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Italian automobile manufacturer based in Turin add

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Founded in 1899.

Countries: Italy (35%), (12%), United States (10%)

Main connections: Chrysler, Lancia, Fiat Uno

Linked to: Ferrari, Lada, Chrysler, Iveco




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Fiat was founded in 1899 by a group of investors, including Giovanni Agnelli add something


Vincenzo Lancia - His driving impressed the Fiat bosses, and he was invited to drive their cars in races, and his first success was in 1900, in Fiat's second race


Giovanni Agnelli - The first Fiat plant opened in 1900 with 35 staff making 24 cars


In 1903, Fiat produced its first truck add something


Giovanni Agnelli - Known from the beginning for the talent and creativity of its engineering staff; by 1903 Fiat made a small profit and produced 135 cars; this grew to 1,149 cars by 1906


Its acronymous name was changed to upper- and lower-case "Fiat" in 1906 add something


Giovanni Agnelli - The first Ford factory was opened four years after Fiat was founded and already in 1906 a first Fiat car dealer in US was established, in Manhattan, Broadway


Among Fiat's earliest foreign assembly plants was one in Poughkeepsie, New York, New York, between 1910 and 1913 add something


Henry Ford - In 1912, Ford cooperated with Giovanni Agnelli of Fiat to launch the first Italian automotive assembly plants


Upon the entry of the US into the war in 1917, the factory was shut down as US regulations became too burdensome add something


Fiat automobiles have been made in Poland since 1920 add something


In 1921, workers seized Fiat's plants and hoisted the red flag of communism over them add something


In 1928, with the 509, Fiat included insurance in the purchase price add something


Gruppo Bertone - Alongside sports models like the 1928 Ansaldo 6BS, Giovanni Bertone designed luxury cars like the Fiat 505 limousine and the Itala 51S, both in 1924


Most famous were Fiat biplane fighter aircraft of the 1930s, Fiat CR.32 and Fiat CR.42 add something


"Società Anonima Fabbrica Armi Torino" was a wholly owned subsidiary of FIAT in the 1930s, designing and manufacturing weapons for the Italian armed forces add something


Aurelio Peccei - Although under continual suspicion as an anti-fascist in the early 1930s, in 1935 a successful mission for Fiat in China established his position in Fiat management


Pininfarina - During the 1930's they built bodies for Lancia, Alfa Romeo, Isotta-Fraschini, Hispano Suiza, Fiat, &Cadillac and Rolls-Royce Limited


In 1932, the Polskie Zak?ady In?ynieryjne started the production of Fiat 508, produced until 1939 as a military vehicle add something


In 1936 the licence was extended to include the Fiat 518 model add something


Gruppo Bertone - At the end of the 1940s, Nuccio Bertone turned to racing, at the wheel of a number of different cars, including a Fiat 500 Barchetta, which Nuccio built for himself


Agnelli led the company until his death in 1945, while Vittorio Valletta administered the firm's daily activities add something


Renato Curcio - In April 1945, Curcio's beloved uncle, Armando, a Fiat auto worker, was murdered in a Fascist ambush


Raja Motors are the authorized manufacturers of Fiat motor vehicles in Pakistan since 1948 add something


The manufacturing started with VESPA scooters in 1948 add something


Puch - In 1949, an assembly cooperation agreement was signed with Fiat in Turin


Aurelio Peccei - In 1949, he accepted to go to Latin America for Fiat, to restart their operations, as Fiat operations in Latin America had been halted during the war


Fiat was a key player in developing motor industries for a number of countries from the 1950s, particularly in Eastern Europe, Spain, Egypt, Ethiopia and Turkey add something


In 1950s, the company designed the G.91 light ground attack plane add something


Following the Egyptian Revolution of 1952, President Gamal Abdel Nasser ordered the EGID to establish a state owned automobile company add something


There was a Fiat manufacturing plant in Córdoba at least as far back as 1954 when Fiat entered into a joint venture with two local companies to manufacture tractors add something


