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Gene Wilder

American stage and screen actor, director, screenwriter, and authoradd

Category: Movies & TV

Born in 1933.

Countries: United States (62%), United Kingdom (12%), France (10%)

Main connections: Richard Pryor, Mel Brooks, Sherlock Holmes

Linked to: Washington High School, The New York Times, Black-Foxe Military Institute, Bristol Old Vic Theatre School




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Gene Wilder was born in 1933 add something


At age fifteen, he performed for the first time in front of a paying audience, as Balthasar (Romeo's manservant) in a production of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. add something


Wilder first became interested in acting when at age 8, his mother was diagnosed with rheumatic fever and the doctor told him to "try and make her laugh. add something


Gene Wilder graduated from Washington High School located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1951. add something


Wilder was drafted into the Army on September 10, 1956. add something


In November 1957, his mother died from ovarian cancer. add something


He adopted "Gene Wilder" for his professional name at the age of 26, later explaining, "I had always liked Gene because of Thomas Wolfe's character Eugene Gant in Look Homeward, Angel and Of Time and the River. add something


Although the couple had not been together long, they married on July 22, 1960. add something


In 1963, Wilder was cast in a leading role in Mother Courage and Her Children, a production starring Anne Bancroft, who introduced Wilder to her boyfriend Mel Brooks. add something


They spent long periods of time apart, eventually divorcing in 1965. add something


Patrick McGoohan - McGoohan appeared in many films, including Howard Hughes's favourite, the 1968 film "Ice Station Zebra", for which he was critically acclaimed, and "Silver Streak" , with Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor


In 1969, Wilder relocated to Paris, accepting a leading role in Bud Yorkin's Start the Revolution Without Me, a comedy that took place during the French Revolution. add something


In 1971, Mel Stuart offered Wilder the lead role in his film adaptation of Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. add something


Michael Bollner - Johnny Depp was the only actor Burton considered for the role, who signed on without reading the script under the intention on going with a completely different approach than what Gene Wilder did in the 1971 film adaptation


Douglas Wilmer - In 1973, Wilmer played author Jacques Futrelle's Holmesian detective Professor Van Dusen in "The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes" for ITV. In 1975 he once again appeared as Holmes in Gene Wilder's "The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother", with Thorley Walters as Dr Watson


Mel Brooks - Just after filming for Blazing Saddles was completed Wilder and Brooks began writing the script for Young Frankenstein and shot the film in the spring of 1974.


Young Frankenstein - "'Young Frankenstein"' is a 1974 American comedy film directed by Mel Brooks and starring Gene Wilder as the title character, a descendant of the infamous Dr. Victor Frankenstein


In 1975, Wilder's agent sent him a script for a film called Super Chief. add something


Young Frankenstein was a commercial success, with Wilder and Brooks receiving Best Adapted Screenplay nominations at the 1975 Oscars, losing to Francis Coppola and Mario Puzo for their adaptation of The Godfather Part II. While filming Young Frankenstein, Wilder had an idea for a romantic musical comedy about a brother of Sherlock Holmes. add something


The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother - "'The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother"' is a 1975 American musical comedy film with Gene Wilder, Marty Feldman, Madeline Kahn, Dom DeLuise, Roy Kinnear and Leo McKern


Wilder wrote, produced, and directed The World's Greatest Lover, which premièred in 1977 but was a commercial and critical failure. add something


In 1980, Sidney Poitier and producer Hannah Weinstein persuaded Wilder and Richard Pryor to do another film together. add something


Georg Stanford Brown - In 1980, he starred in the highly successful "Stir Crazy" opposite Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor


Stir Crazy (film) - "'Stir Crazy"' is a 1980 American comedy film directed by Sidney Poitier and starring Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor as down-on-their-luck friends who are given 125-year prison sentences after being framed for a bank robbery


Erland Van Lidth De Jeude - He is perhaps best known for his role as Grossberger in "Stir Crazy" with Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder, which was released in December 1980 and has been regularly shown on TV over the years


Beau Starr - His first feature film role was in the 1982 drama movie "Hanky Panky" with Gene Wilder


Steven Seagal - During his marriage to La Russa, Seagal reportedly saw actress and model Kelly LeBrock in the 1984 Gene Wilder film "Woman in Red" and said that she was "his destiny"


The Woman in Red (1984 film) - "'The Woman in Red"' is a 1984 romantic comedy film starring and directed by Gene Wilder, who wrote the script, adapting it from the Yves Robert film "Pardon Mon Affaire"


Following a number of false diagnoses, it was determined that she had ovarian cancer in October 1986. add something


By May 1989, the cancer returned and had metastasized. add something


Joan Severance - She was featured alongside Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder in the 1989 comedy "See No Evil, Hear No Evil", and as Hulk Hogan's love interest, Samantha N. Moore, in the wrestling film "No Holds Barred"


After starring as a political cartoon writer who falls in love in the 1990 flop Funny About Love, Wilder did one final film with Richard Pryor, the 1991 box office flop Another You, in which Pryor's physical deterioration from multiple sclerosis was clearly noticeable. add something


In 1994, Wilder starred in the NBC sitcom Something Wilder. add something


Gilda Radner - In 1996, Gene Wilder and Registry founder Steven Piver, one of Radner's medical consultants, published "Gilda's Disease: Sharing Personal Experiences and a Medical Perspective on Ovarian Cancer"


In 1998, Wilder collaborated on the book Gilda's Disease with oncologist Steven Piver, sharing personal experiences of Radner's struggle with ovarian cancer. add something


He went back to the small screen on 1999, appearing in three television movies, one of which was the NBC adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. add something


Wilder himself was hospitalized with non-Hodgkin lymphoma in 1999, but confirmed in March 2005 that the cancer was in complete remission following chemotherapy and a stem cell transplant. add something


Also in 2001, Wilder donated a collection of scripts, correspondences, documents, photographs, and clipped images to the University of Iowa Libraries. add something


In October 2001, he read from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as part of a special benefit performance held at the Westport Country Playhouse to aid families affected by the September 11 attacks. add something


New York magazine listed "Skip Donahue" and "Harry Monroe" 9 on their 2007 list of "The Fifteen Most Dynamic Duos in Pop Culture History," and the film has often appeared in "best comedy" lists and rankings. add something


Two years later, in March 2007, Wilder released his first novel, My French Whore, which is set during World War I. His second novel, The Woman Who Wouldn't, was released in March 2008. add something


Jordan Fry - In 2007 Gene Wilder said he chose not to see the film


In a 2008 Turner Classic Movies special Role Model: Gene Wilder, where Alec Baldwin interviewed Wilder about his career, Wilder said that he was basically retired from acting for good. add something


His second novel, The Woman Who Wouldn't, was released in March 2008. add something


In 2010, he released a collection of stories called What is This Thing Called Love?. add something


Manor Media. add something


An unauthorized biography of Wilder entitled "Gene Wilder: Funny and Sad" by Brian Scott Mednick was published in December 2010 by BearManor Media add something


His third novel "Something to Remember You By: A Perilous Romance" was released in April 2013 add something


His new novel, "Even Dog's Learn How To Swim," is being released by One Tusk Publishing in Spring 2016 add something


Wilder died at the age of 83 on August 29, 2016, at home in Stamford, Connecticut, from complications of Alzheimer's disease add something