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Frank Vosper

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Frank Vosper

British actor and playwright add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1899.

Country: United Kingdom (100%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Agatha Christie, Robert Flemyng, Edna Best




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Frank Vosper was born in 1899 add something


Vosper made his stage debut in 1919 and was best known for playing urbane villains add something


Phyllis Konstam - She married the tennis star "Bunny" Austin in 1931, whom she met on a cruise liner while travelling to the US to appear in a stage production of Frank Vosper's "Murder on the Second Floor", opposite her close friend Laurence Olivier

Frank Vosper died in 1937 add something


Vosper drowned on 6 March 1937 when he fell from the ocean liner "SS Paris" add something


Edna Best - Best had appeared on television as early as 1938, in a production of the play "Love from a Stranger", adapted from the Agatha Christie short story "Philomel Cottage" by Frank Vosper


Banned by the Lord Chamberlain after a performance at the Strand Theatre featuring Atholl Fleming, it remained unperformed until 1948, when it premiered at Wyndham's Theatre in London, with Miles Malleson, George Rose, Robert Flemyng and Kathleen Michael add something