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American business magazine owned by Forbes, Inc. Published biweekly, it features original articles on finance, industry, investing, and marketing topics add

Category: Journalism

Founded in 1922.

Countries: United States (51%), (12%), Russia (3%)

Main connections: Princeton University, Angela Merkel, Larry Ellison

Linked to: Fortune, The New Republic, Toyota, Forbes




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Donald Bren - Donald Bren was born in 1932; Forbes listed his age as 78 in March 2011 and 79 in September 2011


Between 1961 and 1999 the magazine was edited by James Michaels add something


Sam Walton - "Forbes" ranked Sam Walton as the richest man in the United States from 1982 to 1988, ceding the top spot to John Kluge in 1989 when the editors began to credit Walton's fortune jointly to him and his four children


In 1993, under Michaels, "Forbes" was a finalist for the National Magazine Award add something


Cindy Crawford - In 1995, Forbes magazine named her the highest paid model on the planet


David founded "Forbes" Web site in 1996 add something


Ram Samudrala - His work in this area was reported as early as 1997 by diverse media outlets including "Billboard", "Forbes", "Levi's Original Music Magazine", "The Free Radical", "Wired" and "The New York Times"


The site uncovered Stephen Glass' journalistic fraud in "The New Republic" in 1998, an article that drew attention to internet journalism add something


Jennifer Aniston - Aniston has been on the "Forbes" Celebrity 100 list, based on "earnings and fame", every year since 2001, topping the list in 2003


Aishwarya Rai - In 2001 Forbes named Rai among the top five Indian movie stars


Vince McMahon - "Forbes" has noted McMahon's wealth at 1,1 billion dollars, backing up the WWE's claim he is a billionaire for the year of 2001, though he is reported to have since dropped off the list


George Gilder - Former National Review and Forbes writer and founder, Peter Brimelow wrote in 2002,


Britney Spears - Her career success was highlighted by Forbes in 2002, as Spears was ranked the world's most powerful celebrity.


Milla Jovovich - In 2004, Jovovich topped Forbes magazine's "Richest Supermodels of the World" list, earning a reported $10.5 million.


J. K. Rowling - When first listed as a billionaire by Forbes in 2004, Rowling disputed the calculations and said she had plenty of money, but was not a billionaire.


Dan Brown - Forbes magazine placed Brown at 12 on their 2005 "Celebrity 100" list, and estimated his annual income at US$76.5 million.


Liliane Bettencourt - In 2005 Forbes judged her to be the 39th most powerful woman in the world


Jess Stonestreet Jackson, Jr. - In 2005 Jackson was listed by "Forbes Magazine" as the 366th wealthiest person in the world , with 1,8 billion dollars in assets


Fidel Castro - In 2005, American business and financial magazine Forbes listed Castro among the world's richest people, with an estimated net worth of US$550 million.


Sunny Leone - In 2005, she was mentioned in "Forbes" magazine for a story on Vivid Entertainment


Adriana Lima - Lima was listed in the 2005 Forbes' edition of The World's Best-Paid Celebrities Under 25


Adriana Lima - She ranked ninety-nine in the 2005 and 2006 Forbes' edition of The Celebrity 100 lists


In 2006, an investment group Elevation Partners that includes rock star Bono bought a minority interest in the company add something


Tom Hanks - In 2006, Hanks topped a 1,500-strong list of 'most trusted celebrities' compiled by Forbes magazine.


Leonore Annenberg - In 2006, she was ranked as the 382nd wealthiest person in the world by "Forbes" magazine, and the 488th in 2007


Angela Merkel - Merkel topped Forbes magazine's list of "The World's 100 Most Powerful Women" in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2011.


Brad Pitt - Pitt appeared on Forbes's annual Celebrity 100 list of the 100 most powerful celebrities in 2006, 2007, and 2008, at No. 20, No. 5, and No. 10 respectively.


Zhao Wei - She was ranked No. 4 on "Forbes"' 2006 China Celebrity 100 list


Jimmy Wales - Wales was listed in the "Scientists & Thinkers" section of the Time 100 in 2006 and number 12 in "Forbes" "The Web Celebs 25"


Yung Joc - Yung Joc is on 2006 "Forbes' Richest Rappers List", ranking at 20, having grossed approximately $10 million in 2006.


