Emily Robison

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Emily Robison

American songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist, and a founding member of the female country band the Dixie Chicks add

Category: Music

Born in 1972.

Countries: United States (86%), (14%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Charlie Robison, Natalie Maines, Rolling Stone

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Emily Robison was born in 1972 add something


From 1984-1989, Jane Frost, , remembers watching the sisters mature, teaming up with schoolmates Troy and Sharon Gilchrist add something


In 1989, after years of attending bluegrass festivals and busking where they could, Emily joined her sister Martie, guitarist Robin Lynn Macy, and upright bass player Laura Lynch add something


By 1993, the band had evolved into a new direction add something


Lynch, thrust into the position of sole lead singer, was replaced by the sisters in 1995 with singer composer Natalie Maines after the group was unable to garner anything more than local interest add something


From there, massive commercial success ensued, with their 1998 and 1999 albums "Wide Open Spaces" and "Fly" both achieving diamond record status add something


On May 1, 1999, Emily married country singer Charlie Robison add something


Adrian Pasdar - The couple first met in May 1999, with Maines as a bridesmaid to her bandmate Emily Robison and Pasdar as a groomsman to his friend singer-songwriter Charlie Robison


Iraq War - Robison stood by Maines when the controversy over Maines' remarks about U.S. President George W. Bush hit the newswire on the eve before the Iraq War in 2003 add something


Emily and Charlie divorced on August 6, 2008 after nine years of marriage add something


The band made their live debut in March at South by Southwest with an album released in May, 2010 add something


With Natalie Maines taking a break from music, "Rolling Stone" magazine announced in January 2010 that Emily and sister Martie have formed a side project called the Court Yard Hounds, with Robison as lead vocalist add something


Robison and boyfriend Martin Strayer have a daughter, Violet Isabel Strayer, born on September 4, 2012 add something


She is currently married to Martin Strayer, with whom she has a daughter Violet Isabel Strayer born in 2013 add something