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France 2

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France 2

French public national television channel add

Category: Journalism

Founded in 2003.

Countries: France (81%), (4%), Belgium (3%)

Main connections: Laurent Ruquier, France 3, TF1

Linked to: France 3, France 5, TF1, Arte




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Carole Gaessler - After two years in Australia, she became in February 2003 the substitute anchor for David Pujadas on the weekday editions of France 2's evening news programme "20 heures", a position she held until August 2006


Mistral gagnant (song) - Jean-Louis Aubert sang it live as a duet with Carla Bruni, during the TV special "Docteur Renaud, Mister Renard" broadcast on France 2 on 29 March 2003


Liberation of Paris - According to a 2004 interview which his son Timo gave to the French public channel France 2, von Choltitz disobeyed Hitler and personally allowed the Allies to take the city safely and rapidly, preventing the French Resistance from engaging in urban warfare that would have destroyed parts of the city


Carole Gaessler - At the end of 2004, Gaessler presented the magazine programme on France 2 "Immersion Totale", in which three teams were immersed in a public place to watch, listen to, and film anonymous men and women and discussing their "reel heroes"


Frederic Lopez - Then in 2004, in addition to France 2 and his program "Comme au cinéma", he joined Match TV where he led a news magazine


David Pujadas - On February 11, 2004, Olivier Mazerolle tendered his resignation and was replaced by Arlette Chabot as head editor of France 2


Gerard Holtz - From 2005 to 2008, he hosted again "Stade 2" on Sundays on France 2, and right after the 2008 Summer Olympics


Nicolas Canteloup - In 2005, he began to participate in the show "Vivement dimanche prochain", hosted by Michel Drucker, broadcast every Sunday afternoon on France 2


Dany Brillant - In June 2005, Brillant appeared on "Les stars chantent leurs idoles", on France 2, alongside stars such as Julio Iglesias and Il Divo


Jean-Baptiste Maunier - In April and August 2005, he took part in a four-episode television series for France 2 directed by Hervé Baslé, "Le Cri"


Elise Lucet - She has worked on France 3 on the prime time investigative journalism program Pieces a Conviction, and began working for France 2 on 6 September 2005, to host the program 13 heures le journal


2011 England riots - In fact, a television report by France 2, broadcast in November 2005, showed a visit by a delegation from Évry to Tottenham, with the report calling "Tottenham part of London 'regularly shaken by riots' in earlier decades, where 'a lot of money was invested' and 'the promotion of ethnic minorities', had been made a priority


Nagui - As of 2006 he is hosting a daily game show called "Tout le monde veut prendre sa place", French for "Everybody wants to take his/her place" , on France 2


Guesch Patti - During the summer of 2006, she was a member of the jury in "Dancing Show", broadcast on France 2 in France


Cyril Feraud - In 2006 he joined Europe 1 as a radio DJ along with Jean-Marc Morandini, he hosts the French Nation Lottery "Loto" for France 2 since October 2008


Anthony Kavanagh - In 2006, he hosted numerous primetime French tv shows on France 2 television network The Dancing Show, Fête de la Musique and the Symphonic Show with the renowned «Night of Proms» orchestra


Laurent Delahousse - In September 2006, he joined France 2 where he replaced Carole Gaessler as fellow newspresenter David Pujadas' anchor on the 8:00 pm CET newscast


Laurent Romejko - In September 2006, he presented the weather on France 2, replacing Sophie Davant


Virginie de Clausade - In September 2006, she became a columnist on France 2 in the program "On a tout essayé" hosted by Laurent Ruquier, and still on "Ça balance à Paris" hosted by Pierre Lescure since the same date


Sophie Davant - In September 2006, she let her responsibility for the weather service on France 2 to Laurent Romejko


Since 11 December 2006, France 2 was again made available across Italy on Digital terrestrial television until 7 June 2007, when it was replaced by all-news French TV network France 24 add something


Gerard Holtz - During the Tour de France, he hosts the "Avant Tour" since 2007 and the "Après Tour" since 2008 on France 2


The Persuaders! - In 2007 France 2 satirically used it to introduce a report about relations between the newly elected French President Nicolas Sarkozy and his first Prime Minister François Fillon


Fais pas ci, fais pas ca - The series debuted on September 8, 2007 on France 2


Fabien Galthie - He left Paris in 2008 to become a TV pundit with the French public national channel France 2 and private radio Europe 1


Julie Ferrier - In 2008 she was the leading actress in "Mademoiselle" broadcast on France 2


Although France 2 initially won a case against one of those critics, Philippe Karsenty, that judgment was overturned on appeal in May 2008 add something


A HD version of France 2 has been broadcasting via DVB-S Service CanalSat since 1 July 2008 and on DVB-T since 30 October 2008 add something


Marie Drucker - At the end of August 2008 Drucker left "Soir 3" to take up a new position as substitute anchor of the weekend news bulletins of the France 2 channel


Frederic Lopez - From September 2008, he has hosted on France 2 "Panique dans l'oreillette"


