6th Baronet - His marriage to a member of a great English family Mary, daughter of Henry Seymour of Woodlands in Dorset took place in London in 1716, and the romantic story of a courtship interrupted by the purloining of their letters has been preserved by tradition


William Augustus Pitt - Between 1754 and 1761 Pitt had been the Member of Parliament for Wareham, a Dorset constituency with approximately 500 voters


Lord George Lennox - Seven Years' War - At the beginning of May 1758 the 33rd Regiment was stationed in Blandford, Dorset and was moved to the Isle of Wight to take part in an attack on the French coast at St Malo on 5 May in the Seven Years' War


William Crowe (poet) - In 1782, on the presentation of his college, he was admitted to the rectory of Stoke Abbas in Dorset, which he exchanged for Alton Barnes in Wiltshire in 1787, and on 2 April 1784 he was elected the public orator of Oxford University


Bournemouth, founded in 1810, has a wealth of 19th-century churches including St Peter's and St Stephen's add something


Harriet Arbuthnot - Harriet Fane's father died when she was nine years old, but the family fortunes improved considerably in 1810 when her mother inherited the Avon Tyrrell estate in Hampshire and the Upwood Estate in Dorset


The Dorset section has yielded important fossils, including Jurassic trees and the first complete Ichthyosaur, discovered near Lyme Regis in 1811 by Mary Anning add something


Richard Cromwell Carpenter - He married Amelia Dollman, who was born about 1818 at Loders, Dorset


Isaac Gulliver - He retired to Gulliver's House, West Borough, Wimborne and died there on Friday 13 September 1822, leaving an estate of £60,000, with properties across Hampshire, Wiltshire and Somerset as well as Dorset, which would be worth many millions today


Christopher Rice Mansel Talbot - He was educated at a private school in Dorset, and at Harrow School and Oriel College, Oxford, from where he graduated in 1824 with a 1st class honours degree in mathematics


Francis Orpen Morris - After living for some time in Worcester, they settled in Charmouth, Dorset in 1826


Henry Warburton - At the general election of 1826 Warburton was returned to parliament in the Radical interest for the borough of Bridport in Dorset, making his first long speech on 30 November on foreign goods, and was re-elected in 1830, 1831, 1833, 1835, 1837, and 1841, all of the elections after the Reform Bill being strongly contested


Henry Warburton - Elected as Member of Parliament for Bridport, Dorset, in the 1826 general election, he held the seat for 15 years until his resignation from the House of Commons in 1841


Henry Warburton - Elected as Member of Parliament for Bridport, Dorset, in the 1826 general election, he held the seat for 15 years until his resignation from the House of Commons in 1841


George Anthony Denison - In 1828 he was elected fellow of Oriel; and after a few years there as a tutor, during which he was ordained and acted as curate at Cuddesdon, he became rector of Broadwindsor, Dorset


Charles William Peach - About the year 1830 he was transferred to Charmouth in Dorset, thence to Beer, and Paignton in Devon, and to Gorran Haven near Mevagissey in Cornwall


Farming has always been central to the economy of Dorset and the county became the birthplace of the modern trade union movement when, in 1834, six farm labourers formed a union to protest against falling wages add something


The Dorset County Show, which was first held in 1841, is a celebration of Dorset's agriculture add something


In 1844 Stockland was transferred to Devon in exchange for Thorncombe and Holwell was gained from Somerset add something


The Dorset County Museum in Dorchester was founded in 1846 and contains an extensive collection of exhibits covering the county's history and environment add something


Henrietta Georgiana Marcia Lascelles Chatterton - They retired to a small house at Bloxworth, Dorset, until 1852, when they moved to Rolls Park, Essex. and Sir William died there on 5 August 1855


John Russell, 1st Earl Russell - Russell was elevated to the peerage as Earl Russell, of Kingston Russell in the County of Dorset, and Viscount Amberley, of Amberley in the County of Gloucester and of Ardsalla in the County of Meath, and in 1861