Ellen Johnson Sirleaf - "Forbes" magazine named Sirleaf as the 51st most powerful woman in the world in 2006


Helen Clark - "Forbes" magazine ranked her 20th most powerful woman in the world in 2006 and 50th in 2012


Tzipi Livni - "Forbes" ranked her the 40th most powerful woman in the world in 2006, 39th in 2007, and 52nd in 2008


Howard Stern - He ranked seventh in Forbes' Celebrity 100 list in June 2006, and reappeared in 2011 at number 26


Liya Kebede - According to "Forbes", Kebede was the eleventh-highest-paid top model in the world in 2007


Viktor Rashnikov - According to the Forbes world billionaires list, Viktor Rashnikov was ranked as the 104th richest man in the world in 2007


Leonore Annenberg - Annenberg, in 2007, was the 165th richest person in the United States, according to "Forbes", with a net worth of 2,5 billion dollars


Gisele Bundchen - Forbes put her 53rd on their 2007 list of the most powerful celebrities


Vanessa Hudgens - Hudgens was included in Forbes richest list in early 2007, and the Forbes article noted that she was included in Young Hollywood's Top Earning-Stars.


Adriana Lima - In 2007 and 2008, she ranked as the world's fourth highest paid supermodel by Forbes Magazine


Mariah Carey - In 2007, Forbes named her as the fifth richest woman in entertainment, with an estimated net worth of US $270 million.


Cate Blanchett - In 2007, Blanchett was named as one of Time magazine's 100 Most Influential People In The World and one of the most successful actresses by Forbes magazine.


Tony Robbins - In 2007, he was named to Forbes magazine's "Celebrity 100" list


Janet Jackson - In January 2007, Jackson was ranked the seventh richest woman in the entertainment business by Forbes magazine, having amassed a fortune of over $150 million.


Christina Aguilera - In January 2007, she was named the 19th richest woman in entertainment by Forbes, with a net worth of US$60 million.


The company formerly published "American Legacy" magazine as a joint venture, although that magazine separated from Forbes as of May 14, 2007 add something


After failing to find a buyer, Forbes suspended publication of these two magazines as of May 17, 2007 add something


Daria Werbowy - In July 2007, "Forbes" listed Werbowy as the ninth highest-earning model in the world after Karolina Kurkova, Natalia Vodianova, Carolyn Murphy, Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima, Heidi Klum, Kate Moss and Gisele Bündchen


Jennifer Aniston - According to "Forbes", in October 2007, Aniston was the top-selling celebrity face of the entertainment industry


Both magazines have since been purchased by the American Heritage Publishing Company, and have resumed publication as of Spring 2008 add something


Shakira - According to Forbes Magazine, Shakira was the fourth highest-earning woman in music for 2008 behind Madonna, Barbra Streisand and Celine Dion


David Archuleta - Along with "American Idol" winner David Cook, Archuleta placed second on "Forbes"' list of "Breakout Stars of 2008"


Jim Pattison - He was listed as No. 178 on the 2008 Forbes list of the world's richest people


Shakira - In early 2008, Forbes named Shakira the fourth top-earning female artist in music industry


Vanessa Hudgens - On December 12, 2008, Hudgens was ranked 20 in the list of Forbes "High Earners Under 30", having reported to have an estimated earnings of $3 million in 2008.


Carlos Slim - On March 5, 2008, "Forbes" ranked Slim as the world's second-richest person, behind Warren Buffett and ahead of Bill Gates


Bhumibol Adulyadej - In August 2008, Forbes came out with its 2008 version of "The World's Richest Royals"


A 2009 "New York Times" report said: "40 percent of the enterprise was sold add something


Forbes has published the Forbes Travel Guide since 2009 add something


From the 2009 "Times" report: "Steve Forbes recently returned from opening up a Forbes magazine in India, bringing the number of foreign editions to 10 add something


Heather Armstrong - Armstrong was featured by "Forbes" magazine among 30 honorees on its list of "The Most Influential Women In Media" for 2009


Angelina Jolie - Forbes named her Hollywood's highest-paid actress in 2009 and 2011, with estimated annual earnings of $27 million and $30 million respectively, and she topped the magazine's Celebrity 100, a ranking of the world's most powerful celebrities, in 2009.