Fiat Automobili Srbija - On August 12, 1954 Zastava signed a cooperation agreement with Fiat


Its first enterprise came in 1955, when it agreed to a deal with Yugoslav carmaker Zastava to assemble Fiats for Eastern Europe add something


Zagato - In 1955 Elio Zagato scored a memorable victory of the International Granturism Championship at the Avus circuit driving a Fiat 8V Zagato


Prince Alfonso of Hohenlohe-Langenburg - The family fortune was replenished by Alfonso's marriage in 1955 to the 15-year-old Austrian-Italian Princess Ira von Fürstenberg, a Fiat heiress


Sorin Group - It was founded in 1956 by Fiat and Montedison, Italy's two largest industrial groups at that time, to tackle the problems inherent in the production of nuclear energy


Gruppo Bertone - Research into aerodynamics culminated in the production of the Abarth 750 Record in 1956, built on a Fiat 600 chassis and tested on the high speed track at Monza


Steyr-Daimler-Puch - From 1957 through to the early 1970s it produced the tiny Puch 500 under license from FIAT, again with an engine of Austrian design


Steyr automobile - From 1957 to 1973 the "'Puch 500"' was built in the Graz plant with great success , using the FIAT 500 body but Steyr mechanics ; important versions were the 650 TR sports model and the 700 C microvan


Ural Automotive Plant - But in 1958 was presented the nth version of the ancient ZIS-5 for deliveries in the new territories of Kazakhstan, and remained in production until October 16, 1963, as AMO-3 bypass Fiat which in 1931 and has been manufactured continuously for 32 years


Aurelio Peccei - In 1958, with the backing of Fiat, Peccei founded Italconsult , and became its Chairman, a position he held until the 1970s, when he became Honorary President


In 1959, Piaggio came under the control of the Agnelli family add something


Piaggio - In 1959, Piaggio came under the control of the Agnelli family, the owners of car maker Fiat SpA


Nasr was founded in 1960 in Helwan, Egypt add something


It was a cheap competitor for similar Eastern European budget cars, and by the time of its demise, many Eastern European carmakers were adopting modern Western style designs in place of the archaic three-box saloons that had barely moved out of the 1960s add something


It was visually identical to the Fiat 125, but it made use of older Fiat mechanicals which dated back to 1960 add something


Such a system was effective in the past, but lacked the responsiveness and flexibility needed by Fiat's steady expansion, and the growth of its international operations in the 1960s add something


Bombrini-Parodi-Delfino - In 1961 state and private companies merged; publicly owned Finmeccanica and the private firms BPD and FIAT were incorporated into the Società Generale Missilistica Italiana


The Zastava 750, launched in 1962, was Zastava's version of the iconic Fiat 600 minicar add something


Fiat Automobili Srbija - In 1962, Zastava began production of the Fiat 600D, badged Zastava 750, boasting an 18 kW 767 cc engine capable of propelling the car to


These were not returned until 1963, when Giovanni's grandson, Gianni, took over as general manager until 1966, as chairman until 1996 add something


In 1964, the aeronautical and motorcycle divisions split to become independent companies add something


Piaggio - In 1964 the two divisions, aeronautical and motorcycle, split to become two independent companies as a result of the wide ownership by Fiat in Italian industry


In 1965, the Polish communist government signed a deal with Fiat to produce selected Fiat models in Poland at the FSO factory in Warsaw that had been built in 1951 add something


With the change of Government in 1965, the CTB opted for a deal with British Leyland add something


Gruppo Bertone - In 1965, Carrozzeria Bertone experienced a major turning-point, with the launch of the Fiat 850 Spider


Agnelli's grandson Gianni Agnelli was Fiat's chairman from 1966 until 1996; he served as honorary chairman from 1996 until his death on 24 January 2003, during which time Cesare Romiti served as chairman add something