Edward Sainsbury - His first recorded appearance for a representative county side was in 1877, when he played for the Gentlemen of Somerset against their Dorset neighbours


Edward Sainsbury - In two further appearances for the Gentlemen of Somerset in 1877, Sainsbury did not surpass the score he reached against Dorset but claimed two further wickets, both against the Gentlemen of Wiltshire


Dorset County Council was created by the Local Government Act 1888 to govern the newly created administrative county of Dorset which was based largely on the historic county borders add something


James Herbert Benyon - He trained as a barrister and became High Sheriff of Dorset in 1892 and Lord Lieutenant of Berkshire in 1901, a post he held until his death


Neville Lovett - Lovett was ordained in 1892 and served as priest at Clifton, Wymynswold in Kent , Bishop's Caundle in Dorset and Shanklin on the Isle of Wight


In 1896 the Somerset villages of Adber, Goathill, Poyntington, Sandford Orcas, Seaborough and Trent were added in exchange for Wambrook while Chardstock, Hawkchurch and Tytherleigh were ceded to Devon add something


Max Miller (comedian) - Kathleen Marsh came from a middle class family whose parents came to Brighton from Dorset shortly before she was born in 1896


Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 9th Earl of Shaftesbury - Lord Shaftesbury was Lord Lieutenant of Belfast from 1904 to 1911, Lord Lieutenant of Antrim from 1911 to 1916, Lord Lieutenant of Dorset from 1916 to 1952, and Lord Steward from 1922 to 1936


Gustav Wyneken - He influenced Homer Lane who settled in England in 1912 to run the 'Little Commonwealth' school in Dorset, and who became the mentor of A.S. Neill


Mary Butts - In 1922 and 1923 she and Maitland spent periods near Tyneham, Dorset, and her novels of the 1920s make much of the Dorset landscape


Alyse Gregory - Six months later, she married the English writer Llewelyn Powys, and in June 1925, resigned her position with "The Dial" to accompany her husband to England, where for five years they lived in a coastguard cottage on White Nothe, one of the wildest headlands of the Dorset coast


Alyse Gregory - Her first novel, "She Shall Have Music" was published in 1926, followed by "King Log and Lady Lea" and "Hester Craddock" , both of which were written in Dorset


Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 9th Earl of Shaftesbury - In 1928, the 9th Earl provided a financial grant to establish a co-educational independent boarding school in Blandford, north Dorset, England, near the village of Bryanston


Gamel Woolsey - She left New York for England in 1929, settling in Dorset to be near Llewelyn, where she came to know the whole Powys family and their circle


George Philip Bradley Roberts - Roberts was an instructor at the Tank Driving and Maintenance School at Bovington, Dorset, from 1933 to 1937


Ernest Hirst - Hirst died in October 1933 in Evershot, Dorchester, Dorset, Dorset


Gilbert Jessop - In 1936 Jessop moved to the Vicarage of Fordington St George, Dorchester, Dorset, Dorset to live with his son


Edward Bulfin - He died in 1939 at his home in Boscombe, Bournemouth, Dorset


Severely damaged by a stray German bomb in 1940, the church subsequently underwent extensive renovation and Whistler had replaced every window by 1984 add something


Bernard Montgomery, 1st Viscount Montgomery of Alamein - In July 1940, he was appointed acting lieutenant-general, placed in command of V Corps, responsible for the defence of Hampshire and Dorset, and started a long-running feud with the new commander-in-chief, Southern Command, Claude Auchinleck


Gerald Templer - After evacuating from France he oversaw the raising of the 9th Battalion of the Royal Sussex Regiment and commanded the 210th Infantry Brigade in Dorset from November 1940


Claud Schuster, 1st Baron Schuster - He served as High Sheriff of Dorset in 1941


Claud Schuster, 1st Baron Schuster - Schuster retired in 1944 and was made Baron Schuster, of Cerne, in the County of Dorset


