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Digital optical disc storage format, invented and developed by Philips, Sony, Toshiba, and Panasonic in 1995 add

Category: Movies & TV

Launched in 1963.

Countries: United States (54%), (14%), United Kingdom (12%)

Main connections: Blu-ray Disc, Warner Home Video, Japan

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Barry Nelson - It was subsequently released to home video, and is currently available on DVD as a bonus feature with the 1967 film adaptation of the novel


Petula Clark - Additionally, her 1969 NBC special "Portrait of Petula", already released on DVD for Region 2 viewers, is being produced for Region 1


Stacy Keach - "Million Dollar Baby", DVD, directed by Clint Eastwood Keach first appeared on Broadway in 1969 as Buffalo Bill in "Indians" by Arthur Kopit


Robin Bailey - The television series ran from 1975 to 1979, and is available on DVD


Rebecca Wright - She can be seen on television and on DVD as The Doll in Mikhail Baryshnikov's production of "The Nutcracker", which was first telecast in 1977


Richard Scarry - In the 1980s and 1990s, many of his "Best Ever" series of books were converted into popular animated videos, which are available on DVD and VHS and aired at times during TLC's Ready Set Learn block between scheduled programs from 1995 to 2003 as some of the network's Short Stuff breaks


Montgomery Tully - Two of his movies have been released on DVD as part of Hammer Film Noir Double Feature while many others have been released on VHS in the 1980s


Philips - In 1982, Philips teamed with Sony to launch the Compact Disc; this format evolved into the DVD and later Blu-ray, which Philips launched with Sony in 1997 and 2006 respectively


Charles Herbert - Very rarely seen, "The Boy and the Pirates" was released by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment as a "Midnite Movies" double DVD set with the more recent "Crystalstone" , on June 27, 2006


In Europe, rental and lending rights are more limited, under a 1992 European Directive that gives copyright holders broader powers to restrict the commercial renting and public lending of DVD copies of their work add something


Adam Wakeman - He participated in Wakeman's tours from 1992, and he appeared in the DVD from the Grand Rex, Argentina as well as 2009's "6 Wives of Henry VIII" at Hampton Court Palace


Before the advent of DVD in 1995, Video CD became one of the first formats for distributing digitally encoded films on standard optical discs add something


"'DVD"' is a digital optical disc storage format, invented and developed by Philips, Sony, Toshiba, and Panasonic in 1995 add something


Jayne Middlemiss - A committed follower of yoga since around 1995, in 2005 Middlemiss released the DVD "Jayne Middlemiss - Love Yoga" and in 2008 was working on a second fitness release


DVD-Video became the dominant form of home video distribution in Japan when it first went on sale in 1996, but did not become the dominant form of home video distribution in the United States until June 15, 2003, when weekly DVD-Video in the United States rentals began outnumbering weekly VHS cassette rentals. marketplace add something


The format went on sale in Japan in 1996, in the United States in 1997, in Europe in 1998 and in Australia in 1999 add something


The system was introduced around 1996 and was first compromised in 1999 add something


Bret Michaels - An abridged version of an explicit sex tape the couple made appeared on the Internet in 1998 and was released on DVD on September 7, 2005, by Metro Studios


Ingrid Bergman - It was subsequently shorn of 45 minutes, and it was not until its restoration to full length in 1998 and its 2004 appearance on DVD that later audiences could see it as it was intended to be shown


October 1998 , February 1999 add something


Certain members of the DVD Forum proposed the backronym "digital versatile disc" to express that DVDs can store other data formats, though the forum never universally accepted this name and a 1999 report decreed that DVD was "simply three letters" and stood for "nothing" add something


Axelle Red - After more than 400 concerts, 2000 saw the recording of her first live album and DVD during her French tour, Alive


Jerry Broome - He has starred in the short films "Sixty Cups of Coffee" and "Press Play" , as well as in his first feature film, the 2008 horror movie "Death on Demand", which went straight to DVD


Julie Benz - She played the lead role of Danielle in "Bad Girls From Valley High" which was released on DVD in 2005


Gillian Welch - The concert footage was filmed in 2001, and the music videos included Welch and Rawlings performing three songs at RCA Studio B. "No Depression"s Barry Mazor praised the DVD as an accompaniment for "Time", calling it "one last exclamation point on that memorable and important project"


Oteil Burbridge - The trio joined together in 2001 and continued performing until 2004, putting out a DVD and two albums, joining forces with a Latin-rock sextet sampling a variety of genres of music, including the jazz and electronic music flavored alternative rock music from Vida Blue


Ellis Paul - Divided into four segments, the DVD begins with a live show recorded on October 3, 2001 at Boston 's Somerville Theater - a show that was the final date of a six-week tour with Susan Werner