Following up on an agreement Valletta had made with Soviet officials in 1966, Agnelli constructed the AvtoVAZ plant in the new city of Togliattigrad on the Volga add something


In 1966, Fiat helped U.S. state industries build a new car factory on the Volga river add something


Edoardo Agnelli (industrialist) - Agnelli's oldest son Gianni Agnelli became the head of Fiat from 1966 to 2003 and made the company into the most important company in Italy and one of the major car builders of Europe


Pirin-Fiat - On November 17 and 18, 1966, the sales manager of SPC Balkancar and the Fiat representatives negotiated a finalized version of the contract, which resolved the earlier impasse caused by the steep demands of the Bulgarian side


V6 engine - The Dino V6 engine saw a new evolution in 1966 when it was adapted to road use and produced by a Ferrari- & Fiat joint-venture for the Fiat Dino and Dino 206 GT


Gruppo Bertone - With the Fiat 850, the company took a giant leap forward in terms of production volumes, from the 13,000 bodies produced in 1966 to nearly 30,000 in 1968, an increase of 40 percent


Pirin-Fiat - On September 26, 1966, a meeting was held between the management of SPC Balkankar and representatives of the Italian automobile company Fiat


Pirin-Fiat - On December 6, 1966, the Bulgarians received the first blueprints from Fiat in two variants - 1A and 2A.


Gruppo Bertone - In the same period, two other coupés appeared: the Alfa Romeo Montreal and the Fiat Dino Coupé, both out in 1967


Pirin-Fiat - The first 18 Fiat 850 cars arrived at the Factory for Passenger Cars Balkan in Lovech on May 10, 1967


Pirin-Fiat - The first Fiat 850 passenger car was assembled at the "Balkan" factory on June 27, 1967


According to "Newsweek" in 1968, Fiat was "the most dynamic automaker in Europe add something


Officine Meccaniche - In 1968 OM was definitively merged into the & Fiat Group as a brand belonging to the Commercial Vehicles division, which included Fiat and Unic


Pirin-Fiat - On March 12, 1968, the first Fiat 850 cars based on variant 2A were received at the factory as complete knockdown kits


Pirin-Fiat - The assembly of Fiat 850 based on variant 2A began on April 4, 1968


Pirin-Fiat - Between April and May 1968, Bulgarian engineer Dimitar Damyanov was sent to Turin to sign a contract with Fiat regarding the delivery of welding and assembly machinery


In 1969, Fiat Aviazione merged with Aerfer to create Aeritalia add something


Then, in 1969, it purchased controlling interests in Ferrari and Lancia add something


Porsche 917 - During June 1969, Enzo & Ferrari had sold half of his stock to FIAT, and used some of that money to build 25 cars powered by a 5-litre V12 in order to compete with the Porsche 917: the Ferrari 512 would be introduced for the 1970 season


By 1970, Zastava was producing parts for the newer Fiat 124 and Fiat 125 models, which were assembled in Poland add something


Fiat Ferroviaria, there has been a long history going back pre WW2 of Fiat motive power used for both Diesel and electric locomotives and railcars not only in Italy, but other parts of Europe, and in South America, but from the 1970s onward, more widely known throughout the world with their successful commercial development of the Pendolino tilting trains, the first working prototype four car set being run in the mid-1970s add something


In the 1970s and 1980s, the company became a pioneer in the use of industrial robotics for the assembly of motor vehicles add something


This began operation in 1970, producing a local version of the Fiat 124 as the Lada add something


Lancia - This was not the end of the distinctive Lancia marque, and new models in the 1970s such as the Stratos, Gamma and Beta served to prove that Fiat wished to preserve the image of the brand it had acquired


It was based on the 1971 Fiat 127, which was due to be replaced by the Fiat Uno in 1983 add something


Pirin-Fiat - The five-year contract between "Balkankar" and Fiat lapsed in 1971 and was not renewed


Abarth - Abarth was sold to Fiat on July 31, 1971, and the racing team sold to Enzo Osella