Claud Schuster, 1st Baron Schuster - Schuster retired in 1944, and on 22 June of that year he was raised to the peerage as "'Baron Schuster"', of Cerne in the County of Dorset


Den Brotheridge - The coup-de-main gliderborne platoons left RAF Tarrant Rushton, Dorset at 22,40hrs on 5 June 1944 on a moonlit night; crossing the English coast over Worthing, Sussex


Ray Dorset - Ray Dorset was born in 1946


Marika Rivera - In Dorset she bore her second son David Philipps in 1949


Marika Rivera - Later she married Rodney Philipps, who was the owner of the Athelhampton House, Dorset, from 1949 to 1957


Patrick Wall - In 1953, Patrick Wall married Sheila Elizabeth, daughter of James Putnam, of Broadstone, Dorset


Albert Goozee - In January 1955 33 year old Goozee, who had served as a merchant seaman, became a lodger at 5 Alexandra Road, Parkstone, Dorset


Harold Gimblett - In 1959, however, he appeared in a few Minor Counties matches for Dorset


Pauline Smith - She died on 29 January 1959 in Dorset, England


The field, operated by Perenco from Wytch Farm, has the world's oldest continuously pumping well at Kimmeridge which has been producing oil since the early 1960s add something


Gladys Mitchell - After a three year break from teaching she took a job at Matthew Arnold School, Staines, where she taught English and history, coached hurdling and wrote the annual school play until her retirement to Corfe Mullen, Dorset in 1961


Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 9th Earl of Shaftesbury - When the earl died in 1961, his grandson inherited the family's 17th-century home and large estate in Dorset, several other properties and a collection of art, antiques, and other valuables


Micky Cave - Born in Weymouth, Dorset, Cave was studying engineering when he started his career in non-League football with hometown club Weymouth in 1966


Ridley Scott - Working with Alan Parker, Hugh Hudson, Hugh Johnson at RSA during the 1970s, Scott made television commercials in the UK including most notably the 1974 Hovis advert, "Bike Round", which was filmed in Shaftesbury, Dorset.


After the reorganisation of local government in 1974 the county's border was extended eastward to incorporate the Hampshire towns of Bournemouth and Christchurch add something


Dorset became a two-tier non-metropolitan county after a reorganisation of local government in 1974 and its border was extended eastwards to incorporate the former Hampshire towns of Bournemouth and Christchurch add something


Tymon Dogg - The Ridley Road collective moved in for a while, though most soon left for a farm outside Blandford Forum in Dorset in the summer of 1972


Len Evans (footballer) - He was married to Mary, and died in Bournemouth, Dorset, in 1977 at the age of 74


Ian Cugley - Cugley left Tasmania in the early 1980s to go to the United Kingdom and virtually disappeared into the Dorset countryside, gaining a meagre income by selling his watercolour paintings, and as a part-time lecturer in computing in Bournemouth and London


Terence O'Brien (British diplomat) - He retired to Dorset in 1981, where he spent much of his time trout fishing


Roy Welensky - They left in 1981 for Blandford Forum, Dorset, England, where he died on 5 December 1991


Steve Claridge - Born in Portsmouth, he has spent a number of periods with teams from Hampshire and Dorset, having begun his career with non-league Fareham Town in 1983


Tom Wheare - From 1983 to 2005, he was Head of Bryanston School in Dorset


Lee Burridge - Lee Burridge's DJ career began in the tiny tourist village of Eype in the county of Dorset on December 26, 1984 when he played for the first time at The New Inn, a bar owned and run by his parents


Steve Knightley - Knightley left London in 1985 and moved to rural Dorset, where he and his first wife opened a guest house


James Cobban - Cobban preached and officiated in his retirement at a group of six parishes in Dorset from 1986 to 1997


Toyah Willcox - Willcox married Robert Fripp of King Crimson in 1986 in Poole, Dorset