Bob LeMond - Oppenheimer, who produced the "I Love Lucy" DVD releases beginning in 2002, drove to LeMond's home in Bonsall and asked him to re-record the original, missing narration


Southside Johnny - Southside continued to perform, and maintains substantial audience followings as 2002's "Live At The Opera House" DVD, filmed at a sold-out performance in Newcastle upon Tyne, demonstrated


Ernie Fosselius - The film was finally released on DVD in its original form in 2002, Fosselius did participate, restoring the original stereo soundtrack, adding additional material and original outtakes, and recording a director's commentary that itself was a parody, poking fun at similarly self-indulgent tracks


Gillian Welch - "The Revelator Collection" DVD was released in 2002


Wakefield Poole - "The Wakefield Poole Collection" was released on DVD in 2002


Jon Carin - In January 2002, a recording of the tribute was released on CD and DVD.


Enya - Enya is featured in featurettes included with the 2003 BBC Video DVD release of "The Celts", including performances of several songs videotaped in the late 1980s


Petula Clark - A 2003 concert appearance at the Olympia in Paris has been issued in both DVD and compact disc formats


Bjork - In 2003, Björk released a box set called "Live Box", consisting of four CDs containing live recordings of her previous albums and a DVD featuring a video of one track from each CD. Each of the four CDs was later released separately at a reduced price


Mike Ness - In 2003, Social Distortion recorded a live DVD called "Live in Orange County" at the House of Blues in Anaheim, California, California which was released in 2004 along with "Sex, Love and Rock 'n' Roll", both of which were released on Time Bomb Recordings


Virgin Megastores - In 2003, all US Stores increased their focus on multiple fashion categories spanning Pop culture, Street, Urban, Movie & TV to complement the music, DVD and video games offers


Ernst Lubitsch - The film was never available on videocassette and only became available on DVD in 2003


Tiesto - DVDs of both his May 10, 2003 and October 30, 2004 concerts have been released, having the other DVD titled "Tiësto in Concert 2"


Ross Noble - A recording of this tour was shown on BBC Two in 2004, and a double DVD set was released later that year


Charles Herbert - Clean and sober since August, 2004, his films, now reaching new generations of fans via DVD and cable TV, and his appearances at science fiction film festivals and conventions sustain him


Jude Ciccolella - His film roles include parts in "The Shawshank Redemption" as Mert, "Boys on the Side" as Jerry, "Night Falls on Manhattan" as Lieutenant Wilson, "Star Trek Nemesis" as Romulan Commander Suran, "Down With Love" as the private eye, "The Terminal" as Karl Iverson, the 2004 Director's Cut DVD of "Daredevil", the 2004 remake of "The Manchurian Candidate" as David Donovan, and the 2005 "Sin City" movie adaptation as Liebowitz


Richard Bradford (actor) - In 2004 Richard Bradford gave a series of interviews and commentaries for a DVD release of "Man in a Suitcase", expressing mild surprise at the ongoing popularity of the series today


Kevin Simm - In 2004, she appeared in the fitness DVD "Liberty X-Toned"


Michelle Heaton - In 2004, she appeared in the fitness DVD "Liberty X-Toned"


James Dobson - In the winter of 2004-2005, the We Are Family Foundation sent American elementary schools approximately 60,000 copies of a free DVD using popular cartoon characters to "promote tolerance and diversity


TDK - Industry trends see the company moving into new forms of media; in 2004 TDK was the first media-manufacturer to join the companies developing BD post-DVD technology


Euan Lloyd - Lloyd appeared in the short documentary "The Last of the Gentleman Producers" which accompanied the 2004 release of "The Wild Geese" on DVD, and contributed to the audio commentary alongside Roger Moore and editor/second unit director John Glen


Nikki Sanderson - Prior to this, she had appeared in children's drama "Children's Ward" and in 2004, the hit fitness DVD "Coronation Street - Funk fit"


Mikhail Baryshnikov - The remastered DVD of the performance, issued by Kultur Video in 2004, is a bestseller during the Christmas season


Bill Haley - They released a concert DVD in 2004 on Hydra Records, played the Viper Room in West Hollywood in 2005, and performed at Dick Clark's American Bandstand Theater in Branson, Missouri in 2006-07


Tiesto - Tiësto flew to Athens in January 2004 to have a meeting with the ATHOC. His "Tiësto in Concert" DVD caught their attention, after which he was asked to write more tracks based on his opening tune "Adagio for Strings" which could fit in with the Olympic spirit and combine the classical with the modern age


Jean Michel Jarre - In September 2004, Jarre released "AERO", both a DVD and a CD in one package