Carlo Abarth - He sold the company on 31 July 1971 to Fiat and continued a while as a CEO and moved back to Vienna , Austria


Pirin-Fiat - The last Fiat 850 left the Lovech factory in September 1971


Gruppo Bertone - Based on the Fiat 128 chassis, but with a mid-rear engine, the X1/9 went into production in 1972 and 160,000 units had been manufactured by the time production ceased in 1988


Despite offering a relatively competitive range of cars, Fiat was not immune from the financial pressures that the auto industry confronted following the 1973 oil price shock add something


In 1973, entrepreneur Upali Wijewardena's Upali Motor Company began assembly of the local variant of Fiat 128, known as Upali Fiat 128 add something


In 1973, the Fiat label was replaced with the Premier name add something


Steyr automobile - From 1973 some few FIAT 126 were equipped with the boxer twin engine for the Austrian market


V6 engine - The & Fiat Dino and Dino 246GT were phased out in 1974, but 500 engines among the last built were delivered to Lancia, who was like Ferrari already under the control of Fiat


Nota - In 1975 the supply of Leyland 1275 GT engines started to ran out so Nota contacted FIAT and both Marauders and Fangs were made with the 2-litre twin cam FIAT/Lancia engine


In 1977 appears the Fiat 133, just a rebadged Seat 133 but made in Argentina add something


By 1978 a car manufacturing facility was well established in Córdoba, producing Fiat 128s as well as two models which from the Italian perspective belonged in earlier decades, the 125 and the 600R add something


In 1978 it appeared on a new five-door hatchback, the FSO Polonez, that made use of Fiat 125p running gear add something


Production ended with the introduction of the open-market economy in 1978 add something


Sevel Argentina - In Europe, Fiat and &PSA (PSA_Peugeot_Citroën) began a 50/50 joint venture 1978 under the name of "Sevel"


Saab Automobile - Saab entered into an agreement with Fiat in 1978 to sell a rebadged Lancia Delta as the Saab 600 and jointly develop a new platform


The company was established in December 1978, and designs and produces cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, exhaust manifolds, drive shafts, camshafts and other components for automobiles and commercial vehicles add something


In 1979, the company became a holding company when it spun off its various businesses into autonomous companies, one of them being Fiat Auto add something


Launched in July 1979, the 147 was the first mass produced car that ran on ethanol as fuel instead of petrol add something


In 1980 a joint venture with PSA called Sevel Argentina S.A. was begun, which lasted until 1995 add something


The company was known as Fiat-Concord until 1980 add something


This car was upgraded to become the Lada Riva in 1980 add something


Zastavas were not popular outside of Eastern Europe before the 1980s, although they were exported to the US and several European countries under the Yugo brand during the 1980s add something


However, when gas prices fell again after 1981, Americans began purchasing sport utility vehicles, minivans, and pickup trucks in larger numbers add something


It outlived the car on which it was based, with production lasting until 1981 add something


Sevel Argentina - In September 1981, Peugeot withdrew and the Fiat Group assumed control


After 1982, Fiat withdrew its licence; since FSO badge was reinstated add something


In 1982 SEAT signed a cooperation agreement with the German manufacturer Volkswagen and by the end of 1986 after a purchase of a majority stake SEAT had become part of the Volkswagen_Group add something


Mirgor - Macri had purchased SEVEL, a joint venture between the local subsidiaries of automakers Fiat and Peugeot, in 1982


Lancia - Sales were comparatively slow and the range was withdrawn at the same time as Fiat in 1982


Consequently, in 1984, Fiat and Lancia withdrew from the United States market add something


From 1984 until 2006, up to 2,000,000 Fiat Unos were made in Brazil add something


Valsella Meccanotecnica - Overall, Valsella, via the Redon Trust was controlled by a Swiss-based Italian, Paolo Jasson resident in Collina d'Oro, Switzerland until the arrival of Fiat in 1984


