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Flavio Briatore

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Flavio Briatore

Italian businessman add

Category: Business

Born in 1950.

Countries: (17%), Italy (14%), France (10%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Formula One, Benetton Group, Bernie Ecclestone

Linked to: Benetton Group, Mecachrome, Autosport, Minardi




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Flavio Briatore was born in 1950 add something


In the 1970s, he moved to Cuneo and became an assistant to businessman Attilio Dutto, owner of the Paramatti Vernici paint company add something


When Benetton opened his first five stores in the United States in 1979, he appointed Briatore as director of the group's American operations add something


Dutto was killed on 21 March 1979 in a car bomb attack by an unknown perpetrator add something


Briatore was convicted in Italy on several fraud charges in the 1980s, though the convictions were successively extinguished by an amnesty add something


He was convicted of multiple counts of fraud in the 1980s, receiving two prison sentences add something


In 1986, in Milan, Briatore was sentenced to 3 years for fraud and conspiracy for his role in a team of confidence tricksters who, over a number of years, set up rigged gambling games using fake playing cards add something


Thanks to Benetton's methods of franchising, the chain experienced a brief boom in popularity in the US, where, by 1989, there were 800 Benetton stores add something


In 1990, he was promoted by Luciano Benetton to manager of the Benetton Formula One racing team, which became Renault F1 in 2002 add something


In 1994 he said: "All the team owners are orientated towards the technical side rather than the entertainment side, and this is a big fault add something


The Benetton team won the World Constructors' Championship in 1995 add something


In a 1996 interview with "Elle" magazine, Briatore said, "When I go to my local and see the men in there, I think: There but for the grace of God go I. I see men locked to their mortgages, their cars, their jobs add something


Alain Prost - On 13 February 1997, Prost bought the Ligier team from Flavio Briatore and renamed it "Prost Grand Prix"


He created the Billionaire brand in 1998 and owns a club in Sardinia which has since closed; in August 2012 he opened another Billionaire Club in Marbella under that name along with an haute couture line, Billionaire Italian Couture add something


Briatore met with the teenage Spaniard in 1999 add something


In 1999, the "Corriere della Sera" wrongfully reported that he had been arrested in Nairobi on suspicion of fraud relating to real estate in Kenya, but further to a libel claim brought by Briatore against the newspaper, this allegation proved to be untrue and Briatore was compensated add something


In 2000, Renault announced its plans to return to Formula One with the purchase of the Benetton Formula team add something


As his manager, Briatore secured him a race drive with Minardi in 2001, and promoted him to test-driver for Renault in 2002 add something


The team raced as Benetton-Renault in 2001 before becoming Renault F1 in 2002 add something


Mark Webber - The results were good enough to earn him the test driver role with the team for 2001, and he agreed to take on team boss Flavio Briatore as manager in return for finance for a further F3000 season


For 2003, Briatore fired race-driver Jenson Button and replaced him with Alonso add something


In March 2003, Briatore began dating supermodel Heidi Klum add something


Heidi Klum - She began a relationship with 53 year old Flavio Briatore in 2003


Klum gave birth to Helene Klum in May 2004 in New York City add something


Seal (musician) - Seal first began dating German model Heidi Klum in February 2004, shortly after she announced her pregnancy and end of relationship with director of the Italian Renault Formula One team, Flavio Briatore


With Alonso, Renault won both the driver's and constructor's championships in 2005 and 2006 add something


Giancarlo Fisichella - His strong performances prompted former Benetton-Renault team boss Flavio Briatore to re-sign him for the 2005 season as partner to the young Spanish driver Fernando Alonso


In April 2006, Renault F1's new president Alain Dassas stated that having a contract with Briatore for 2007 was 'a key factor' in securing the company's commitment to the sport; 'and we will do everything to ensure Flavio stays add something


Fernando Alonso - However, on 15 December 2006, Alonso was allowed by Flavio Briatore and the Renault F1 Team to test for one day for McLaren at Jerez, as a result of his successes with Renault


Briatore replaced Alonso with Kovalainen for 2007, saying: "With Kovalainen, I hope to find the anti-Alonso" add something


From 2007 to 2010, he was part-owner and chairman of London's Queens Park Rangers F.C. add something


However, Alonso turned his back on Briatore to sign for rivals McLaren for 2007 add something


In 2007 Briatore was linked to a takeover of English Championship football club Queens Park Rangers from a Monaco-based consortium led by Gianni Paladini add something