Enya - As late as 2005 online retailers such as continued to list the DVD as "coming soon"


Lloyd Price - He performed in 2005 with soul legends Jerry Butler, Gene Chandler, and Ben E. King for the "Four Kings of Rhythm and Blues" tour, concerts captured for a DVD and PBS television special


Dickey Betts - In 2005 Betts released the DVD "Live from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame"


Jon Carin - In 2005, A 3-disc DVD recording of The Who's 1996 performance of "Quadrophenia" was released


Jim Bob - In 2005, Cherry Red released a DVD of a live solo acoustic performance titled "Live From London" featuring songs from throughout his solo career as well as many Carter USM tracks


Pete Haycock - In 2005, Haycock supplied all the music for the Hollister Independence Motorcycle Rally DVD charity project, for producer Jeff Byler, with proceeds benefiting "Emmaus House", a shelter for battered women and children


HBO - In 2005, a version of the DVD interactive game "Scene It" was released by Mattel, tailored to the HBO network itself; it features trivia on various HBO series


Sayaka Kanda - In 2005, she released a DVD called "Dolls"


Larry Semon - The compliment was repaid in the 2005 three-disc DVD version of the 1939 film, on which the 1925 version appears along with other silent "Oz" movies


Jimmy Walter - Walter produced a video documentary called "Confronting the Evidence" in 2005 and distributed over 300,000 free copies on DVD, including one to every household in Tony Blair's Sedgefield constituency


David Yow - Yow recorded a commentary track for Tool's DVD single "Schism" in 2005


James Dobson - In September 2005, published a follow-up message advertising the DVD's continued availability, including We Are Family Foundation president Nancy Hunt's speculation that many of the DVDs may be "still sitting in boxes, unused, because of Dobson's vitriolic attack


Harold Lloyd - A DVD Collection of restored versions of most of his feature films was released by New Line Cinema in partnership with the Harold Lloyd Trust in November 2005, along with limited theatrical screenings in New York and other cities in the US, Canada and Europe


Ben Folds - A DVD of Folds playing with the West Australian Symphony Orchestra was released in December 2005.


Howard Gordon - Despite "The Inside" 's cancellation and short run, talk circulated of including the two Minear-Gordon series, "Strange World" and "The Inside", on a special DVD set sometime in 2006


Mundy - In 2006 Mundy recorded a live album and DVD called "Live & Confusion" at Vicar Street, Dublin


Jennifer Ellison - In 2006, Ellison released "Jennifer Ellison's West End Workout", a fitness DVD which combined her love of dance with exercise routines


Robin Harris - In 2006, a posthumous DVD entitled "We Don't Die, We Multiply: The Robin Harris Story" , was released


Karen McDougal - In summer of 2006, McDougal appeared as a fitness model demonstrating all the exercises in a fitness training DVD with Hollywood celebrity fitness trainer Valerie Waters


Kelly Rowland - Released to a limited number of festivals only, the film went straight to DVD in 2006


Simon Kirke - The DVD was produced by Rockstarz in 2006


Ian Gillan - Tony Iommi, Jeff Healey, Joe Satriani, Dean Howard, as well as current and former members of Deep Purple such as Jon Lord, Roger Glover, Ian Paice, Don Airey and Steve Morse are featured on this 2006 CD and DVD


Robert Fuest - "The Devil's Rain" DVD, Dark Sky, 2006, audio commentary


Currently, DVD-Video is the dominant form of home video distribution worldwide, although in Japan it was surpassed by Blu-ray Disc when Blu-ray first went on sale in Japan on March 31, 2006 add something


Bryan Kocis - On April 12, 2006, DVD and VHS copies of "Campus Boys 1" and "Campus Boys 2" were removed


Bernie Slaven - In August 2006, he released a DVD called "Lucky Slaven", which features 90 of the Middlesbrough goals during his spell at the club


Lupe Ontiveros - In August 2006, the Kaiser Permanente insurance company announced that Ontiveros would be the featured presenter in a new health-education DVD to be available in English and Spanish


Lucky McKee - He directed the film "The Woods", which was released on DVD October 3, 2006


Although CPPM was supposed to be much harder to crack than a DVD-Video CSS, it too was eventually cracked, in 2007, with the release of the "dvdcpxm" tool add something


Louis C.K. - C.K. launched his first hour-long special titled "Shameless" in 2007, which aired on HBO and was later released on DVD


Alan Carr - He has been featured in three Edinburgh shows and in 2007 he toured throughout the UK, which was followed by a DVD entitled "Tooth Fairy Live"


Bruce McCulloch - He has written and directed the romantic comedy "Comeback Season" which toured film festivals before its release on DVD in 2007


Lucky McKee - "Roman" was directed by Angela Bettis and released on DVD March 27, 2007


