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Car marque of Guangqi Honda Automobile, a joint venture between Honda and Guangzhou Automobile Group add

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Founded in 1974.

Countries: Japan (50%), China (50%)

Main connections: Honda, Auto China, GAC Group

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To announce the Everus marque in 2008, "Li Nian", a compact SUV concept car was revealed at the Beijing International Automobile Exhibition Auto China add something


"Li Nian" was the name of a concept car that Guangqi Honda debuted in Auto China 2008, coinciding with the reveal of the brand add something


The "Li Nian Roadster" concept was shown by Guangqi Honda in 2009 Shanghai Auto Show add something


The "Li Nian sedan" concept was debuted at Auto China 2010 in Beijing add something


Honda City - In 2011 Chinese Joint Venture Guangqi Honda released a badge-engineered version of the 4th Generation $City (Category:Honda_vehicles) under their new Everus brand, called the S1


GAC Group - In 2011 it started sales of its own brand, Everus


It is a badge-engineered fourth-generation Honda City/Jazz saloon and went on sale in April 2011 add something


Li Nian launched its first car, the "'S1"' at the Shanghai Auto Show in April 2011 add something


It concluded production in 2014 selling around 4,500 units add something


The "EV SUV" concept was debuted at Auto China 2018 in Beijing add something


An electric badge-engineered Honda Vezel subcompact CUV that was previewed by the Everus EV concept and went on sale in November 2018 add something