Duwayne Brooks

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Duwayne Brooks

Liberal Democrat politician in the United Kingdom and is a Councillor in the London Borough of Lewisham add

Category: Politics

Born in 1974.

Countries: United Kingdom (80%), United States (20%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Murder of Stephen Lawrence, Conservative Party (UK), Metropolitan Police Service

Linked to: Blackheath Bluecoat Church of England School, British National Party, Lewisham College, Woolwich College




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Duwayne Brooks was born in 1974 add something


In 1991 he went to study Engineering at Woolwich College before moving on to Lewisham College a year later add something


Brooks, as a close friend, was with Stephen Lawrence when he was murdered on 22 April 1993 add something


Murder of Stephen Lawrence - On 23 April 1996, the three remaining suspects were acquitted of murder by a jury at the Central Criminal Court, after the trial judge, the Honourable Mr Justice Curtis, ruled that the identification evidence given by Duwayne Brooks was unreliable


It led to an inquiry headed by Sir William Macpherson that concluded the Metropolitan Police Force was institutionally racist and heavily contributed to the creation and passing of the Criminal Justice Act 2003, which altered the double jeopardy ruling add something


Murder of Stephen Lawrence - On 10 March 2006, the Metropolitan Police Service announced that it would pay Duwayne Brooks £100,000 as compensation for the manner in which police had handled his complaints about their actions toward him after the murder


In February 2009, Brooks became a Councillor for the Liberal Democrats in the London Borough of Lewisham following a by-election in the Downham Ward add something


He was re-elected to the Downham Ward in May 2010 and appointed as Community Cohesion and PREVENT Champion at the Local Government Group months later add something


It was revealed on 24 June 2013, in a Channel 4 TV programme, that the Special Demonstrations Squad, an undercover police unit, had been set to discover any incriminating details about members of the Justice for Stephen Lawrence campaign add something


In May 2014 he is standing as the Liberal Democrat candidate for May or of Lewisham add something


Following his defeat, Brooks was awarded the Order of the British Empire in 2015 for public and political service add something


Brooks stood again for Mayor of Lewisham in the next elections in 2018, but now as an independent add something


Brooks joined the Conservative Party in May 2018 add something