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Elaine May

American film director, screenwriter and actress add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1932.

Countries: United States (77%), Oman (4%), Canada (4%)

Main connections: Stanley Donen, Woody Allen, The Birdcage

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Elaine May was born in 1932 add something


She married Marvin May in the late 1940s and gave birth to a daughter, actress-director-screenwriter Jeannie Berlin in 1949 at age 17; the couple later divorced add something


In 1942, the family moved to Los Angeles add something


In 1950, May attended the University of Chicago and Playwrights Theatre in Chicago add something


She achieved her greatest fame in the 1950s from her improvisational comedy routines in partnership with Mike Nichols add something


In 1953, she became a member of the improvisational theatre group The Compass Players, founded by Paul Sills and David Shepherd, which later became The Second City add something


Theodore J. Flicker - In 1954, he became a member of Chicago's Compass Theater, America's first theater of improvisational comedy, a sub-genre he founded along with fellow comedy pioneer Elaine May


In 1960, they made their Broadway debut with "An Evening with Mike Nichols and Elaine May"; the original-cast album won the Grammy award in 1962 for Best Comedy Performance add something


Throughout the 1960s, thanks in part to the successful work with Nichols, May wrote, directed, and acted in various forms of theatre add something


In 1962, she married lyricist Sheldon Harnick, best known for his work in "Fiddler On The Roof" add something


May made her film writing and directing debut in 1971 with "A New Leaf", a screwball comedy based on Jack Ritchie's "The Green Heart" add something


May and Rubinfine remained married until his death in 1982, though they lived separately in later years add something


She was one of several writers, none of whom were given credit for contributing to the screenplay, for the 1982 megahit "Tootsie", notably the scenes involving the character played by Bill Murray add something


Warren Beatty - Following "Reds", Beatty did not appear in a film for five years until his comeback in 1987's "Ishtar", written and directed by Elaine May


May reunited with her former comic partner, Mike Nichols, for "The Birdcage" in 1996 add something


The Birdcage - The script was written by Elaine May 1996


May received her second Oscar nomination for Best Screenplay when she again worked with Nichols on "Primary Colors" in 1997 add something


Brian Kerwin - His Broadway theatre credits include the 1997 revival of "The Little Foxes" and the Elaine May comedy "After the Night and the Music" in 2005


Stanley Donen - Donen's current longtime companion is writer and director Elaine May, who he has dated since 1999 and claimed to have proposed marriage to "about 172 times


Stanley Donen - Donen had wanted to make a theatrical film version of the play, but was unable to secure financing from any major studio and instead took the project to ABC. In 2002 Donen directed Elaine May's musical play "Adult Entertainment" starring Danny Aiello and Jeannie Berlin in Stamford, Connecticut


Marlo Thomas - In 2007, she starred as Doreen in Elaine May's comedy "Roger Is Dead" at George Street Playhouse


Jack Canfora - "The Newark Star Ledger" nominated "Place Setting" for "Best Play" for 2007-2008 along with plays by Edward Albee, Theresa Rebeck, and Elaine May


Most recently, she wrote the one-act play, "George is Dead", which starred Marlo Thomas, and was performed on Broadway from 2011-12 as part of the anthology play, "Relatively Speaking", directed by John Turturro add something


John Turturro - His stage directorial debut was in October 2011, with the Broadway play "Relatively Speaking," in which he guided an ensemble of veteran actors in a production of three comedic one-act plays, written by Elaine May, Woody_Allen and Ethan Coen


Woody Allen - On October 20, 2011, Allen's one-act play "Honeymoon Motel" opened as part of a larger piece entitled "Relatively Speaking" on Broadway, along with two other one-acts by Ethan Coen and Elaine May


She received the National Medal of Arts in 2012 for her unique contributions add something


In December 2013 it was announced that Stanley Donen was in pre-production for a new film co-written with May, to be produced by Mike Nichols add something


Stanley Donen - In December 2013 it was announced that Donen was in pre-production for a new film co-written with Elaine May, to be produced by Mike Nichols


In 2016, she was brought out of retirement to star in Woody Allen's television series on Amazon, her first role since Allen's own Small Time Crooks add something


In January 2016, the Writer's Guild of America-West announced that May would receive its 2016 Laurel award for Screenwriting Achievement at the Writer's Guild of America award ceremony in Los Angeles on February 13 add something


Woody Allen - On January 25, 2016, Allen was confirmed to be starring in the series alongisde Elaine May and Miley Cyrus


In 2018, May returned to Broadway after 60 years in a Lila Neugebauer directed revival of Kenneth Lonergan's play The Waverly Gallery opposite Lucas Hedges, Joan Allen, and Michael Cera add something


Kenneth Lonergan - In September 2018, "The Waverly Gallery" was revived on Broadway starring Elaine May, Lucas Hedges, Joan Allen, David Cromer, and Michael Cera at the John Golden Theatre


In 2019, The Criterion Collection released a director-approved 4K restoration of the film on both DVD and Blu-Ray add something


She won the 2019 Outer Critics Circle award, Outstanding Actress in a Play add something


In April 2019, May received a nomination for the Tony award for Best Actress in a Play for her performance as Gladys in "The Waverly Gallery" on Broadway add something


On June 9, 2019 May won the Tony award for Best Actress in a Play for her performance as Gladys in "The Waverly Gallery" on Broadway add something