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Fox Crime

Television network, launched by the Fox International Channels, which airs across several countries of Europe and Asia, such as Italy, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, Bulgaria, India, and Japan add

Category: Business (17)

Launched in 2005.

Countries: United States (24%), Asia (18%), (18%)

Main connections: Fox Broadcasting Company, FX (TV channel), Indonesia

Linked to: Fox Broadcasting Company, TotalTV, Fox Networks Group, The Walt Disney Company




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It was launched in Italy on 2005, in Japan on October 1, 2006, in Bulgaria on October 13, 2006, Portugal on September 28, 2007, Hong Kong on May 3, 2006, Singapore on October 2, 2006, and in Vietnam on October 29, 2007 add something


FX (TV channel) - FX Portugal launched on the ZON TVCabo satellite and cable platform in September 26, 2007, along with Fox Crime


In Indonesia, the channel was made available via Indovision in the middle of 2008 add something


Fox Crime is now available in the Philippines effective January 1, 2008 on SkyCable add something


Later, it was launched in Thailand on July 29, 2008 add something


Fox Channels India had received downlink rights from the I&B Ministry of India for the three channels on March 12, 2009 add something


FOX Crime channel was launched along with &FX (FX_(TV_channel)) and BabyTV in India on March 25, 2009 add something


Fox Crime HD was launched in Asia in May, 2010 via AsiaSat 5, in Latvia it was launched along with Fox Life and National Geographic Channel on October 1, 2011 add something


Body of Proof - In Bulgaria, the show premiered on March 17, 2011 on Fox Crime, while in the U.S. the series first aired on March 29


Fox Crime is available in Pakistan from December 1, 2012 via PTCL Smart TV platform, the channel is using the Asian Feed add something


In 2017, Fox crime is available in MENA Region via AD Drama HD and via Elife in the UAE. add something