Julien Courbet - In September 2008, he joined France 2 to present until February 2009 the program "Service Maximum" on prime time


Le plus grand cabaret du monde - In September 2008, the tenth anniversary of the show, France 2 broadcast the best moments out of 10 years of cabaret and released a photo book


Laurent Ruquier - On 27 December 2008, he presented on France 2 in the early evening "Stars and Comedy", a show in which eight people mount the stage of the Palace for their first show


Patrick Sabatier - Since 2009 he has been working for France 2 and has been hosting the show Mot de Passe


Nicolas Canteloup - He was the subject of a documentary, broadcast on France 2 on 26 February 2009 in the weekly show "Envoyé spécial"


Ephraim Ellis - The show premiere was aired on March 6, 2009 on YTV and should be shown on France 2 this spring


Roger Salengro - On April 14, 2009, France 2 broadcast a television film about the "Salengro Affair", entitled "L'Affaire Salengro"


Chateau de Montsoreau - Broadcast on TV on France 2 on 26 August 2009


Laurent Ruquier - On 26 September 2009, he presented "Vos chanteurs préférés" in the early evening on France 2 with Michael Gregorio who imitated the singers' favorite personalities, sometimes in duets with them


Alessandra Sublet - She co-hosted in December 2009 on France 2 a show from the Telethon with Cyril Hanouna


Laurent Ruquier - On 29 December 2009, he presented "On a tout révisé" in prime time on France 2 with all the "band" that accompanied all these different programs for many years


Arnaud Tsamere - In 2010 he participated in the sketch comedy talent show "On n'demande qu'à en rire", created and presented by Laurent Ruquier and broadcast on France 2


Alessandra Sublet - In January 2010, she co-hosted with other presenters from France Télévisions a show dedicated to help the victims of the 2010 Haiti earthquake which was broadcast on France 2


Elodie Gossuin - She participated in the program "Incroyables Expériences" broadcast on February 27, 2010 on France 2


Stanley Milgram - In March 2010, French television channel France 2 broadcast "Jusqu'où va la télé", describing the results of a fake game show that they had run 80 times


Colombe (play) - The presentation of May 15, 2010 was broadcast live on France 2


Arlette Chabot - She was until August 2010 the head of the editorial team of France 2


Laurent Ruquier - In September 2010, as he had now returned to his daily show on France 2, "Get in the Way" now started at 3,30pm and finished at 6pm


Sophie Davant - Since September 2010, with "C'est au programme" and "Téléthon", she has presented "Toute une histoire" on France 2


Laurent Ruquier - From 6 September 2010, he presented a new program "On n'demande qu'à en rire", from Monday to Friday at 5,55pm to 6,50pm on France 2


Alain Juppe - In 2011, interviewed on the public television channel France 2, Mr Juppé strongly advocated for the creation of a European federation to respond to the euro crisis


Natacha Polony - She has been working on the France 2 TV show "On n'est pas couché", presented by Laurent Ruquier since 2011


Alessandra Sublet - In April 2011, she hosted "Les grandes voix du Sidaction" during the first part of the evening on France 2


Wendy Bouchard - In May 2011, she co-hosted "Rendez vous à Cannes" on France 2 with Michel Drucker


Vincent Perrot - This documentary was broadcast on primetime on France 2 on May 17, 2011 and in the official selection of the 2011 Cannes Film Festival


Virginie Guilhaume - In June 2011, Virginie Guilhaume left &M6 (M6_(TV_channel)) to return to France 2 in September of that year


Julien Courbet - In June 2011, he presented the program "Code de la route : À vous de jouer", and in September 2011, the program "Seriez-vous un bon expert -" on France 2


Lilly Wood and the Prick - On the official ceremony held on 1 March and broadcast on France 2, TV5 Monde and France Inter they won against competition in the same category from Ben l'Oncle Soul, Camélia Jordana, Zaz, Féfé, Guillaume Grand, Florent Marchet and Okou They engaged on a tour including one at Olympia on 1 June 2011


Audrey Pulvar - In September 2011, Pulvar appeared on the Saturday night talk show, "On n'est pas couché" on France 2


Jean-Luc Delarue - On the 6 September 2011 he returned to the studios of France 2 with a new programme: "Réunion de famille"


Childeric Muller - In 2012, France 2 broadcast successfully "La Grande révision, du certif au bac", with the revolutionary cross media platform application "UPinTV"


Elie Semoun - Témoignage d'Élie Semoun dans l'émission "La parenthèse inattendue", France 2, 14 novembre 2012


Jean-Luc Delarue - On the 28 August 2012, France 2 broadcast a special live programme paying homage to Delarue


Aymeric Caron - In September 2012, he joined the program "On n'est pas couché" presented by Laurent Ruquier broadcast every Saturday at the second part of the evening on France 2


Sans attendre - During Dion's promotional visit in France in November 2012, she has recorded a performance of "Ne me quitte pas" for "Simplement pour un soir" which was broadcast on January 12, 2013 on France 2


