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American television sitcom created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, which originally aired on NBC from September 22, 1994, to May 6, 2004add

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Launched in 1993.

Countries: United States (75%), (8%), United Kingdom (5%)

Main connections: NBC, Jennifer Aniston, Ross Geller

Linked to: NBC, Hearst Corporation, Los Angeles Newspaper Group, Tribune Company




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Kauffman and Crane began developing "Friends" under the title "Insomnia Cafe" between November and December 1993 add something


The team titled the series "Insomnia Cafe", and pitched the idea as a seven-page treatment to NBC in December 1993 add something


David Crane and Marta Kauffman began developing three new television pilots that would premiere in 1994 after their sitcom "Family Album" was cancelled by CBS in 1993 add something


Filming for the series began during the summer of 1994 in front of a live audience, who were given a summary of the series to familiarize themselves with the six main characters; a hired comedian entertained the studio audience between takes add something


Noel Holston of "Newsday", who had dismissed the pilot as a "so-so "Seinfeld" wannabe" in 1994, repudiated his earlier review after rewatching the episode, and felt like writing an apology to the writers add something


Jane Sibbett - Beginning in 1994, she played the occasional role of Carol Willick on "Friends", a part-time stint that lasted until the end of the show's seventh season in 2001


June Gable - From 1994 to 2004 she played Estelle Leonard, the agent of the Matt LeBlanc character Joey Tribbiani, on the sitcom "Friends"


Leah Remini - In 1994, Remini auditioned for the role of Monica Geller in "Friends" but the role went to Courteney Cox; however, she did appear in the 1995 episode The One with the Birth


Elinor Donahue - In 1994, she made an appearance as Aunt Lillian in The One Where Nana Dies Twice on "Friends"


Ally Walker - In 1994, was offered the opportunity to test for both Rachel and Monica for NBC's series "Friends"


David Schwimmer - Schwimmer received his first acting role in 1994 when he was cast as Ross Geller in NBC's situation comedy "Friends", a series that revolved around a group of friends who live together in Manhattan, New York City


"'Friends"' is an American television sitcom created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman, which originally aired on NBC from September 22, 1994, to May 6, 2004 add something


The show led the Nielsen ratings with its eighth season and finished among the top five every year from 1995 to 2004 add something


Steve Zahn - He played Phoebe Buffay's husband Duncan in a 1995 episode of "Friends"


Jennifer Aniston - In 1995, Aniston and her "Friends" co-star Matthew Perry shot a 60-minute instructional video for the release of Microsoft's new operating system, Windows 95


Carlo Imperato - In 1995, he starred in an episode of "Friends"


Christina Pickles - She appeared as "Judy Geller", the mother of Ross and Monica Geller , in the U.S. sitcom "Friends", making appearances throughout the ten-year run of the series, and receiving an Emmy nomination for her role in 1995


In late September 1995, WEA Records released the first album of music from "Friends", the "Friends Original TV Soundtrack", containing music featured in previous and future episodes add something


The soundtrack debuted on the "Billboard" 200 at number 46, and sold 500,000 copies in November 1995 add something


David Arquette - Arquette has guest starred alongside Cox on the popular sitcom "Friends" in 1996 as well as "Cougar Town" on the third season's final episode in 2012


Julia Roberts - In 1996, she appeared in season 2 of 'Friends'


Brian Posehn - In a 1996 episode of "Friends", he delivered the manuscript in which Joey Tribbiani's soap opera character "Dr. Drake Ramoray" is killed off


Isabella Rossellini - She appeared on an episode of the TV series "Friends" in 1996 as herself in The One With Frank Jr.


In 1997, the episode "The One with the Prom Video" was ranked no. 100 on TV Guide's 100 Greatest Episodes of All-Time add something


Tank Abbott - In 1997, Abbott appeared as a UFC fighter in the TV show "Friends", defeating Jon Favreau's character, the billionaire Pete Becker, who was dating Monica at the time


Jon Favreau - In 1997, he appeared on the popular TV sitcom "Friends", portraying Pete Becker, whom Monica Geller dates for several episodes, and who competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship


Sherilyn Fenn - In a 1997 episode of "Friends", Fenn guest-starred as Matthew Perry's girlfriend Ginger, who has a prosthetic right leg


Alec Baldwin - From 1998 to 2002, Baldwin was the U.S. narrator for the children's show "Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends", narrating all 52 episodes of Series 5 and Series 6


Hugh Laurie - In 1998, Laurie had a brief guest-starring role on "Friends" in "The One with Ross's Wedding"


Heathcote Williams - In 1998, he appeared in an episode of the US TV sitcom "Friends"


Brad Pitt - Pitt met Friends actress Jennifer Aniston in 1998 and married her in a private wedding ceremony in Malibu, California on July 29, 2000.