In October 1984 Fiat Automóveis introduce the Fiat Uno, as a 1985 model add something


Mirgor - The company extended its contract with SEVEL to begin supplying the firm's Fiat and Chevrolet plants in 1985


In 1986, Fiat acquired Alfa Romeo from the Italian government add something


Ford of Europe - The Commercial vehicles arm of Ford of Britain, was part of the operation until it was sold to Fiat's &Iveco division in 1986


Ford of Europe - Despite a facelift in March 1986, it was started to look a little dated by the end of the decade in the face of newer rivals like the Rover 200, Peugeot 309, Fiat Tipo and Vauxhall Astra


In 1987, Zastava came up with a new car design add something


Valsella Meccanotecnica - For a time Fiat effectively took over control of Italy's mine industry; a position that it consolidated in 1988 with the purchase Simmel Difesa which purchased the assets of Bombrini-Parodi-Delfino


Andreas Zapatinas - He worked at Fiat Centro Stile from 1988 until 1994, where he met Chris Bangle


In 1989, it did the same in the Australian market, although it remained in New Zealand add something


Fiat Ferroviaria was later sold to Alstom in the middle 1990s add something


Sales continued in its homeland, with an update at the end of the 1990s add something


Lancia - During the 1990s, all models were closely related to other Fiat models


Abarth - In the 80s Abarth name was mainly used to mark performance Fiats like Fiat Ritmo Abarth 130 TC. The name was almost forgotten in 1990s and in 2000s it was used like a trim/model level on FIAT cars, like the FIAT Stilo Abarth


Valsella Meccanotecnica - Misar was incorporated into the Fiat subsidiary Whitehead SpA in 1990


The Polski Fiat 125p design survived until 1991, by which time almost 1,500,000 had been made in less than 25 years add something


Robert Opron - After Renault he joined Fiat and from 1991 to 2000 he operated his design consultancy in Verrières-le-Buisson in south Paris


Carl Hahn - This shift in American tastes caused Fiat and Renault to quit the United States and Canada during the decade, and the ill-fated Yugo brand followed suit in 1991, making Volkswagen the last European car brand selling mass-market products in those two countries


Hostility towards Yugoslavia in the wake of the 1992 civil unrest saw a swift ending of imports to both Britain and America add something


In 1992, two top corporate officials in the Fiat Group were arrested for political corruption add something


Gruppo Bertone - In 1993 the Opel Astra Cabrio and the Fiat Punto Cabrio begun production, with the entire production cycle for both cars at the Grugliasco factory; assembly of the bodywork, mechanical components integration, paintwork and fittings


Ford of Europe - The Production of tractors in Europe by Ford has ceased following the sale of the division to Fiat in 1993 and the name changed from "Ford New Holland" to "New Holland"


Valsella Meccanotecnica - In 1994 & Fiat announced that that it ceased to have any participation on the board of directors of Valsella and in 1994 Fiat Ciei is merged with Whitehead Spa. In 1995 the land and sea mine production of Misar is sold to Società esplosivi industriali SpA


Gruppo Bertone - Meanwhile, Nuccio Bertone did not turn his back on a past dedicated to bodywork and continued to design working prototypes; the Karisma in 1994, a four-seater berlinetta on a Porsche base, the Kayak in 1995, a coupé on a Lancia K base, the Slalom 'coupé de chasse' on an Opel Calibra base, and the Enduro 4x4, a SUV on a Fiat Brava floorpan


In 1995 Alfa Romeo exited the US market add something


PSA Peugeot Citroen - Peugeot and & Fiat's Argentinian operations were joined under the name of Sevel Argentina S.A. , although Fiat withdrew in 1995


Susanna Agnelli - Her brother, Gianni Agnelli, was the head of Fiat until 1996; the Agnelli family is still the controlling shareholders of the company as of 2009


Mirgor - It signed supply contracts for Daimler-Benz's and Volkswagen's Argentine operations in 1996, and its first export contracts, for Fiat Brazil and Citroën Uruguay, were signed in 1997


