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Edward Gordon Craig

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Edward Gordon Craig

English modernist theatre practitioner add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1872.

Countries: United Kingdom (50%), France (20%), United States (10%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Ellen Terry, Edith Craig, Henry Irving

Linked to: University of Texas at Austin




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Edward Gordon Craig was born in 1872 add something


His acting career ended in 1897, when he went into theatrical design add something


Martin Shaw (composer) - Purcell Operatic Society - With Gordon Craig, he founded the Purcell Operatic Society in 1899, dedicated to reviving the music of Henry Purcell and other English composers of the period, many of whose works had fallen into long neglect


After finding little financial success in Britain, Craig set out for Germany in 1904 add something


In 1908, Isadora Duncan introduced Craig to Constantin Stanislavski, the founder of the Moscow Art Theatre, who invited him to direct their famous production of "Hamlet" with the company, which opened in December 1911 add something


In 1910 Craig filed a patent which described in considerable technical detail a system of hinged and fixed flats that could be quickly arranged to cater for both internal and external scenes add something


Ellen Terry - Terry's daughter Edith Craig became a theatre director, producer, costume designer and early pioneer of the women's suffrage movement in England; her son, Edward Gordon Craig, became an actor, scenery and effects designer, illustrator and director and founded the Gordon Craig School for the Art of the Theatre in Florence , Italy, in 1913; and her grandnephew was the actor John Gielgud


Jacques Copeau - A telegram in August 1915 from Edward Gordon Craig inviting him to Florence to discuss a possible staging of Johann Sebastian Bach's "The Passion According to Saint Matthew" was greeted with enthusiasm


He received an OBE and in 1958 was made a Companion of Honour add something


Craig died at Vence, in 1966, aged 94 add something

Edward Gordon Craig died in 1966 add something


The Gordon Craig theatre, built in Stevenage , was named in his honour in 1975 add something


Edith Craig - Craig's personal reminiscences of her childhood and her life with Ellen Terry, Edward Gordon Craig and Henry Irving, are printed in their entirety in Rachlin's book "Edy was a Lady", published in December 2011