In 2007 he even went so far as to suggest that Grands Prix be split into two separate races as in the $GP2_series (GP2_Series) add something


Allegations were made during November 2007 by the FIA against the Renault F1 team regarding information they were found to have in their possession concerning the 2006 and 2007 McLaren F1 cars add something


On 7 November 2007, Briatore completed his takeover of QPR together with Ecclestone add something


These allegations were the subject of an FIA investigation, with an FIA hearing taking place on 6 December 2007 add something


Gianluca Vialli - In 2007 he was linked with a move to the managers position at Queens Park Rangers, following the club takeover by Flavio Briatore and Bernie Ecclestone and the dismissal of John Gregory as manager, but ultimately declined any interest in the job


Queens Park Rangers F.C. - After a number of years of financial difficulties which included a period in financial administration, QPR was bought by Formula One tycoons and multi-millionaires Bernie Ecclestone and Flavio Briatore in a £14 million takeover in August 2007


Bernie Ecclestone - On 3 September 2007, it was announced that Ecclestone and Flavio Briatore had bought Queen Park Rangers Football Club


Lakshmi Mittal - However, on 20 December 2007 it was announced that the Mittal family had purchased a 20 percent shareholding in Queens Park Rangers football club joining Flavio Briatore and Mittal's friend Bernie Ecclestone


Briatore married the 'Wonderbra' model Elisabetta Gregoraci on 14 June 2008 add something


The controversy centred on an early crash involving Nelson Piquet, Jr.'s car during the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix of 28 September 2008, when he was still driving for Renault add something


If Renault committed a comparable offence between 2009 and 2011, they were to be indefinitely banned from F1 add something


In 2009 Briatore allowed Seal to adopt his daughter and change her name to Helene Samuel add something


At the time, Piquet Jr. described the crash as a simple mistake; however, shortly after his acrimonious departure from Renault and criticism of Briatore nearly a year later in August 2009, allegations surfaced that he had deliberately crashed to help Renault team mate Fernando Alonso, who went on to win the race add something


In August 2009, Briatore was heavily criticised by Nelson Piquet, Jr., the son of three-time F1 champion Nelson Piquet, after Piquet Jr. was removed from the Renault team add something


After a Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile investigation, on 4 September 2009 Renault were charged with conspiracy and race fixing, and were due to face the FIA World Motor Sport Council in Paris on 21 September 2009 add something


On 16 September 2009, Briatore was forced to resign from the ING Renault F1 team due to his involvement in race fixing at the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix add something


The Football League board discussed the matter on 8 October 2009 and declared that they would be awaiting a response from Briatore to various questions before commenting further add something


Renault in Formula One - Piquet had described the 2009 season as "the worst period of my career" and had criticised team boss Flavio Briatore


Queens Park Rangers F.C. - Flavio Briatore's future as QPR chairman came under question in September 2009 after he left the Renault F1 team in the midst of race fixing allegations


Fernando Alonso - In September 2009, after being dropped by Renault, Piquet said that the crash had been intentional and had been requested by Flavio Briatore and Pat Symonds


Renault in Formula One - Following an Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile investigation in which Piquet, Jr. stated he had been asked by & Renault team principal Flavio Briatore and engineer Pat Symonds to stage the crash, on 4 September 2009 Renault were charged with conspiracy and race fixing, and were due to face the FIA World Motor Sport Council in Paris on 21 September 2009


Mark Webber - Webber set his first ever fastest lap in Formula One. On 21 September 2009 the FIA banned Webber's manager, Flavio Briatore, from all FIA related activities and announced that it would not renew the superlicence for any driver managed or otherwise associated with Briatore


Gregoraci gave birth to their son Falco Nathan in Nice, France in 2010 add something


In 2010, the yacht was seized by officers investigating a tax fraud over its charter status and VAT on fuel add something


It was announced that he had stepped down from the post effective 19 February 2010 add something


On 20 March 2014 he said it was wrong to let the car manufacturers succeed in their push for the all-new regulations, featuring 'greener' engines that use less fuel add something


On 12 June 2014 he said: "I do not like this new Formula One. It's not our Formula 1 add something


Pragma Group - Created in 2017 by Flavio Briatore in Monte Carlo 2017, in 2018 together with Pragma Group they openned in Dubai new restaurant specializes in fresh fish & seafood of the highest quality