Emil Oberhoffer

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Emil Oberhoffer

German-born American conductor and minor composer add

Category: Music (650)

Born in 1867.

Countries: United States (33%), France (33%), (33%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Minnesota Orchestra, Carnegie Hall, Maurice Ravel

Linked to: University of Minnesota




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Emil Oberhoffer was born in 1867 add something


Minnesota Orchestra - Emil Oberhoffer founded the orchestra as the "'Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra"' in 1903, and it gave its first performance on November 5 of that year


The orchestra made its Carnegie Hall debut in 1912 add something


Oberhoffer left Minneapolis in 1922 after increasing friction with the orchestra's management add something


Minnesota Orchestra - Emil Oberhoffer was the orchestra's principal conductor until 1922


On 8 July 1926, he conducted the first performance by the LA Philharmonic of Maurice Ravel's "Alborada del gracioso" add something

Emil Oberhoffer died in 1933 add something


Emil Oberhoffer died in San Diego on 22 May 1933, aged 65 add something