Yves Saint Laurent (designer) - Forbes rated Saint Laurent the top-earning dead celebrity in 2009


Joaquin Guzman Loera - Guzmán Loera has been ranked by "Forbes" magazine as one of the most powerful people in the world every year since 2009; ranking 41st, 60th and 55th respectively


Ann Veneman - In 2009 Veneman was named to the Forbes 100 Most Powerful Women list, ranking 46th


Kathleen Sebelius - In 2009, Forbes named Sebelius the 57th most powerful woman in the world.


Tarja Halonen - In 2009, Forbes named her among the 100 Most Powerful Women in the world


Navanethem Pillay - In 2009, Forbes ranked her as the 64th most powerful woman in the world


Warren Buffett - In 2009, Gates regained the position of number one on the Forbes list, with Buffett second


Christopher Hitchens - In 2009, Hitchens was listed by "Forbes" magazine as one of the "25 most influential liberals in the U.S. media"


Ruth Bader Ginsburg - In 2009, "Forbes" named her among the 100 Most Powerful Women


Bhumibol Adulyadej - In the 2009 version of its list, Forbes acknowledged the government's objections, but justified the continued inclusion of the CPB's assets on the ground that Bhumibol was its trustee


Saif al-Islam Gaddafi - Writing in Forbes in 2009, Fathi's brother writes that "for nearly a year, both Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch hesitated to advocate publicly for Fathi's case, because they feared their case workers might lose access to Libyan visas


Fareed Zakaria - In January 2009 "Forbes" referred to Zakaria as one of the 25 most influential liberals in the American media


Emma Watson - In March 2009, she was ranked 6th on the "Forbes" list of "Most Valuable Young Stars",


Carlos Slim - On March 11, 2009, "Forbes" ranked Slim as the world's third-richest person, behind Gates and Buffett and ahead of Larry Ellison


Doutzen Kroes - In May 2009 and May 2010 respectively, Forbes named Kroes fifth again in the list of the World's 15 Top- Earning Supermodels


Carrie Underwood - In 2009, "Forbes" reported that Underwood was the top earning "American Idol" alumni from June 2008 to May 17, 2009


Sergey Brin - In November 2009, "Forbes magazine" decided Brin and Larry Page were the fifth most powerful people in the world


At the peak of media coverage of alleged Toyota sudden unintended acceleration in 2010 it exposed the California runaway Prius as a hoax, as well as running five other articles by Michael Fumento challenging the entire media premise of Toyotas suddenly gone bad add something


Elizabeth II - Forbes magazine estimated her net worth at around US$450 million in 2010, but official Buckingham Palace statements in 1993 called estimates of £100 million "grossly overstated".


Robert Pattinson - He later landed the leading role of Edward Cullen in the film adaptations of the "Twilight" novels by Stephenie Meyer, and came to worldwide fame, In 2010, Pattinson was named one of "TIME" magazine's 100 Most Influential People in The World, and in the same year "Forbes" ranked him as one of the most powerful celebrities in the world in the Forbes Celebrity 100


Kathleen Sebelius - In 2010, Forbes named Sebelius the 23rd most powerful woman in the world.


Ali Khamenei - In 2010, Forbes selected him 26th in the list of 'World's Most Powerful People'


Tristan Louis - In 2010, Louis became a frequent contributor to Business Insider and Forbes


Elena Paparizou - In 2010, "Forbes" listed Paparizou as the 21st most powerful and influential celebrity in Greece


Lakis Lazopoulos - In 2010, "Forbes" ranked Lazopoulos as the most powerful and influential celebrity in Greece


LeBron James - James' public life has been eagerly followed since high school, and in 2010 he was ranked by Forbes as the second most influential athlete behind Lance Armstrong