Excluding fowl, sheep are the most common animal stock in the county; between 1989 and 2006 their numbers fell from 252,189 to 193,500 add something


John Harding, 1st Baron Harding of Petherton - He died at his home in Nether Compton in Dorset on 20 January 1989


Han Sai Por - Sculpture - She was *awarded a scholarship for the Portland Sculpture Park on the Isle of Portland in Dorset, England, by the Arts Council of Great Britain and the National Arts Council in 1990


Ralph Henry Carless Davis - Davis was taken seriously ill in early March 1991 as he was about to set off for Dorset to fulfil a speaking engagement


Following a review by the Local Government Commission for England, Bournemouth and Poole each became administratively independent single-tier unitary authorities in 1997, although they remain part of the county geographically and for ceremonial purposes add something


Previously named Bournemouth Polytechnic, it was granted university status as a result of the Further and Higher Education Act 1992 add something


Chris Rennard, Baron Rennard - The most notable success came at Christchurch in Dorset, where a by-election saw the Liberal Democrats unseat the Conservative Party by the largest swing against any UK government since 1918


Willie Rennie - He went on to work for the Liberal Democrats' campaigns department, and was the successful agent in the 1993 Christchurch by-election in Dorset


George Kennie - Kennie died in April 1994 in Poole, Dorset, England, aged 89


A survey carried out in 1997 concluded that the primary reason tourists were drawn to Dorset was the attractiveness of the county's coast and countryside add something


Jennifer Holt - Jennifer Holt was married several times, living for a while in Mexico and was in Dorset in England at the time of her death in 1997


Patrick Neill, Baron Neill of Bladen - Neill was made a Life Peer as "'Baron Neill of Bladen"', of Briantspuddle in the County of Dorset in 1997


Christopher Finney - Finney grew up in Marple, near Stockport, before moving to Dorset and joining the British Army in September 2000


It became a higher education institute in 2001 and was given degree-awarding powers in 2008 add something


Billy Bragg - During the 2001 UK general election, Bragg attempted to combat voter apathy by promoting tactical voting in an attempt to unseat Conservative Party candidates in Dorset, particularly in South Dorset and West Dorset


Richard Best, Baron Best - On 4 June 2001, Best was named a life peer as "'Baron Best"', of Godmanstone in the County of Dorset


In 2003 the gross value added for the non-metropolitan county was £4,673 million, with an additional £4,705 million for Poole and Bournemouth add something


Kyle Critchell - Born in Dorchester, Dorset, Dorset, Critchell joined Southampton as a trainee in July 2003 after being spotted playing for Weymouth's reserve team


Valerie Singleton - In 2005, the story of Singleton's move out of London to Dorset and the sale of the flat she'd lived in for over forty years was reported in "The Times"


David Sheppard - Obituary Notice, "The Independent" 7 March 2005 Surrey, the son of a solicitor, and educated at Sherborne School, Dorset, where his cricketing talent first emerged


Billy Bragg - In March 2006, journalist Garry Bushell accused Bragg of "pontificating on a South London council estate when we all know he lives in a lovely big house in West Dorset"


Sydney Wooderson - Wooderson died on Thursday 21 December 2006 in a nursing home at Wareham, Dorset


In 2007, of the county was in agricultural use, up from in 1989, although this was due to an increase in permanent grass, and land set aside add something


In August 2007 work began on a £32 million expansion programme which includes enlargement of the terminal building and an increase in parking add something


Dorset's flag, which is known as the Dorset Cross or St Wite's Cross, was adopted in 2008 following a public competition organised by Dorset County Council add something


Launched in 2008, the festival features sporting activities, cultural events and local entertainers add something


Some 3,2 million British and 326,000 foreign tourists visited the county in 2008, staying a total of 15,1 million nights add something


Graham Oakley - According to the 2008 Modern Classics edition of "The Church Mice" lives in Lyme Regis, Dorset and is "mostly retired"