The current day automobile manufacturing started with a new factory opened in Córdoba on 20 December 1996 add something


Fiat India Automobiles Private Limited is a joint venture between Fiat and Mumbai based Tata Motors, founded in 1997 add something


From April 1997 the Siena and Palio models production started add something


However, production of some Fiat-based models continued, ending with the Fiat-based Marbella in 1998 add something


Paolo Fresco became chairman of Fiat in 1998 with the hope that the veteran of General Electric would bring more emphasis on shareholder value to Fiat add something


In 1999, Fiat formed CNH Global by merging New Holland NV and Case Corporation add something


In 1999, Morgan Grenfell Private Equity acquired Piaggio add something


The company was created on November 12, 1999 through the merger of New Holland N.V. and Case Corporation add something


FSO had become independent again in late 2000, after Daewoo went bankrupt and was taken over by General Motors add something


Production was suspended in the early 2000s as the Argentinean economy went downhill add something


The project was expanded in 2001 to facilitate assembly-cum-manufacturing of the Fiat Uno add something


Premier Automobiles Limited - Labour and service issues plagued the Fiat venture and a strike finally caused the plant to shut around 2001


Fiat Professional - The Fiat Doblò is a panel van and leisure activity vehicle produced by Italian automaker Fiat since 2001, it was unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in 2000


Maserati re-entered the US market under Fiat in 2002 add something


In 2003, FSM become the sole producer of Fiat Panda, and in 2007 of new Fiat 500 model add something


Until their removal, Paolo Fresco served as chairman and Paolo Cantarella as CEO. Umberto Agnelli took over as chairman from 2003 to 2004 add something


Chevrolet Classic Furgao - From 2003 a new 1,3 L "CDTI Ecotec" turbodiesel engine was supplied by Fiat which produced and a 1,7 L "CDTI Ecotec" turbodiesel was supplied by Isuzu which produced


Currently, the car is sold as the Fiat Mille, as an entry-level model, and received its most recent facelift for the 2004 model year add something


It is worth noting both Panda and 500 were selected European car of the year, respectively in 2004 and 2008 add something


The deal was engineered by Fiat chief Sergio Marchionne, who pulled the Italian group back from the brink of collapse after taking over in 2004 add something


In February 2004, the company sold its interest in Fiat Engineering, as well as its stake in Edison add something


Fiat Automóveis launched its first flex model in March 2004, the Fiat Palio, followed by the Siena and Palio Weekend add something


After Umberto Agnelli's death on 28 May 2004, Luca Cordero di Montezemolo was named chairman, with Agnelli heir John Elkann becoming vice chairman , and other family members serving on the board add something


Sergio Marchionne has impressed investors since taking over as CEO in June 2004 add something


At this point, CEO Giuseppe Morchio resigned, and Sergio Marchionne was named to replace him on 1 June 2004 add something


George Clooney - Clooney has appeared in commercials outside the US for products like Fiat, Nespresso and Martini vermouth, and has lent his voice to a series of Budweiser ads beginning in 2005.


Palazzo Grassi, a famous ancient building in Venice, now a museum and formerly supported by Fiat, was eventually sold to the French businessman François Pinault in January 2005 add something


Fiat Automobili Srbija - In October 2005, Serbian manufacturer Zastava reached an agreement with Fiat to assemble this version under licence in Kragujevac, Serbia with the model name Zastava 10


Fiat Automobili Srbija - In October 2005, an agreement with Fiat was reached for production of the Fiat Punto by Zastava for Eastern European markets, which would be commercialed as the Zastava 10


In 2006 Fiat introduced the Fiat Siena Tetra fuel, a four-fuel car developed under Magneti Marelli of Fiat Brazil add something


The Sestriere skiing facilities were sold by the group in 2006 add something


Sergio Marchionne - Marchionne is widely recognized for turning around Fiat Group to become one of the fastest growing companies in the auto industry, returning it to profitability in 2006 less than two years after taking the helm