Jess Stonestreet Jackson, Jr. - The 2010 list by "Forbes Magazine" placed Jackson as the 536th richest person in the world with 1,9 billion dollars in assets


In January 2010, Forbes reached an agreement to sell its headquarters building located on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan to New York University add something


Marisa Miller - In a July 2010 interview with "Forbes", Miller stated that because the fashion industry had changed, with celebrities supplanting models on magazine covers and in campaigns, supermodels have to become brands to be successful


Martha Rivers Ingram - "Forbes", accessed December 29, 2010


Akon - According to Forbes, Akon grossed $13 million in 2011, $21 million in 2010, $20 million in 2009 and $12 million in 2008.


Caroline Wozniacki - According to Forbes in 2011 she was the second highest earning female athlete in the world


Eva Longoria - Eva Longoria topped the "Forbes" magazine's list of the highest-paid TV actresses for 2011


Kathleen Sebelius - In 2011, Forbes named Sebelius the 13th most powerful woman in the world.


Eike Batista - In 2011, Batista was listed by Forbes magazine as the 8th richest person in the world and the richest in South America


Howard Stern - In 2011, he was rated Forbes Magazines' 49th Most Powerful Celebrity


Michael Tobias - Since February, 2011, Tobias has written for Forbes on-line, publishing nearly 60 essays and over 400 letters on ecology, economics, biology and ethics


Sanjay Gupta - In January 2011, he was named "one of the 10 most influential celebrities" by "Forbes" magazine


Gisele Bundchen - In August 2011, Bündchen ranked 60th on the "Forbes" list of The World's 100 Most Powerful Women


Cristiano Ronaldo - According to "Forbes", Ronaldo had the 5th highest social rank in the world in 2012, bettered only by Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and Katy Perry


Vladimir Potanin - He is the fourth richest man from Russia and the 46th richest man in the world according to the 2012 "Forbes" listing


Ali Khamenei - In 2012, "Forbes" selected him 21st in the list of 'World's Most Powerful People'


Lara Stone - In 2012, she came in 8th on the "Forbes" top-earning models list


Justin Bieber - With a global fan base, termed as "Beliebers", and over 40 million followers on Twitter, he was named by "Forbes" magazine in 2012 as the third-most powerful celebrity in the world


Sheldon Adelson - In February 2012, Adelson told "Forbes" magazine that he is "against very wealthy ­people attempting to or influencing elections


Adriana Lima - In 2012, she was listed in Forbes Celebrity 100 power list for earning more than 7 million between May 2011 and May 2012


Rupert Murdoch - In May 2012, "Forbes" ranked him as the 24th most powerful person in the world


Gisele Bundchen - May 2012 she was ranked fourth on the World's Most Powerful Latino Celebrity list by "Forbes"


In 2013, the magazine claimed in error that the President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins, who has a wife and four children, was an "acknowledged homosexual" add something


Hilary Rhoda - In Forbes ranking of World's Highest paid models of 2013 Rhoda appeared at number 6 position


Helen Clark - In 2013, "Forbes" upgraded her position to 21st most powerful woman in the world after she was appointed head UNDP for a second term and her potential future as UN Secretary General


In November 2013, Forbes Media, which publishes Forbes magazine, was put up for sale add something


On January 6, 2014, Forbes Magazine announced that, in partnership with app creator Maz, it was launching a social networking app called Stream add something


While multiple buyers were reported to be interested, by June 2014 no deal had occurred and the Forbes sale was reported to have foundered add something


In July 2014, "Forbes" sold a majority of itself to Hong Kong-based investor group Integrated Whale Media Investments add something


As of 2016, those wishing to access the Forbes website using Ad-Blocking software are shown a notice that denies them access unless they disable the ad-blocking software add something


"'Top 20th Model 2016 as july 2015 - july 2016"' add something


In July 2017, Forbes attracted attention for publishing and deleting an article provided by contributor Anders Corrs critical of the Asia Society Hong Kong branch's cancellation of a talk to be given by prominent democracy activist Joshua Wong add something


In July, 2018 Forbes deleted an article by a contributor who argued that libraries should be closed, and Amazon should open bookstores in their place add something