Zen Gesner - Since the conclusion of "Sinbad" in 1998, Gesner has appeared on television series such as "Friends" and "All My Children"


In 1999, a second soundtrack album entitled "Friends Again" was released add something


Bob Balaban - In 1999, Balaban made a guest appearance in the sitcom "Friends" as Phoebe Buffay's father Frank in "The One With Joey's Bag"


Ron Glass - In 1999, he appeared in an episode of the NBC sitcom "Friends" as Ross Geller's divorce lawyer, Russell


Michael Rapaport - Rapaport had a recurring guest-starring role on several episodes of "Friends" in 1999 as Phoebe's police officer boyfriend, Gary


Brian Dunkleman - In 2000 Dunkleman appeared in "The One With The Ring", a sixth season episode of "Friends", as the man who buys the engagement ring Chandler wants to buy Monica


Bruce Willis - In 2000, Willis won an Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series for his work on "Friends"


Aloma Wright - She has appeared in other programs such as "Mad Men", "Power Rangers in Space", sitcoms "Malcolm in the Middle", "The Drew Carey Show", "Friends", "Tyler Perry's House of Payne", and "Frasier", the short-lived series "Medical Investigation" in addition to the TV movie "When Billie Beat Bobby" and the 2000 drama "Shadow Hours"


Larry Joe Campbell - His first high profile TV guest star role probably was as "the fan" in a February 2000 episode of "Friends"


When Crane told reporters in 2001 that the ninth season was a possibility, critics believed that he was posturing, and that at least two of the cast members would not sign on for another season add something


Alec Mapa - He had a supporting role in the short-lived 2001 comedy "Some of My Best Friends"


Bruce Willis - He was nominated for a 2001 American Comedy *award for his work on "Friends"


George Stults - In 2001, George made a guest appearance on a season 7 episode of Friends, The One With Joey's New Brain as Jessica Lockhart's daughter's boyfriend


Scott Adsit - In 2001, he starred in an episode of "Friends" titled The One with Ross and Monica's Cousin in Season 7


Denise Richards - In 2001, she guest-starred in "Friends" as Ross and Monica Geller's cousin, Cassie Geller in the episode "The One with Ross and Monica's Cousin"


Ambre Frisque - She had a brief cameo on Friends in 2001


Vince Vieluf - Vieluf made an appearance on the hit series "Friends" in 2001


Enya - In May 2001, NBC began using "Only Time" to accompany commercials for their television series "Friends", which helped the song top the Adult Contemporary and Adult Top 40 charts


The series was nominated for 62 Primetime Emmy awards, winning the Outstanding Comedy Series award in 2002 for its eighth season add something


The series won the 2002 Emmy award for Outstanding Comedy Series, with nominations in 1995, 1996, 1999, 2000 and 2003 add something


Alec Baldwin - In 2002, Baldwin appeared on two episodes of "Friends" as Phoebe Buffay's overly enthusiastic love interest, Parker


Krista Allen - In 2002, she appeared in an episode of "Friends", "The One Where Joey Dates Rachel" as Joey's girlfriend Mable


After year-long expectations that the ninth season would be the series' last, NBC signed a deal in late December 2002 to bring the series back for a final tenth season add something


Marisol Nichols - In 2003, she made guest appearances on episodes of "Friends", "


Eric McCormack - In an interview with "The Guardian" in 2003, McCormack admitted to auditioning "two or three times" for the part of Ross Geller, which ultimately went to David Schwimmer, for the situation comedy "Friends"


Kyle Lowder - Lowder appeared in "Friends" as himself in the 2003 episode "The One with the Soap Opera Party"


Dante Pastula - On October 2, 2003, he appeared on "Friends" as "Frank Buffay, Jr. Jr."


After the series finale in 2004, LeBlanc signed on for the spin-off series, "Joey", following Joey's move to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career add something


Jennifer Aniston revisited the set for the first time since the series finale in 2004 add something


David Schwimmer - After the series finale of "Friends" in 2004, Schwimmer was cast as the titular character in the 2005 drama "Duane Hopwood"


Gary Oldman - Following his Friends appearance, Oldman did not appear in any significant roles until 2004.


NBC - NBC's "Must See TV" declined after "Friends" and "Frasier" ended their runs in 2004


NBC - With the loss of "Friends" and "Frasier" in 2004, NBC was left with several moderately rated shows and few true hits


The series' creators completed the first draft of the hour-long finale in January 2004, four months before its original airing add something


In the U.S., 52,5 million viewers watched the finale on May 6, 2004, making it the most watched entertainment telecast since the "Seinfeld" finale in 1998 add something


Marta Kauffman - As of 2005, Kauffman lives with her husband Michael Skloff, composer of the "Friends" theme song, in Los Angeles


David Schwimmer - Following the end of "Friends", Schwimmer starred in the 2005 independent drama "Duane Hopwood", in which he plays the titular character


In 2006, Iranian businessman Mojtaba Asadian started a Central Perk franchise, registering the name in 32 countries add something


