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Chinese automotive manufacturing company headquartered in Binjiang District, Hangzhou, China add

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Founded in 2007.

Countries: China (29%), United Kingdom (19%), (19%)

Main connections: Emgrand, Emgrand EC7, Manganese Bronze Holdings

Linked to: Volvo Cars, Derways Automobile Company, Holding company, Tanfield Group




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A small Geely sedan, the CK, performed badly in an informal crash test done by a Russian magazine in 2007 add something


Also from 2007 to 2010, Geely increased the number of applications add something


Established in 2007, Shanghai LTI Automobile Components Co Ltd is a joint venture with Manganese Bronze Holdings add something


In 2007, Geely applied for about 120 intellectual property rights add something


A 2009 1,3-liter Geely CK 1 model without airbags earned a zero-star rating in a Latin-NCAP crash test on protecting adult occupants in front seats add something


In 2009 Geely bought Drivetrain Systems International Pty Ltd, a global transmission developer headquartered in Australia add something


Emgrand - The "'Emgrand"' marque was publicly unveiled at the 2009 Auto Shanghai autoshow, together with two other new Geely brands, Englon and Gleagle


Emgrand - The first Emgrand EC7 production models for retail sale were completed in July 2009 at the Geely plant in Ningbo, Zhejiang


On October 28, 2009, Geely was named as the preferred buyer of Volvo by the American automaker add something


Volvo Cars - On October 28, 2009, Ford confirmed that, after considering several offers, the preferred buyer of Volvo Cars was Zhejiang Geely Holding Group, the parent of Chinese motor manufacturer Geely Automobile


Volvo Cars - On December 23, 2009, Ford confirmed the terms of the sale to Geely had been settled


In 2010 the Geely LC scored 45,3 points of a possible 51 in the China-NCAP crash tests, making it China's first locally researched and developed mini car to be awarded a 5-star rating, and the safest Chinese hatchback as of 2011 add something


Shanghai Maple - In 2010 Geely partially phased-out the Shanghai Maple marque, replacing it with the Englon budget brand


In 2011 the Geely Emgrand EC7 earned a 4-star rating in a Euro-NCAP crash test add something


In December 2011, it was announced that Geely would begin selling Chinese-designed and -manufactured cars in the United Kingdom at the end of 2012, with the first model to go on sale being the Emgrand EC7 add something


In February 2014, Geely announced plans to phase out the Emgrand, Englon and Gleagle brands by the end of the year add something


In 2015 the Geely Borui received 5 stars in C-NCAP crash testing add something


Manganese Bronze Holdings - In 2015 Geely announced plans to build a new £250 million plant for the London Taxi Company in Ansty Park near Coventry, with production planned to start at the new site in 2017


Joint venture - Their flagship brand Geely Auto became the top Chinese car brand in 2017


In July 2017 the company purchased Terrafugia, an American maker of flying cars add something


In November 2017, Geely announced completion of the Terrafugia acquisition, including approval from all relevant regulators add something


Geely Auto Group reported annual sales of 1,500,838 units in 2018 add something


The group sold over 1,5 million cars in 2018 add something


Proton (automobile) - Proton partnered with Geely and the model will introduce in late 2018


Proton (automobile) - While camouflaged Geely Binyue were seen being tested on public roads in Malaysia since February 2019