Formula One Constructors Association

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Formula One Constructors Association

Organization of the chassis builders who design and build the cars that race in the FIA Formula One World Championship add

Category: Auto racing

Founded in 1978.

Countries: France (50%), (50%)

Main connections: Jean-Marie Balestre, Spanish Grand Prix

Linked to: Brabham, Osella, Formula One Teams Association




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Ecclestone became the organisation's chief executive in 1978, with Mosley taking on the role of legal advisor add something


In the early 1980s, the organization fell out with the sport's governing body – the FISA add something


Spanish Grand Prix - The 1980 race was of note, because before on the Friday morning of race weekend, FISA president Jean-Marie Balestre announced that the Spanish Grand Prix would not be counted as a championship race, and none of the factory teams showed up to the event. and only the independent constructors belonging to FOCA competed