Dorset hosts a number of annual festivals, fairs and events including the Great Dorset Steam Fair near Blandford, one of the largest events of its kind in Europe, and the Bournemouth Air Festival, a free air show that attracted 1,3 million visitors in 2009 add something


In 2009 there were 2,340 armed forces personnel stationed in Dorset including the Royal Armoured Corps at Bovington, Royal Signals at Blandford and the Royal Marines at Poole add something


Julian Fellowes - Fellowes was appointed a Deputy Lieutenant of Dorset in 2009


Kyle Critchell - He re-signed for Weymouth following their relegation to the Conference South and later joined league rivals Dorchester, Dorset Town in 2009


The venue was completed in May 2009 and was used by international sailing teams in preparation for the Games add something


Gerry Rafferty - In November 2009, Rafferty told a journalist from the "Sunday Express" that he had been living in Florence , Italy, splitting his time between a home in Dorset and visits to Scotland each year


Data collected between 2010 and 2012 shows that average life expectancy at birth in the county is 85,3 years for females and 81,2 years for males add something


Andrew Simmons - On 16 November 2010, Simmons competed in a Championship Tournament for Fightstar Sports Entertainment's vacant All-Counties Championship at the Barrington Centre in Ferndown, Dorset


The 2011 Census records Dorset's population as 744,041 add something


Billy Bragg - In January 2011, news sources reported that 20 to 30 residents of Bragg's Dorset hometown, Burton Bradstock, had received anonymous letters viciously attacking Bragg and his politics, and urging residents to oppose him in the village


Julian Fellowes - On 12 January 2011, Fellowes was elevated to the Peerage and made a life peer as "'Baron Fellowes of West Stafford"', of West Stafford in the County of Dorset, and was introduced in the House of Lords the following day, where he sits on the Conservative benches


Dorset hosted the sailing events at the 2012 Summer Olympics and 2012 Summer Paralympics at the Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy add something


It was granted full university status in 2012 add something


When the waters around Weymouth and Portland were chosen for the sailing events in the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, the area underwent an increased investment in infrastructure and a growth in the marine leisure sector add something


For the European Parliament the county lies within the South West England constituency which elected two Conservative, two UKIP, one Labour and one Green Party Members of the European Parliament at the 2014 European Parliament election add something


Ray Dorset - Interviewed in 2014, Dorset said, "Each of my three marriages has produced two children and I have three grandchildren


As of 2015 Poole council comprises 32 Conservative councillors, six Liberal Democrat, three Poole People and one UKIP add something


At the Bournemouth Council election in 2015: 51 Conservative, one Green Party, one UK Independence Party and one independent councillors were elected add something


Condor Ferries operated services from Weymouth harbour to Guernsey, Jersey and St. Malo throughout the year however, these ceased in 2015 add something


Drax retained the seat in 2015 and 2017 add something


Richard Lewington (diplomat) - He is a Trustee of the Dorset Expeditionary Society, a life member of the Society of Dorset Men, a member of Dorset Wildlife Trust, and since 2016 a member of the Battlefields Trust


Ray Dorset - In 2016 Dorset revealed that he had suffered from Irritable bowel syndrome for over 45 years, partly blaming the "Rock 'n' roll lifestyle" that he enjoyed after the success of "In the Summertime"


At the 2017 general election, the Conservative Party was dominant, taking all eight seats add something


The council is controlled by the Conservative Party: at the 2017 local elections 32 Conservative, 11 Liberal Democrat, 1 Labour and 2 Green Party county councillors were elected add something


Ray Dorset - In 2017 the High Court ordered Dorset to reimburse AMI a sum of £33,600 that it had paid to Editions Musicales Alpha Sarl , a French music-publishing company, over misrepresentation of ownership rights to the 1973 song "Alright, Alright, Alright


Statutory Instruments for local government reorganisation in the ceremonial county of Dorset were made in May 2018 add something


Elections for the new UAs will take place on 2 May 2019 add something