Parler a mon pere - Dion performed the song during two television specials promoting the album: in Canada on November 4, 2012 on TVA and in France on November 24, 2012 on France 2


Sans attendre - The second television special, this time for France was titled "Céline Dion, Le grand show" and broadcast on November 24, 2012 on France 2


Sans attendre - Also on December 2, 2012, Dion sang "Parler à mon père" on "Vivement Dimanche" on France 2


Parler a mon pere - Later on December 2, 2012, she sang it on "Chabada" on France 3 and on "Vivement Dimanche" on France 2


Arnaud Ducret - In 2013, he plays Gaby alongside Alix Poisson in Parents mode d'emploi, a series broadcast on France 2 that shows him a very large audience


Annie Cordy - In 2013, she play in an episode of the TV Series "Y'a pas d'âge", broadcast on France 2, alongside Jérôme Commandeur, Marthe Villalonga, Claude Brasseur, Carmen Maura and Arielle Dombasle


Karine Ferri - In summer 2013, she appeared in an episode of the game show "Fort Boyard" on France 2 with Leslie Lemarchal and other personalities to raise funds for the Association Grégory Lemarchal


The report authors, journalists Franck Genauzeau and Régis Mathé, traveled to Serbia in February 2013 where they filmed a story claiming that Serbia is a hub for international weapons smuggling add something


Virginie Guilhaume - She presented on 8 February 2013 at the Zénith de Paris the "Victoires de la Musique" with Laurent Ruquier, broadcast on France 2


Tout le monde veut prendre sa place - On 9 February 2013, because of the world ski championships in Austria were being broadcast by France 2 until 12h25, the program could not been seen in its entirety


On Thursday, 7 March 2013, France 2 aired an 8-minute investigative report about purported weapons smuggling from Serbia to France add something


After the report aired, the Serbian police's criminal department conducted a month-long investigation, revealing its findings in May 2013 that parts of the French news story were staged with full knowledge of the two France 2 journalists add something


Virginie Guilhaume - In July 2013, she presented the pastry contest "Qui sera le prochain grand pâtissier -" on France 2


Virginie Guilhaume - Since September 2013, she replaced Alessandra Sublet on presenting "Hier Encore" with Charles Aznavour on France 2


Alessandra Sublet - Since January 2014, she presents on France 2 the variety program "Tenue de soirée exigée"


Porcelain Black - Peaking at number 14 on the French Singles Chart, "One Woman Army" crowned the iTunes chart after she performed the song on the radio station NRJ and at the Fête de la Musique on the French channel France 2 on 21 June 2014, becoming her first number-one hit


Lea Salame - In August 2014, Salamé succeeded Natacha Polony in the duo of commentators which she formed with Aymeric Caron, with Yann Moix, in Laurent Ruquier's show, "On n'est pas couché", aired on France 2


Alessandra Sublet - She presents since October 2014 a new entertainment program titled "Un soir à la Tour Eiffel" on the second part of the evening on France 2, where she receives guests on a stage located on the second floor of the tower


Witnesses (TV series) - It made its debut on Belgian channel La Une on 22 November 2014 and on France 2 on 8 March 2015


Luce (singer) - In 2015, she returned in the TV Series "Hôtel de la plage", aired on France 2, where she played herself as a guest in an episode


Annie Cordy - In 2015, she will be on the new France 2's TV Series "Chef", with a recurrent character, next to Hugo Becker, Anne Charrier, Clovis Cornillac, Juliette, Nicolas Gob, Robin Renucci and Zinedine Soualem


Dix pour cent - It has been distributed since 2015 on France 2


N'oubliez pas - On 23 January 2015, Lisa Angell was announced by France 2 as the French representative in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 with "N'oubliez pas"


Aymeric Caron - In July 2015, he participated at "Fort Boyard" on France 2 with Damien Thévenot, Gérard Vivès, Carinne Teyssandier, Laurent Maistret et Hélène Gateau


Virginie Guilhaume - Since September 2015, she presents on France 2 the weekly cultural program "Grand Public"


Pierre Richard - Broadcast on France 2 on 6 September 2015 and again on 31 December 2015


Witnesses (TV series) - In March 2016, France 2 announced a second series was in production


Lea Salame - On April 14, 2016, as she interviewed French President François Hollande with David Pujadas in the program "Dialogues citoyens" on France 2, Léa Salamé replied to the President, who was making a comment on the refugees : "Are you joking-"


Virginie Guilhaume - In November 2016, Virginie Guilhaume left France 2


France 24 - However, from 20 March 2017, on weekdays, France Info started simulcasting France 24 until 6:30am, due to the main presenter Laurent Bignolas anchors the early newscast on France 2 "Le 6H Info", and this show won't be simulcast on France Info


Faustine Bollaert - She arrived on France 2 to present since 28 August 2017 every day at the beginning of the afternoon the testimonial program "Ça commence aujourd'hui"


Daphne Burki - In September 2017, she arrived on France 2, at the presentation of a new afternoon programme