Erekle II

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Erekle II

Georgian monarch of the Bagrationi Dynasty, reigning as the king of Kakheti from 1744 to 1762, and of Kartli and Kakheti from 1762 until 1798 add

Category: Politics

Born in 1720.

Countries: United States (50%), Russia (33%), Iran (17%)

Education: undef.

Main connection: Paul I of Russia

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Erekle II was born in 1720 add something


His childhood and early teens coincided with the occupation of Kakheti by the Ottomans from 1732 until 1735 when they were ousted from Georgia by Nader, Shah of Iran, in his two successive campaigns of 1734 and 1735 add something


He was married three times; first, he married in 1738 Princess Ketevan née Orbeliani , but divorced her in 1744 add something


He served as a lieutenant to his father and assumed the regency when Teimuraz was briefly summoned for consultations in the Persian capital of Isfahan in 1744 add something


Yet, both Georgian kingdoms remained under heavy Persian tribute until Nadir was assassinated in 1747 add something


In close cooperation with each other, they managed to prevent a new revolt by the Mukhranian supporters fomented by Ebrahim Khan, brother of Adel Shah, in 1748 add something


In 1752, the Georgian kings sent a mission to Russia to request 3,000 Russian troops or a subsidy to enable them to hire Circassian mercenaries in order to invade Persia and install a pro-Russian government there add something


In the Treaty of Georgievsk of 1783, Heraclius finally obtained the guarantees he had sought from Russia, transforming Georgia into a Russian protectorate, as Heraclius formally repudiated all legal ties to Persia and placed his foreign policy under the Russian supervision add something


Mohammad Khan Qajar, who had managed to bring most of central Iranian plateau under his firm control by 1794, was inclined to revive the Persian Empire with the Caucasus as its part add something


In 1795, he demanded that Heraclius acknowledged Persian suzerainty, promising in return to confirm him as wali add something


Heraclius refused, and in September 1795, the Persian army of 35,000 moved into Georgia add something


Despite being abandoned at the critical moment, he still had to rely on belated Russian support and fought, in 1796, alongside the Russian expeditionary forces sent by Catherine into the Persian territories add something


However, his assassination in 1797 spared Kartli-Kakheti more devastation add something


Heraclius died in 1798, leaving the throne to his moribund heir, George XII add something

Erekle II died in 1798 add something


He was succeeded by his weak and sickly son, George XII, after whose death Tsar Paul I annexed, in 1801, Kartli-Kakheti to Russia, terminating both Georgia's independence and a millennium-long rule of the Bagrationi Dynasty add something


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