Emanuel Leplin

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Emanuel Leplin

Composer, conductor, and painterEmanuel Leplin, Composed and Painted Despite Polio, The New York Times, Sunday, December 3, 1972 active mainly in the second half of the 20th century add

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Born in 1917.

Countries: United States (43%), Hungary (29%), France (29%)

Main connections: San Francisco Symphony, New Haven Symphony Orchestra, Darius Milhaud

Linked to: Jews, University of California, Berkeley




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Emanuel Leplin was born in 1917 add something


Emanuel Leplin Wins Scholarship, "S.F. Chronicle", 1937 add something


Leplin wrote four more orchestral works in the 1940s: "Galaxy", for two solo cellos and orchestra , "Cosmos" for violin and orchestra , "Incidental Music for Iphegenia of Sophocles", and "Birdland" add something


In 1947, the San Francisco Symphony went on a ://www add something


Leplin conducted a concert by the American Federation of Musicians in San Francisco on August 26, 1949, featuring his own works along with those of Schubert, Beethoven, and Bartók (Béla_Bartók) add something


In the fall of 1954, Leplin contracted polio during an epidemic in the San Francisco Bay Area add something


In the summer of 1954, Leplin went to the High Sierra with several members of the San Francisco Symphony, including Robert S. Gottlieb add something


"Man of Music", Day and Night With Radio and Television, by Dwight Newton, " San Francisco Examiner", March 19, 1955 and began composing works for orchestra, and painting oils of San Francisco, its skyscrapers, museums, and bridges, and the Japanese Tea Garden add something


Also in 1960, the New Haven Symphony Orchestra, under the auspices of the American Symphony Orchestra League, Inc. , recorded "Comedy" add something


In 1960, the San Francisco Symphony performed the first of his new orchestral works, "Landscapes" and "Skyscrapers" add something


On March 20, 1962, the Sacramento Symphony performed "Comedy", with conductor Fritz Berens add something


Leplin's composition "Music For Festive Services" was premiered in 1965, with Darius Milhaud in attendance add something

Emanuel Leplin died in 1972 add something


On October 13, 1972, the Little Symphony of the SFS Orchestra performed the second part of Leplin's "Divertimento for Chamber Orchestra", entitled "Firecracker" add something


In November 1972, Leplin was in an accident and he died on December 2 add something


Pierre Monteux - Other Monteux students included John Canarina, whose 2003 biography was the first full-length study of the conductor in English, Charles Bruck, one of Monteux's first pupils in Paris, who became music director of the school in Hancock after Monteux's death, and Emanuel Leplin