Jennifer Aniston - Sundance Film Festival - In 2006, Aniston appeared in the low-budget drama "Friends with Money", which was first shown at the Sundance Film Festival and received a limited release


The final broadcast episode on March 7, 2006 was watched by 7,09 million viewers; NBC cancelled the series on May 15, 2006 after two seasons add something


Eva Amurri - She attended Friends Seminary for middle school, and graduated from Saint Ann's School in Brooklyn, NY and Brown University in 2007, majoring in Italian studies


Rumors of a film reemerged after the release of the "Sex and the City" film in 2008, which proved to be a success at the box office add something


"The Daily Telegraph" reported in July 2008 that the main cast members had agreed to star in the project, and that filming was going to start within the next 18 months add something


Studios, and was shown on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" in October 2008 add something


Courteney Cox - In 2009 she starred in a three episode arc on former Friends co-star Lisa Kudrow's online web series "Web Therapy"


Bill Lawrence (producer) - In 2009, Lawrence co-created, wrote, produced and directed for the ABC sitcom "Cougar Town" which stars his wife Christa Miller as well as Courteney Cox who Lawrence wrote for on "Friends" and worked with during her appearances on "Scrubs"


On September 28, 2009 a box set was released in the UK celebrating the series' 15th anniversary add something


From September 24 to October 7, 2009, a Central Perk replica was based at Broadwick Street, Soho, London add something


Hugh Laurie - They collaborated again on the film "Peter's Friends" and came together for a retrospective show in 2010 titled "Fry and Laurie Reunited"


Kudrow and Cox told the Associated Press in January 2010 that they had never been approached by Crane and Kauffman to make a film version of the series add something


In Beijing, business owner Du Xin opened a coffee shop named Central Perk in March 2010 add something


These masters had been airing in New Zealand on TV2 since January 2011 add something


Beginning in April 2011, reruns have been aired on B92 add something


On September 4, 2011 "Friends" officially ended on E4 after the channel re-ran the series since 2004 add something


Comedy Central took over the rights to air the program from October 2011 add something


Alec Baldwin - In December 2011, Baldwin was on an American Airlines flight at Los Angeles airport, and playing Words with Friends on his phone while waiting for takeoff


Urine - Urban myth states that urine works well against jellyfish stings, and this scenario was demonstrated on a Season 4 episode of the NBC-TV show "Friends" called "The One With the Jellyfish"; an early episode of the CBS-TV show "Survivor"; "The Paperboy" wherein Nicole Kidman pees on Zac Efron's face; and the 2003 reality film "The Real Cancun"


Beginning on March 5, 2012, high definition versions of all 236 "Friends" episodes were made available to local broadcast stations, starting with the pilot episode add something


Warner Home Video released a complete series collection on Blu-ray on November 13, 2012 add something


Bonnie Somerville - As an actress, she has had roles in a number of movies and television series, most notably "NYPD Blue", "Grosse Pointe", "Friends", "The O.C.", "Cashmere Mafia", and as of 2013, CBS's "Golden Boy"


Marta Kauffman - As of 2013, Kauffman lives with her husband Michael Skloff, composer of the "Friends" theme song, in Los Angeles


In December 2013, following rumors suggesting that Aniston and Cox were discussing plans for a 2014 reunion, a poster titled 'The One After The 10 Year Break' went viral on the internet, claiming to be an advertisement for a reunion show add something


NBC - Along with new hits including "The Blacklist" and "Chicago PD" and significantly boosted by the 2014 Winter Olympics, NBC, at the end of the season became the number one network in the coveted 18-49 demo for the first time since the 2003-2004 season when 'Friends' ended


It was later confirmed on January 16, 2014, that the poster was made by a fan, who later apologized for misleading fans of the show add something


On October 15, 2014, Netflix announced it would be adding all ten seasons of "Friends" in high-definition to their streaming service, beginning on January 1, 2015 add something


Netflix added all ten seasons of "Friends" in high definition to their streaming service in the United States on January 1, 2015 add something


As of February 2015, repeats of the show have returned to RTÉ2 while broadcasting on Comedy Central Ireland add something


There was eventually what could be called a reunion in 2016, although it was focused on the career of occasional "Friends" director James Burrows and Perry was not present; he did however appear in a pre-recorded video, expressing disappointment that he could not be there add something


Tim Landers - Friends - Currently Landers is working on his first solo release, an instrumental project to feature some of his well-known musician friends and is slated for release in late 2016


Ross Geller - In October, 2016, Ross Geller was voted "the Best Friends Character" in an international poll held by Comedy Central, during six weeks of "FriendsFest" on the channel


Ross Geller - In October 2016, Ross Geller was voted "the Best Friends Character" in an international poll held by Comedy Central, during six weeks of "FriendsFest" on the channel


Since 2018 Channel 5 started airing the program add something


Kevin Bright - Friends - Bright directed on CBS comedy "Man with a Plan" in 2019 for one episode and reunite to "Friends" alum Matt LeBlanc