Ernö Rapée

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Erno Rapee

One of the most prolific American symphonic conductors in the first half of the 20th Century add

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Born in 1891.

Countries: United States (83%), United Kingdom (17%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Mantovani, Frank Sinatra, Jim Reeves

Linked to: Brunswick Corporation, 20th Century Fox




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Ernö Rapée was born in 1891 add something


A virtuoso pianist, Rapée is remembered for popular songs that he wrote in the late 1920s as photoplay music for silent films add something


Rapée wrote several music books that were first published in the 1920s add something


In 1923, Robbins-Engel Music began publishing the music of Rapée and his associates under the banner of the "Capitol Photoplay Series" add something


The Capitol orchestra made a number of commercial recordings under Rapée's direction in 1923-24 for the Brunswick-Balke-Collender Company add something


In 1926, Rapée collaborated with composer Lew Pollack on "Charmaine" for the film, "What Price Glory-" , "Diane", for the Fox Film production, "Seventh Heaven" , and "Marion" for the Fox production "4 Devils" add something


In 1926, he returned to America after notable European successes add something


He began an engagement at the Roxy Theatre in New York, opening the theater in March 1927, as music director of its 110-player Roxy Symphony Orchestra add something


Finally, in 1932, Rapée reached the apex of his career as the musical director and head conductor of the symphony orchestra at Roxy Rothafel's new Radio City Music Hall, a position Rapée held until his death in New York City , New York, from a heart attack on June 26, 1945 add something

Ernö Rapée died in 1945 add something


Rapée and Pollack's songs were covered by Mantovani, Frank Sinatra, Jim Reeves and numerous other artists, including 1960s hits for the Irish M-O-R group The Bachelors add something