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Ethel Owen

American actress with a lengthy career on stage as well as radio and television add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1907.

Countries: United States (31%), Georgia (23%), Wisconsin (23%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Pamela Britton, Jackie Gleason, Great Depression

Linked to: University of North Carolina, CBS, NBC




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Born in Chicago , "'Ethel Waite"' started performing around the time of her fourteenth birthday in 1907 add something


Date of birth is estimated around 1907 add something


She continued to perform in summer stock, and Armilda Jane, born in Milwaukee in 1923, began as a child actress in her mother's plays add something


At the start of the Depression 1930s, the Owens family left Milwaukee to settle in New York City , where Ethel Owen, now in her late thirties and early forties, found steady work in regional theatre, radio plays and even the black operetta, "Africana", with a mixed cast, which had its November 26, 1934 opening night at Broadway's newly-renamed Venice Theatre disrupted by a man claiming to be the story's uncredited co-author add something


Much and, eventually, most of her work came from radio, the prime home entertainment medium of the 1930s and 40s add something


Well known in summer stock by her tenth birthday, she was even offered a film contract at a time when the success of Shirley Temple's first starring films in 1934 caused studios to conduct searches for other talented performing youngsters, but her mother decided against the move add something


Following Dr. Raymond Owens' death in 1942, the now-widowed actress continued her non-stop working schedule during the World War II years, while still looking after her grown daughters add something


In succeeding years, she became a teenage performer in musical comedy and, changing her stage name to Pamela Britton, had co-starring roles on Broadway and in a few films, including two classics, the 1945 musical "Anchors Aweigh", playing Frank Sinatra's Brooklyn-accented girlfriend, and the 1950 noir, "D.O.A.", eventually moving to TV sitcoms as the scatterbrained title character in 1957's "Blondie" and, from 1963 to 1966, as the inquisitive landlady, Mrs. Brown, in "My Favorite Martian" add something


One of her earliest performances was in the title role of "Old Lady Robbins", the November 3, 1948 episode of NBC's hour-long series "Kraft Television Theatre" add something


It was there, in March 1950, that the wedding of Virginia Owen to William A. Loock, Jr. was held, with John Hale Almy giving his stepdaughter in marriage add something


The frequent appearances she made between 1952 and 1957 on various incarnations of CBS's very popular " Jackie Gleason Show", provided more recognition than any other assignment in the course of her 60-year acting career add something


She died in the Georgia port city of Savannah, Georgia, six weeks short of her 104th birthday, outliving by 55 years her first husband, Raymond and, by more than two decades, their daughter, Pamela Britton, who died in 1974 at the age of 51, as well as her TV family, "son-in-law" Jackie Gleason and "daughter" Audrey Meadows, who died in 1987 and 1996, respectively add something

Ethel Owen died in 1997 add something


Four days before Ethel Owen's death, a story entitled, "A Family Tradition", in the February 12, 1997 issue of the San Francisco Bay Area publication, "Contra Costa Sun", reported on the local production of "Brigadoon" at the Contra Costa Musical Theatre add something