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Gary Farmer

Canadian actor add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1953.

Countries: United States (83%), United Kingdom (17%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Fagin, David Seals, Jim Jarmusch

Linked to: Ryerson University, Syracuse University, University of Nebraska-Omaha




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Gary Farmer was born in 1953 add something


David Seals - Seals' 1979 novel, "Powwow Highway" was made into a major motion picture starring A. Martinez and Gary Farmer


He played Cowboy Dashee in the 1991 film "The Dark Wind", Captain Largo in "Coyote Waits" and "A Thief of Time" add something


Jim Jarmusch - In 1995, Jarmusch released "Dead Man", a period film set in the 19th century American West starring Johnny Depp and Gary Farmer


Farmer played the role of Fagin in "Twist", the 2003 independent adaptation of the Charles Dickens classic add something


Fagin - In the 2003 film "Twist" Fagin is played by actor Gary Farmer


One of his latest major roles was Henry Colville, with Kris Kristofferson, in "Disappearances", 2006 add something


The band has released two CDs, "Love Songs and Other Issues" in 2007 and "Lovesick Blues" in 2009 add something


He recorded the audiobook version of Louise Erdrich's 2012 novel "The Round House", winner of the 2012 National Book award for Fiction add something


Farmer appeared in season 1 of the Sundance TV series "The Red Road" in 2014 add something