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Douglas Edwards

America's first network news television anchor, anchoring CBS's first nightly news broadcast from 1948-1962, which was later to be titled CBS Evening News add

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Born in 1917.

Country: United States (100%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Walter Cronkite, CBS Evening News, Harry S. Truman

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Douglas Edwards was born in 1917 add something


Edwards joined CBS Radio in 1942, eventually becoming anchor for the regular evening newscast "The World Today" as well as "World News Today" on Sunday afternoons add something


In 1948, as CBS's top correspondents and commentators shunned the fledgling medium of television, Edwards was chosen to present regular CBS television news programs and to host CBS's television coverage of the 1948 Democratic and Republican conventions add something


Don Hewitt - Hewitt started at its news division, CBS News, in 1948 and served as producer-director of the network's evening-news broadcast with Douglas Edwards for fourteen years


CBS Evening News - On May 3, 1948, Douglas Edwards began anchoring "'CBS Television News"', a regular 15-minute nightly newscast


Among the events Edwards covered as a reporter in those years were the Miss America Pageant , the attempted assassination of Harry S. Truman in November 1950, and the coronation of Elizabeth II in June 1953 add something


The term "anchor" would not be used until 1952, when CBS News chief Sig Mikelson would use it to describe Walter Cronkite's role in the network's political convention coverage add something


He received wide praise for his coverage, on both camera and radio, of the sinking of the "SS Andrea Doria" in July 1956 add something


By 1962, Edwards was replaced by Walter Cronkite, and the newscast's name was eventually changed to "CBS Evening News" add something


Walter Cronkite - On April 16, 1962, Cronkite succeeded Douglas Edwards as anchorman of the "CBS Evening News" , a job in which he became an American icon

Douglas Edwards died in 1990 add something


Edwards was posthumously elected to the Radio Hall of Fame in 2006 add something