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Gene Tierney

American film and stage actress add

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1920.

Countries: United States (67%), Texas (8%), United Kingdom (6%)

Main connections: Texas, Oleg Cassini, Gregory Peck

Linked to: Warner Bros., Miss Porter's School, The Institute of Living, Wesleyan University




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Gene Tierney was born in 1920 add something


She returned to the U.S. in 1938 and attended Miss Porter's School add something


Columbia Pictures signed her to a six-month contract in 1939 add something


"Leave Her To Heaven" was 20th Century-Fox's most successful film of the 1940s add something


Danny Kaye - Kaye starred in several movies with actress Virginia Mayo in the 1940s, and is well known for his roles in films such as "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" , "The Inspector General" , "On the Riviera" co-starring Gene Tierney, "Knock on Wood" , "White Christmas" ,"The Court Jester" , and "Merry Andrew"


Tierney married twice, first to costume and fashion designer Oleg Cassini on June 1, 1941 add something


Oleg Cassini - Among the films Cassini costumed for were "The Shanghai Gesture", a 1941 film by Josef von Sternberg, which starred actress Gene Tierney


Randolph Scott - In 1941, Scott co-starred with a young Gene Tierney in another western, "Belle Starr"


Oleg Cassini - Cassini married actress Gene Tierney, on 2 June 1941


Rouben Mamoulian - His foray into screwball comedy genre in 1942 was a success with "Rings on Her Fingers" starring Henry Fonda and Gene Tierney


George Montgomery (actor) - In 1942, he played opposite Gene Tierney in "China Girl", jazz musician Glenn Miller in "Orchestra Wives", and Ginger Rogers in "Roxie Hart"


Receiving top billing in Ernst Lubitsch's classic 1943 comedy "Heaven Can Wait" as Martha Strable Van Cleve signaled an upward turn in Tierney's career, and her popularity increased add something


In June 1943, while pregnant with Daria, Tierney contracted rubella during her only appearance at the Hollywood Canteen add something


Don Ameche - Another highlight was co-starring with Gene Tierney in Ernest Lubitch's "Heaven Can Wait" in 1943, a film nominated for the Academy *award for Best Picture


"National Velvet" would be produced at MGM in 1944 add something


Dana Andrews - Andrews' two signature roles came as an obsessed detective in "Laura" opposite Gene Tierney, and as a U.S. Army Air Force officer returning home from the war in the Oscar-winning 1946 film "The Best Years of Our Lives"


Linda Darnell - Matters changed when she was named one of the four most beautiful women in Hollywood, along with Hedy Lamarr, Ingrid Bergman and Gene Tierney in a 1944 edition of "Look" magazine


John M. Stahl - Some of his other notable directorial work was with "The Keys of the Kingdom" in 1944 and the 1945 film noir, "Leave Her to Heaven" with Gene Tierney who was nominated for Best Actress


20th Century Fox - Fox specialized in adaptations of best-selling books such as Ben Ames Williams' "Leave Her to Heaven" , starring Gene Tierney, which was the highest-grossing Fox film of the 1940s


John Hersey - Hersey's first novel "A Bell for Adano", which won the Pulitzer Prize for the Novel in 1945, was adapted into the 1945 film "A Bell for Adano" directed by Henry King starring John Hodiak and Gene Tierney


In 1946, Tierney starred as Miranda Wells in Joseph L. Mankiewicz's debut film as a director in "Dragonwyck", along with Walter Huston and Vincent Price add something


Tierney and Cassini separated October 20, 1946 and entered into a property settlement agreement November 10, 1946 add something


Anne Baxter - Baxter co-starred with Tyrone Power and Gene Tierney in 1946's "The Razor's Edge", for which she won the Academy *award for Best Supporting Actress


A Letter to Three Wives - Even before a script was finished, Gene Tierney, Linda_Darnell, Maureen O'Hara, Dorothy McGuire and Alice Faye were cast in "A Letter to Five Wives" in November 1946


An uncontested divorce followed in California on March 13, 1947 with the entry of a finalized divorce decree on March 13, 1948 add something


George Sanders - In 1947, he co-starred with Gene Tierney and Rex Harrison in "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir"


The couple later reconciled on August 19, 1948, but did not remarry add something


Richard Widmark - In 1950, Widmark co-starred with Paul Douglas, Barbara Bel Geddes, Jack Palance and Zero Mostel in Elia Kazan's Panic in the Streets, and appeared opposite Gene Tierney in Jules Dassin's Night and the City.


Night and the City - "'Night and the City"' is a 1950 British film noir directed by Jules Dassin and starring Richard Widmark, Gene Tierney and Googie Withers


John Lund - He was excellent as leading man to Gene Tierney in the 1951 film "The Mating Season"


Ray Milland - In 1951, he gave a strong performance in "Close to My Heart", starring with Gene Tierney as a couple trying to adopt a child


Miriam Hopkins - In Mitchell Leisen's 1951's screwball comedy "The Mating Season", she gave a comic performance as Gene Tierney's character's mother


"Cassini promised in his 1952 divorce from Gene Tierney that he would write a will leaving both of his daughters half of his fortune" add something


By 1953, Tierney's mental health problems were becoming harder for her to hide; she dropped out of "Mogambo" and was replaced by Grace Kelly add something


In 1957, Tierney stepped out onto a ledge thirteen stories up and stood there for about fifteen minutes add something


In 1958, Tierney met Texas oil baron W. Howard Lee, who was married to Hedy Lamarr from 1953 to 1960 add something


In 1960, Tierney sent Kennedy a note of congratulations on his election victory; she later admitted that she had voted for Richard Nixon, saying, "I thought that he would make a better President add something


Tierney and Lee married in Aspen, Colorado on July 11, 1960, and lived in Houston, Texas add something


In 1962, 20th Century Fox announced Tierney would play the lead role in "Return to Peyton Place", but she became pregnant and dropped out of the project add something


Tierney's autobiography, "Self-Portrait", in which she candidly discussed her life, career and mental illness, was published in 1979 add something


On February 17, 1981, Tierney was widowed when Lee died after a long illness add something


In 1986, Tierney was honored alongside actor Gregory Peck with the first Donostia Lifetime Achievement award at the San Sebastian Film Festival in Spain add something


Gregory Peck - In 1986 Peck was honored alongside actress Gene Tierney with the first Donostia Lifetime Achievement Award at the San Sebastian Film Festival Spain for their body of work.


Gene Tierney died in 1991 of emphysema in Houston, Texas add something

Gene Tierney died in 1991 add something


Cassini and Tierney remained friends until her death in November 1991 when she bequeathed one dollar to her daughter Daria and the residue to Christina add something


Carolyn Murphy - In 1998, during a photo shoot for Elle magazine, the photographer noticed her resemblance to the actress Gene Tierney and dubbed her "The blonde Gene Tierney"


Daria died on September 11, 2010, a month before her 67th birthday, and was interred beside her mother add something


Tina died on March 31, 2015 of ovarian cancer in Paris, France add something