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Gaspare Pisciotta

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Gaspare Pisciotta

Companion and close friend of the Sicilian bandit Salvatore Giuliano, and considered to be the co-leader of his outlaw band add

Category: Justice-Crime

Born in 1924.

Countries: United States (67%), Italy (33%)

Education: undef.

Main connections: Francesco Rosi, Mario Puzo, Michael Cimino

Linked to: Carabinieri, Mafia




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Gaspare Pisciotta was born in 1924 add something


When Pisciotta realized that he had been abandoned by all and was condemned, he declared that he was going to tell the whole truth, in particular who signed the letter which had been brought to Giuliano on April 27, 1947, which demanded the massacre at Portella delle Ginistra in exchange for liberty for us all and which Giuliano had destroyed immediately add something


Shortly after Giuliano's death on July 5, 1950, Pisciotta was captured and brought to trial for his crimes as a bandit add something

Gaspare Pisciotta died in 1954 add something


However, on the morning of February 9, 1954, Gaspare took a vitamin preparation which he stirred into his coffee and drank add something


In Francesco Rosi's 1961 film, "Salvatore Giuliano", Pisciotta was played by Frank Wolff add something


Mario Puzo's 1984 novel "The Sicilian" is a dramatized version of Giuliano and Pisciotta's story, set in the universe of "The Godfather " add something


He is a character in the opera "Salvatore Giuliano", written by the Italian composer Lorenzo Ferrero in 1985 add something


The book was made into a film in 1987, directed by Michael Cimino, starring Christopher Lambert as Giuliano, and John Turturro as Pisciotta add something