Sollers JSC - Production of the Oka was due to be phased out in 2006 after 17 years and replaced by a number of Fiat models such as the Albea and Doblo


Chevrolet Classic Furgao - The Corsa D was created using a new version of the $SCCS_platform (GM_Fiat_Small_platform), which was co-developed by Fiat Auto and General Motors, and is employed by the 2006 Fiat Grande Punto


Fiat launched its 500, which had been available in Europe since 2007, in the United States and Canada in 2011, marking the company's return to the American auto market, which it had been absent from since 1984 add something


Abarth - In 2007 Fiat Automobiles SpA relaunched the brand with the Grande Punto Abarth and the Grande Punto Abarth S2000


Chery - In 2007, Fiat and Chery signed a memorandum of understanding for the creation of a car-making joint venture


Diesel (brand) - Indeed, a collaboration with & Fiat has seen the launch of a special edition Fiat 500, the Fiat 500 by Diesel, in 2009


On 17 April 2007 Fiat Automobiles' light commercial vehicle unit "Fiat Veicoli Commerciali" was rebranded as Fiat Professional add something


A new memorandum of understanding between Fiat and the Serb ministry of economic and regional development about the acquisition of Zastava's Kragujevac plant in 2008 led to a new company being set up in which the Italians would have a 70 percent stake and the Serb government 30 percent add something


Flex fuel automobiles represented almost 100 percent of the car sales in 2008, and 92 percent of all light-duty trucks sold add something


In 2008 Fiat invested new money and the production of Fiat Siena saloon and the Fiat Palio was started add something


The Fiat 128 last model was built in 2008, while the ?ahin is in production in Egypt add something


Sollers JSC - Also in 2008, a new plant was built in Elabuga for assembling the Fiat Ducato van


Fiat Automobili Srbija - It became a Fiat car factory in 2008 once fully bought by the Italian car manufacturer and has been renamed to "Fiat Automobili Srbija" or "Fiat Automobiles Serbia"


Fiat Professional - The Fiat Ducato is a large van produced at the Sevel factories in Italy and Brazil, and since 2008 under licence in Elabuga by Russian automobile company Sollers JSC


Fiat Automobili Srbija - After acquiring a majority stake in Zastava in autumn 2008, Fiat continued production of this vehicle under the Fiat Punto Classic name from March 2008


In June 2008 Fiat and Severstal's Sollers JSC formalised a number of joint ventures to make and sell Fiat cars and engines in Russia add something


In December 2008, Marchionne announced Fiat has to become one of the top five automakers to survive in the long run add something


Lancia - In December 2008, it was announced that Fiat were to cancel Lancia's United Kingdom relaunch, due to financial concerns


In 2009, Fiat expressed interest in acquiring General Motors' Opel and South American operation add something


Zotye Auto - In 2009, Zotye released its second car model for the Chinese market, Zotye M300, which is a licenced copy of Fiat Multipla


Lancia - In 2009, following Fiat's acquisition of a stake in United States-based & Chrysler and part of Chrysler's restructuring plans, it was stated that Fiat plans for the Chrysler brand and Lancia to codevelop products, with some vehicles being shared


Sergio Marchionne - In 2009, he was instrumental in Fiat Group forming a strategic alliance with the ailing US automaker Chrysler, with the support of the US and Canadian governments and trade unions


Gruppo Bertone - In 2009, the Grugliasco plant, along with its manufacturing activities, was taken over by FIAT. Bertone underwent a major restructuring and became a fully integrated service company in the automotive, transportation and industrial design sectors


Daimler AG - Since Chrysler's 2009 bankruptcy filing in the United States, Chrysler has been controlled by Italian automaker Fiat, which unlike Daimler plans to integrate Chrysler's products into the Fiat portfolio, most notably Lancia and Chrysler's namesake brand


