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Gaumont Film Company

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Gaumont Film Company

First and oldest continuously operating film company in the world, founded before other studios such as Nordisk Film, founded in 1906, and Universal Studios and Paramount Pictures, which were both founded in 1912 add

Category: Business

Founded in 1895.

Countries: France (53%), (18%), United States (9%)

Main connections: Louis Feuillade, Emile Cohl, EuropaCorp

Linked to: Alphanim, Public company, Nordisk Film, Pathé




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Originally dealing in photographic apparatus, the company began producing short films in 1897 to promote its make of camera-projector add something


Georges Melies - By 1897 technology had caught up and better cameras were put on sale in Paris, leading Méliès to discard his own camera and purchase several better cameras made by Gaumont, Lumière, and Pathé


From 1905 to 1914, its Cité Elgé studios at La Villette, France, were the largest in the world add something


Louis Feuillade - At the beginning of 1905, he started to submit screenplays to Gaumont, and Gaumont's artistic director Alice Guy-Blaché both bought his scripts and invited Feuillade to direct them himself


It is the first and oldest continuously operating film company in the world, founded before other studios such as Nordisk Film, founded in 1906, and Universal Studios and Paramount Pictures, which were both founded in 1912 add something


The company manufactured its own equipment and mass-produced films until 1907, when Louis Feuillade became the artistic director of Gaumont add something


Louis Feuillade - In 1907 Guy-Blaché moved to the United States and upon her suggestion Feuillade was made Artistic Director of Gaumont


Phillips Smalley - In 1908 Smalley and Weber began working for the U.S. division of Gaumont Film Company, where Smalley was an actor, and later a director


Rene Creste - René Cresté was signed to a contract to the Gaumont Film Company in 1908


Emile Cohl - On November 30, 1910, Cohl left Gaumont for Pathé, probably for more money


Along with its giant competitor Pathé Frères, Gaumont dominated the motion-picture industry in Europe until the outbreak of World War I in 1914 add something


Louis Feuillade - He would work for Gaumont until 1918, while at the same time producing his own films, so that by 1925, the year of his death, he estimated that he had made around 800 films


Emile Cohl - According to a story told by Arnaud in 1922, Gaumont had ordered his staff to figure out the "mystery of 'The Haunted Hotel'


David Lean - By 1930 he was working as an editor on newsreels, including those of Gaumont Pictures and Movietone.


La Traversee de Paris (film) - It was released in France on 26 October 1956 the same year, distributed by Gaumont


Daniel Toscan du Plantier - Educated at the Institut d'Etudes Politiques he became advertising manager for the France Soir daily newspaper in 1966 and between 1975 and 1985 was director-general of the Gaumont Film Company, and president of Unifrance, an organisation for promoting French films, from 1988 until his death


Alain Poire - SNEG was renamed Gaumont in 1975


Renzo Rossellini (producer) - In 1977, when his father Roberto dies, he takes care of the large Rossellini family and becomes President of Gaumont Italy, the newly formed Italian branch of the French based multinational Gaumont Film Company, which he will lead for seven years, until 1983


Paul and Gaetan Brizzi - In 1985, the brothers directed the animated film "Asterix Versus Caesar" for Gaumont Film Company, and started their own animation studio, Brizzi Films, he following year


Xilam - The origin of Xilam is closely related to the beginning of Gaumont Television, launched in early 1990


The Walt Disney Company France - Gaumont and Buena Vista International formed Gaumont Buena Vista International, their joint venture French distribution company, in 1992


EuropaCorp - In 1997 Pierre-Ange Le Pogam became Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Gaumont


Xilam - Originally founded as Gaumont Multimédia, the company adopted its current name in 1999


In 2000, Gaumont spun off the cinema division into a joint-venture with Pathé since known as Les Cinémas Gaumont Pathé add something


Alain Poire - Always passionate about cinema, he didn't leave Gaumont until his death in 2000, becoming one of the most prolific producers in French cinema particularly from the 1950s on


EuropaCorp - In September 2000 Europacorp was founded by filmmaker Luc Besson and former Gaumont manager Pierre-Ange Le Pogam


From January 2004 to 2007, the company had a partnership with Sony for producing films and for theater and DVD distribution worldwide add something


In 2011, Gaumont co-produced and distributed "Intouchables", which, with 19 million viewers, became France's second-highest grossing movie of all time add something


In February 2012, Gaumount restarted their Television division that was defunct for about ten years add something


Belle and Sebastian (film) - In July 2014, Gaumont greenlit a sequel film, directed by Christian Duguay, and reuniting screenwriters Sales and Suarez as well as cast members Bossuet, Karyo, Chatelier and Cancelier


The Neon Demon - On November 3, 2014, Refn's production company Space Rocket Nation alongside its co-financiers Gaumont Film Company and Wild Bunch announced that Refn's next film would be titled "The Neon Demon", to be filmed in Los Angeles, California in early 2015


On May 2, 2016 according to "Deadline", Gaumont teamed up with Lionsgate and seven other international companies to launch the "'Globalgate Entertainment"' consortium add something


In January 2018, it was announced that the company's first office in Cologne is scheduled for opening in July 2018 add something