European Parliament election, 2014 (United Kingdom)

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European Parliament election, 2014 (United Kingdom)

2014 European Parliament elections in the United Kingdomadd

Category: Politics

Activity starting in 1999.

Countries: UK (27%), Wales (18%), (18%)

Main connections: European Parliament, Northern Ireland, Treaty of Lisbon

Linked to: European Green Party, Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Party, Party of European Socialists, Socialist Party of Great Britain




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As has been the case since 1999, the election is conducted in a total of 12 electoral regions: using the regional Party-list proportional representation system, in each of the government's nine English regions, Scotland and Wales, but the Single transferable vote system in Northern Ireland add something


The Electoral Commission performed a reallocation in keeping with the same procedures they used to allocate 72 MEPs and an extra Conservative MEP was allocated to the West Midlands constituency based on the 2009 vote add something


As a result of the Treaty of Lisbon coming into force, the UK became entitled to a 73rd MEP as from November 2011 add something


Treaty of Lisbon - A 73rd UK MEP was allocated in December 2011 to the UK because of the Treaty of Lisbon add something


The European Parliamentary Elections Order 2013 provides for the designated Returning Officer for each electoral region to be the council official responsible for elections in each of the following Westminster constituencies: Kettering for the East Midlands, Chelmsford for the Eastern region, Lewisham,_Deptford (Lewisham_Deptford_(UK_Parliament_constituency)) for the London region, Sunderland Central for the North East region, Manchester Central for the North West add something


James Cracknell - On the 2 June 2013, Cracknell announced that he would be standing as a Conservative Party candidate for the South West England and Gibraltar in European Parliament election of 2014, with the hopes of becoming an MEP.


The first hour-long debate between the two men was held on 26 March 2014 and was broadcast live on television by Sky News and on the BBC News Channel add something


"'The United Kingdom's component of the 2014 European Parliament election"' is scheduled to be held on Thursday 22 May 2014, coinciding with the 2014 local elections in England and Northern Ireland add something


Figures released in December 2014 showed that the Conservatives and Ukip spent £2,96m on the campaign, the Liberals £1,5 million and the Labour party approximately £1m add something


Given the subsequent Leave vote in the 23 June 2016 referendum, it is possible that this will be the last time the UK participates in a European Parliament election add something


However, by the end of 2018, following multiple departures and other changes, only 9 MEPs remained affiliated to UKIP. add something