In April and May 2009, the possibility of a takeover of Adam Opel GmbH, a subsidiary of General Motors, was discussed between the two companies add something


Thomas W. LaSorda - While Fiat asked LaSorda to stay on, he instead opted to step down as President and Vice-Chairman and retired effective May 1, 2009, as Chrysler LLC filed for bankruptcy


On 7 June 2009, the Indiana State Police Pension Fund, the Indiana Teacher's Retirement Fund, and the state's Major Moves Construction Fund asked the US Supreme Court to delay the sale of Chrysler to Fiat while they challenge the deal add something


On 9 June 2009, the Supreme Court lifted the temporary hold, clearing the way for Fiat to acquire Chrysler add something


In October 2009, a Fiat Siena HLX becomes the 2 million unit produced by Fiat in Argentina add something


In 2010 and 2011, FAS underwent large scale reconstruction for production of the Fiat 500L in 2012 add something


In 2010, credit rating agency Fitch cut Fiats debt rating to BB- after it had accumulated a debt of around add something


Sollers JSC - February 11, 2010 an agreement was signed to establish on the basis of the plant «Sollers-Naberezhnye Chelny" joint venture to develop and produce cars between "Sollers" and the Italian company Fiat


DR Motor Company - Since 2010 the administration of DR is led by Roberto Risi, ex manager of Finance Manufacturing Worldwide of Fiat


Fiat's main commercial vehicles unit Iveco was demerged into Fiat Industrial at the beginning of 2011 add something


In 2011, Fiat was the fourth largest European automaker by production behind Volkswagen Group, PSA, and Renault and the eleventh largest automaker by production in the world add something


Lancia - The Ypsilon is a supermini car produced from 2011, It is based on an updated Fiat 500 platform


Agricultural and construction equipment manufacturer &CNH_Global_NV (CNH_(company)), truck maker Iveco, and the industrial and marine division of Fiat Powertrain Technologies were spun off into a new group on 1 January 2011 add something


A., was listed on the Milan stock exchange on 3 January 2011 add something


In May 2011, it emerged that Fiat could actually increase its stake in Chrysler Group to more than 70 percent through the exercise of further options add something


In June 2011 Sollers JSC declined previous agreements with Fiat and announced that a joint venture would be created with Ford motor company and Chevrolet motor company add something


Chrysler - On July 21, 2011, Fiat bought the Chrysler shares held by the United States Treasury


As of December 31, 2011, CNH manufactures its products in 37 facilities throughout the world and distributes its products in approximately 170 countries through approximately 11,300 full line dealers and distributors add something


Juventus F.C. - Since 2012, Jeep became the new sponsor of Juventus, a car brand acquired by FIAT after 2000s Global Financial Crisis


In May 2012, Fiat formed an alliance with Mazda to develop and build a new rear wheel drive roadster for the Alfa Romeo and Mazda brands add something


Due to slack demand bites, Fiat plans to slash one third of its workforce in one of Fiat's most productive factories in Tychy in 2013 add something


In December 2013, Marchionne announced that he intended to discontinue the Grande Punto so that the company could focus on "cool, high margin" Fiat 500 variants and the Fiat Panda add something


On 29 January 2014, it was announced that Fiat SpA will be merged into a new Netherland-based holding company Fiat & Chrysler Automobiles NV with the now wholly owned Chrysler Group and that the merger is expected to take place before the end of 2014 add something


The merger will be effective October 12, 2014 add something


On 16 December 2014, Chrysler Group LLC announced a name change to FCA US LLC. add something


In 2015, a new Fiat 500X will be launched, along with a new specialty car add something


In 2015, the Jeep Grand Cherokee will be refreshed add something


In 2015, the new Maserati Levante SUV will be launched add something


Fiat's 2017 range of passenger car engines comprised eleven units, eight petrols and three diesels add something


Fiat's 2018 range of passenger car engines comprised eleven units, eight petrols and three diesels add something