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Ford B-Max

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Ford B-Max

Mini MPV manufactured by the Ford Motor Company since 2012 add

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Launched in 2011.

Countries: (33%), United States (17%), Europe (17%)

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Built on the Ford B3 platform, it was initially unveiled as a concept-car at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, and was officially launched at the 2012 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona add something


The Ford B-max was tested by Euro NCAP in 2012, receiving a five-star safety rating add something


The "'Ford B-Max"' is a mini MPV manufactured by the Ford Motor Company since 2012 add something


This engine has won the "International Engine of the Year 2012" title add something


Ford Fusion (Europe) - In 2012, Ford replaced the decade-old Fusion with the B-Max


Hardtop - Starting from 2012, Ford produces a five-door sliding hardtop in the form of the B-MAX


Ford Romania - Vehicle production at the plant began in 2012 with the Ford Transit Connect and later with the Ford B-Max


Production began in June 2012, and marketing of the first units started during late July add something


The Telegraph reviewed the B-Max on 28 August 2012 add something


It was launched in the UK on 1 September 2012 add something


Ford Fusion (Europe) - In November 2012, Ford replaced the Fusion with the B-Max


In September 2017 production of B-Max will finish, due to dwindling demand for the model as well as a general decline in sales of mini-MPV's add something