Ian Gillan - On 2 April 2007 Gillan released a DVD "Highway Star - A Journey in Rock"


Jay Aston - A new Bucks Fizz CD with a bonus DVD, "The Very Best of Bucks Fizz" was released in May 2007


Jane Froman - A DVD of the movie, "With a Song in my Heart", with added new segments, was premiered on November 9, 2007 and is now widely distributed by Fox Home Entertainment


David D'Or - In 2008 and 2009, D'Or performed in a series of "Voice of Love" charity concerts for the Tzu Chi Foundation in the United States and Asia , and recorded a CD and DVD by the same name, donating all of the profits to charity


Larry Sweeney - Sweeney made his debut with the Hawaii based promotion Action Zone Wrestling on January 7, 2008, CIMA at their event "Battleclash III", a match billed on his 'ain't no doubt about it' DVD as the 66th Pearl Harbor anniversary showdown


Ian Gillan - A companion DVD was released in May 2008


Jack Sheldon - The DVD was released in September 2008


Joy Denalane - An album The Dresden Soul Symphony and DVD were later released on October 24, 2008


Gary Husband - Husband's composition "Sulley" has long been a popular inclusion to the 4th Dimension's live repertoire, and features on the group's 2009 live DVD in Belgrade


Jim Gaffigan - Comedy Central released "King Baby" on DVD. In a March 2009 interview on "Anytime with Bob Kushell", Gaffigan defended his naming of the tour, stating that he thought it would be funny that parents would be unsure about whether to bring their teenage children to the show


Jane Arden (director) - The films became available on DVD and Blu-ray in July 2009


Enya - In November 2009 the deluxe version of the compilation release "The Very Best of Enya" included a DVD bonus disc containing most of the music videos from the 2001 release, documentaries from that release, and videos from Enya's post-2001 albums


Ross Noble - The DVD of his show "Nobleism" was released in November 2009, after a legal battle with his previous manager prevented a release in 2008 as originally planned


Louisa Lytton - The seventh installment from the franchise was released straight to DVD in December 2009


Louis C.K. - Because of this it was not released until late 2010, and published on DVD and CD in 2011


Oteil Burbridge - Tedeschi Trucks Band performed at Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival 2010 and one of Oteil's compositions "Love Has Something Else to Say" appears on the DVD release


Mariah Carey - The album, titled Merry Christmas II You, was released alongside an accompanying DVD, and was sent to retailers on November 2, 2010.


Mariah Carey - The album, titled "Merry Christmas II You", was released alongside an accompanying DVD, and was sent to retailers on November 2, 2010


Wakefield Poole - " were remastered and released in 2011 on a single DVD by Gorilla Factory Productions, who remastered "Boys in the Sand" and "Bijou" for future release


Andrew Lloyd Webber - A special performance of "The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall" for the 25th anniversary was broadcast live to cinemas in early October 2011 and later released on DVD and Blu-ray in February 2012


Debra Stephenson - As of October 2011, only the 1st series has currently been released on to DVD


Tim Tebow - On November 8, 2011 the documentary was released on DVD


Jennifer Ellison - In December 2011, she released a second fitness DVD "Jennifer Ellison's Fat Blaster Workout"


As of May 2015, DVD-Video is still the dominant form of home video distribution worldwide except for in Japan where it was surpassed by Blu-ray Disc when Blu-ray first went on sale in Japan on March 31, 2006 add something


As of July 2015, DVD-Video is still the dominant form of home video distribution worldwide except for in Japan where it was surpassed by Blu-ray Disc when Blu-ray first went on sale in Japan on March 31, 2006 add something


As of August 2015, DVD-Video is still the dominant form of home video distribution worldwide except for in Japan where it was surpassed by Blu-ray Disc when Blu-ray first went on sale in Japan on March 31, 2006 add something


As of September 2015, DVD-Video is still the dominant form of home video distribution worldwide except for in Japan where it was surpassed by Blu-ray Disc when Blu-ray first went on sale in Japan on March 31, 2006 add something


As of October 2015, DVD-Video is still the dominant form of home video distribution worldwide except for in Japan where it was surpassed by Blu-ray Disc when Blu-ray first went on sale in Japan on March 31, 2006 add something


As of November 2015, DVD-Video is still the dominant form of home video distribution worldwide except for in Japan where it was surpassed by Blu-ray Disc when Blu-ray first went on sale in Japan on March 31, 2006 add something


By 2017, digital streaming services had overtook the sales of DVDs and Blu-rays for the first time add something


Global electronic home video revenue will exceed physical home video revenue in 2018 add something


PWC predicts that online streaming revenue will overtake physical media sales revenue by 2018 add something