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Ernie Kovacs

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Ernie Kovacs

American comedian and actor add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1919.

Countries: United States (61%), New Jersey (13%), (9%)

Main connections: Edie Adams, Kirk Douglas, Albert Wein

Linked to: Ford Motor Company, The Electric Company, American Cancer Society, Jaguar Cars




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Ernie Kovacs was born in 1919 add something


A 1938 local news story shows him as a member of the Prospect Players, not yet sporting his trademark mustache add something


While working in Vermont in 1939, he became so seriously ill with pneumonia and pleurisy that his doctors didn't expect him to survive add something


His first paid entertainment work came in 1941, as a disc jockey on Trenton, New Jersey 's WTTM radio add something


Kovacs was involved in local theater; a news clipping from a local paper ran a photo and the news that he was doing some directing for the Trenton, New Jersey Players Guild in early 1941 add something


"The Trenton, New Jerseyian", a local weekly newspaper, offered him a column in June 1945; Ernie called it "Kovacs Unlimited" add something


Kovacs and his first wife, Bette Wilcox, were married on August 13, 1945 add something


Kovacs reportedly disliked working in front of a live audience, as was the case with the shows he did for NBC in the 1950s add something


The package included both the ABC specials and some of his 1950s shows from NBC. By 2008, there were no broadcast, cable, or satellite channels airing any of Kovacs' television work, other than his panel appearances on "What's My Line-" on the Game Show Network add something


Ernie had purchased two insurance policies in 1951; his mother was named as the primary beneficiary of them add something


In early 1952, Kovacs was doing a late morning show for WPTZ called "Kovacs On the Corner" add something


WPTZ did not begin broadcasting "Today" when it premiered on January 14, 1952; network pressure caused the station to drop "Three to Get Ready" for it at the end of March of that year add something


While both were cancelled, the morning program suffered the same fate as his WPTZ show-the air time being taken by the station's network in 1954 add something


In April 1954, he started late-night talk show "The Ernie Kovacs Show" on DuMont Television Network's New York flagship station, WABD. Stage, screen, and radio notables often dropped by as guests add something


They eloped and were married on September 12, 1954 in Mexico City add something


Edie Adams - After a courtship that included mariachi bands and an unexpected diamond engagement ring, Adams and Ernie Kovacs eloped; they were married on September 12, 1954, in Mexico City


Albert Wein - In 1955 Wein moved to California where, besides creating sculpture for numerous synagogues and for private collections, he drew upon his experience in New York Theatre and designed sets for television studios including working as art director for the Ernie Kovacs Show


Kovacs developed the Eugene character during the fall of 1956 when hosting "The Tonight Show" add something


The rendition most often heard was a piano-driven trio version, but for his primetime show in 1956, music director Harry Sosnik presented a full-blown big band version add something


Dave Appell - He appeared prominently in the 1956 Alan Freed film "Don't Knock the Rock", and worked for a while as the studio band and music director on the Ernie Kovacs TV and radio shows in Philadelphia


He served as host on a jazz LP to benefit the American Cancer Society in 1957, "Listening to Jazz with Ernie Kovacs" add something


Kovacs moved his family there in 1957, after Edie finished "Li'l Abner" on Broadway add something


While Kovacs and his wife Edie Adams received Emmy nominations for best performances in a comedy series in 1957, his talent was not formally recognized until after his death add something


Kovacs became a regular on NBC Radio's Monitor beginning in late 1958, often using Mr. Question Man in his radio monologues add something


For "General Electric Theater's" "I Was a Bloodhound" in 1959, Kovacs played the role of detective Barney Colby, whose extraordinary sense of smell helped him solve many seemingly impossible cases add something


For the show of May 22, 1959, "Kovacs On Music", Kovacs began by saying, "I have never really understood classical music, so I would like to take this opportunity to explain it to others add something


The couple had one daughter, Mia Susan Kovacs, born June 20, 1959 add something


He may have been best known for using Haydn's "String Quartet, Opus 3, Number 5" , which was used in a series of 1960-61 commercials he created and videotaped for his sponsor, Dutch Masters add something


In 1960, he played the off-center base commander Charlie Stark in the comedy "Wake Me When It's Over" add something


In a 1960 interview, Edie Adams related that the novel was written after Kovacs' experiences with network television while he was preparing to air the "Silent Show" add something


Kovacs and Adams appeared in the episode, "Lucy Meets the Moustache," which filmed March 2 and aired April 1, 1960 add something


Kim Novak - In 1960, she co-starred with Kirk Douglas in "Strangers When We Meet", featuring Walter Matthau and Ernie Kovacs


In 1961, Kovacs and his co-director, Joe Behar, were recipients of the Directors Guild of America award for a second version of this program over the ABC network add something


The 1961 British edition was retitled "T.V. Medium Rare" by its London based publisher, Transworld add something


The IRS placed a lien against them both for their cash value in 1961 add something


He filmed an unaired 1962 pilot episode for a proposed CBS series, "Medicine Man" add something


Shot on videotape using new editing and special effects techniques, it won a 1962 Emmy award add something


The 1962 Emmy for outstanding electronic camera work and the Directors' Guild award came a short time after his fatal accident add something


While he worked on several other book projects, Kovacs' only other published title was "How to Talk at Gin", published posthumously in 1962 add something

Ernie Kovacs died in 1962 add something


Kovacs was killed in an automobile accident in Los Angeles in the early morning hours of January 13, 1962 add something


Kovacs' last ABC special was aired posthumously, on January 23, 1962 add something


Edie Adams - She was the wife and frequent television partner of Ernie Kovacs until his death in a 1962 car accident


Bob McAllister - This led to his being hired on at WJZ-TV Channel 13 in Baltimore, Maryland in 1963 on "The Bob McAllister Show", a half-hour program of comedy character and puppet sketches, magic acts, pantomime, cartoons and sight gags intended to revive the absurd visual surrealism of Ernie Kovacs' television work


Telecasts of edited compilations of some of his work by PBS under the title "The Best of Ernie Kovacs" in 1977, inspired the film add something


His only child with Edie Adams, Mia Susan, was killed on May 8, 1982, in an automobile accident add something


In 1986, the Museum of Television & Radio presented an exhibit of Kovacs' work, called "The Vision of Ernie Kovacs" add something


In the early 1990s, The Comedy Channel broadcast a series of Kovacs' shows under the generic title of "The Ernie Kovacs Show" add something


Ernie Kovacs was inducted posthumously into the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia's Hall of Fame in 1992 add something


Kippie, his second daughter, died on July 28, 2001 at the age of 52, after a long illness and a lifetime of poor health add something


Bill Camfield - In 2001, the Dallas Video Festival posthumously awarded Camfield the Ernie Kovacs Award for slapstick genius


Mia and Kippie are buried close to their father; when Edie died in 2008, she was buried between Mia and Kippie add something


Percy's poetry was finally released in 2012 add something